Tourism triumphs in Brazil as country welcomes 6.21% more visitors

Tourism triumphs in Brazil as country welcomes 6.21% more visitors

  • Increase of 6.21% in the numbers visiting Brazil from outside of the country from January to October 2014, compared to 2013 (Central Bank of Brazil)
  • New flight routes launched into Brazil including Sao Paulo/Campinas International Airport with Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Orlando with Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Skyscanner have placed Brazil in first place in their picks for the top destinations for 2015

Lonely Planet calls it ‘one of the world’s most captivating places’. Rough Guides exclaims ‘it’s fair to say that nowhere in the world do people enjoy themselves more’. STA Travel simply call it ‘unforgettable’. Brazil is an addictive land.

A melting pot of diverse experiences, melded together with a captivating culture, the warmth of the local people, and the even greater warmth of the sunshine, this South American country has something to offer to every visitor. From the endless white sands of the year-round beaches, the electrifying furore of carnival, the mysterious depths of the Amazon and all its creatures therein, not to mention its rhythmic heart of shimmering samba beats and Caipirinhas at dawn, Brazil beckons across the seas to great numbers of tourists a year, and it is clear to see why

And this summer, as welcoming hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazilian shores saw even more visitors than ever before. Over the course of the tournament, which spanned 12 host cities across the expansive country, 1 million foreign tourists visited, far outshining the predicted figure of 600,000, by an additional 67%. And the knock-on effect of this for the country has been huge.

These healthy visitor numbers resulted in a boost to Brazil’s bank balance of some USD 5.915 billion dollars which, when compared to the previous year’s USD 5.569 billion dollars, is substantial, in fact a growth of 6% year-on-year.

These figures are looking unlikely to be just a flash in the pan for the tourist industry of South America’s largest country, as Luiz Fernandes, CEO of leading Brazilian real estate developer, Ritz Property, explains,

“Amongst the improved infrastructures and gleaming new stadiums that will be used for future sporting events and music concerts, the legacy of the World Cup extends further still, having opened Brazil up to a whole host of new visitors from a diverse range of nations (203 countries were represented by visitors during the World Cup) and this can only spell good things for the growing tourism market.”

This growing worldwide interest in the epicentre of Latino vibes has already been shown in the launching of new flight routes that have increased accessibility for many travellers. Brazil’s third largest carrier, Azul Brazilian Airlines, launched its first ever US flight this December, linking Sao Paulo/Campinas International Airport with Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, with an Orlando route launched soon after. The increasing popularity of Brazil does not begin and end with the US, however. The FIFA 2014 World Cup did wonders for more out-of-the-box associations, with Qatar, for example, near-on doubling the number of visitors to Brazil this summer.

It is due to this success of expansion into new tourism territories that Embratur, Brazil’s tourism promotion agency, has recently released a 30-second promotional video, 4 months on from the tournament, in order to capitalise on the good feeling generated by this summer’s focus on Brazil. Featuring scenes of World Cup visitors enjoying the events and culture of Brazil, the aim is to extend the interest in Brazil into 2015 and beyond. And this does certainly seem to be having an effect, with online booking site Skyscanner placing Brazil in first place in their picks for the top destinations for 2015 (stating that “exploring the country has never been easier”) and online travel agent The Internet Traveller placing Brazil amongst their top destinations to watch in 2015.

As one of the host cities for the World Cup, Natal in Rio Grande do Norte is taking a definitive stance at the core of this growth and as Gina Robinson, Secretary of State for Tourism for the region, commented “more people than ever now know the State of Rio Grande do Norte exists.” With much to offer the growing tourist market, the region’s 420km of pristine coastline and seemingly endless sunshine (the state’s capital Natal, known as the ‘City of the Sun’, basks in more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year) has led to the state being known as the ‘Brazilian Caribbean’, with visitors taking advantage of the ample watersports on offer and relaxed vibe.

The perfect winter sun destination, the city of Natal also boasts a brand new international airport, making accessibility easy and stress-free and an expansive 1,172 hectare urban park, Brazil’s second largest, the Dunas State Ecological Park that provides ample opportunities for tours of the natural vegetation and wildlife, as well as for jogging and exercise. With Business Monitor revealing that they “foresee the long-term potential of Brazil’s real estate market to be strong”, Natal is certain to be part of this success.

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