Canadian homes with a certain je ne sais quoi!


July marks the 400th anniversary of the establishment of Quebec City
Canada is an evergreen and ever-popular nation with would-be British expatriates and it is becoming an increasingly popular choice with those in search of the ultimate lifestyle property too.  Because of the vast size of the nation, Canada generally offers a buyer far more real estate for their property pound or dollar, and because the country is a first world, leading tourism centre offering world-class amenities and facilities as well as being home to some of the world’s most striking natural scenery, Canada really can be said to have it all.
The only problem with such a popular and vast nation for those seeking a lifestyle second home or a property investment of maximum interest to potential tourism tenant demand is that it can be hard to know where to start looking if you want to find a Canadian home with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi!’  However, those who know the nation such as John Prior, Principal of Undiscovered Properties, know full well that: “Quebec province is rapidly becoming the lifestyle home seekers’ choice because of its inimitable blend of history, heritage, tourism appeal and unique mix of Canadian and French culture and style.”
According to Prior: “2008 is a very significant year for Quebec too, it is the 400th anniversary of the establishment of Quebec City, and all year many major events and celebrations have been organised throughout the province to mark this historic milestone.  These events have been used by the province as a way of further marketing the appeal of Quebec to the wider world, and on the 3rd of July, which is the anniversary date of the establishment of Quebec City, the ‘Happy Birthday Quebec’ festival will begin.
This major event is expected to draw record numbers of international visitors to the city, and it will be a great time for celebrating and also showcasing the wider province.  Quebec is described as ‘a four season outdoor playground’ because of its mountains and lakes, its ski runs and protected wilderness areas, and as a result it is already hugely popular with North American visitors who love the great outdoors and who embrace the unique cultural flavour of this fabulous province.”
Many of those who have visited the province have also realised that it is one of the most affordable in Canada for real estate, and this has led to Quebec becoming home to a certain number of high-end, exclusive communities where real estate is prized.  It is in these communities where there has been an intensification of international property interest as well; locations such as Mont Tremblant – North America’s number one ski resort – have become particularly desirable as they offer the ultimate blend of high-end real estate with luxury lifestyle.
Mont Tremblant lies north of Montreal, it is a stunning resort surrounded by acres of maple, cherry and pine forest, and the town has spectacular views of mountains, springs and streams.  The location offers a relaxed pace of life with fantastic shopping and fabulous restaurants, or for the more adventurous the area is famous for its skiing as well as its rock-climbing, water sports, hiking, horse riding and 7 championship golf courses.  
Five minutes from the resort and situated in the best elevated position in the entire community is the elite La Grande Forêt development of exclusive estate sized homes.  Featuring 72 homes on plots averaging 3 acres, La Grande Forêt is certainly a community of Canadian homes offering that certain ‘je ne sais qua!’  Each property features open fireplaces, two-storey Great Rooms, vaulted ceilings and state of the art, luxury fixtures, fittings and appliances.  What’s more, the resort style development includes a range of five star amenities such as the Grand Clubhouse and swimming pool.
These rustic log and custom timber homes which use expert Quebec craftsmanship and the finest natural materials of stone, wood and granite are remarkably affordable and make fantastic lifestyle or pure investment choices.  They start from £403,000/€527,000 for log homes and £442,000/€578,000 for timber properties, for more information contact Undiscovered Properties on 0870 7347968 or visit