Botswana: an African Jewel and an Investment Gem

The economy of Botswana can be considered a diamond in the rough when examined against all other African economies – and what’s more, Botswana is a stand-alone investment success story of a nation in global terms.

Not only is the nation politically and economically stable, Botswana also enjoys the highest sovereign credit rating on the continent of Africa, it is a middle income nation with a strong GDP growth rate in the region of at least 4.7% annually, it has been one of the fastest growing nations in the world over the last 25 years, and as the least corrupt country in Africa it is rapidly increasing in interest among the foreign investor community.
Not satisfied with relying purely on the massive wealth that the country enjoys from its rich diamond industry, the income from which accounts for more than one third of GDP and circa 80% of export earnings, the government of Botswana has entered into a programme of fiscal diversification that is offering ongoing and significant opportunities for the development of multiple sectors of the economy – from tourism to real estate for example.  In addition to this programme of economic diversification, Botswana has implemented a seven-pronged socio-economic and political development plan called Vision 2016 to ensure that Botswana is a competitive, winning and prosperous nation where the future of all citizens is assured.
As part of the development of a diversified economy, the government is part owner of a new 83 million dollar diamond-processing plant that employs 3,000 local citizens.  The plant ensures that more of the diamond generated wealth of the nation remains in Botswana and it gives the government greater revenues to support emerging sectors of the economy – of which tourism is considered the sector with the greatest future potential.
The government of Botswana is particularly keen to support and encourage private investment in the tourism industry, and it has a specific tourism policy to stimulate investment and encourage the sustainable management and utilisation of the nation’s diverse wildlife and natural environmental attributes.  This is so that Botswana can be preserved for future generations, but enjoyed today by a global tourism base.
Because the government’s tourism investment plan places particular emphasis on eco-tourism and investments that support and enhance local communities, the award winning game and wilderness resort project Limpopo-Lipadi is one that is not only enjoying significant international interest, but one enjoying specific national support as well.  It is a project that’s considered to be an exceptional investment opportunity in financial terms, and also in terms of the fact that shareholders are investing in the nation and its people.
Alan Marneweck, Director and shareholder of Limpopo-Lipadi sums up the attraction of the reserve as well as an investment made in Botswana:  “Botswana is an incredibly prosperous nation with a wealth of stunning natural attributes.  It benefits from having a sagacious and forward thinking, enabling government that encourages intelligent and sustainable investment, and what’s more, Botswana is a nation with a flourishing tourism industry that represents pure investment opportunity.  These facts make it investment heaven for foreign investors seeking diversification and strong profitability of course.
“At Limpopo-Lipadi we were very well aware of the attraction of the nation from a financial point of view, but our overriding concern and driving determination was to create an ecologically harmonious project that enhances the natural environment, enables the local people, protects the flora and fauna and is ultimately a fabulous and incredible place to live, to work and for our investors to enjoy.”
The Limpopo-Lipadi project perfectly represents the type of intelligent, improving and enabling eco-responsible tourism investment project in Botswana.  At its core the project offers those with a keen interest in the nation, its wildlife and in augmenting the lives of the local people a chance to make a real difference.  There are different levels of investment involvement that you can commit to – from a purely financial point of view, entry level investment is EUR 135,000, but in terms of the difference that you can practically make and the benefits that you can personally witness and enjoy, they are limitless.
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