What makes the perfect second home?  A three bed home, near the sea with a garden or terrace!

What makes the perfect second home? A three bed home, near the sea with a garden or terrace!

  • Ideal property is located a little way from the sea, with a garden or terrace and three bedrooms (Gate-Away.com)
  • A swimming pool is only important to 12.2% of second home buyers (Gate-Away.com)
  • Casa Tre Archi in Le Marche ticks the ideal holiday home boxes and offers fractional ownership (Appassionata)

New data released by Italian property portal Gate-Away.com has helped to shed light on just what it is that makes the perfect second home. Looking at properties being sought in the Le Marche region of Italy, the portal reveals that they have several characteristics in common, helping to identify the particular blend of features that make up the ideal holiday home.

According to the new figures, the most popular properties are those located a few kilometres from the sea, slightly out of the most famous tourist spots. They also have a garden or terrace from which to enjoy the climate and local scenery, with 62.9% of enquirers on Gate-Away.com looking for outdoor space. Interestingly, pool is far from essential, with just 12.2% of enquirers including this as a requirement.

The perfect second also has three bedrooms, ready for family and friends to share in the enjoyment of the property. 33.1% of enquirers were looking for a three bedroom home, compared to just 19.9% looking for two bedrooms and 17.8% looking for four.

Many of those who purchase property overseas for personal use also rate an idyllic location as key. For Deborah Yackel, who recently purchased her dream second home – a fraction of the three bedroom townhouse Casa Tre Archi in Italy’s Le Marche region – the beauty of the property’s location was a very important consideration when making her decision to buy. She explains,

“From the white-pebble beaches along the Adriatic, to ancient towns and hamlets dotting the countryside of rolling patchwork hills, up to the high-rise mountain ranges of Monti Sibillini, Le Marche is one of Italy’s little-known treasures. How we dreamed of one day owning a home in this beautiful region!”

Italy is certainly a popular choice for second home owners. Several celebrities have picked up properties there in recent years, with Liam Gallagher being the latest star rumoured to be on the lookout for an Italian holiday home.

And according to Gate-Away.com, it is the appeal of lesser-known Italian regions, such as Le Marche, that is spreading around the world. Walter Di Martino, Head of Communications, comments,

“In addition to British, Dutch, Americans, and Germans, who have always been interested in buying in Le Marche, we have been lately noticing a growing amount of requests for properties in this region from countries like China, India, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, which are definitely rising markets with huge potential.”

Casa Tre Archi, the carefully restored, luxury holiday home in which Deborah Yackel has just purchased a one tenth share, certainly ticks all of the boxes when it comes to holiday home perfection: in close vicinity to the sea, three bedrooms and with a beautiful roof terrace.

The property is located in the charming hilltop town of Petritoli, just 15 km from the breath-taking Le Marche coast. Along with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the townhouse boasts a generously sized roof terrace, perfect for sunbathing, eating al fresco and admiring the views of the stunning rolling hills of the surrounding countryside.

Casa Tre Archi is the third holiday home to be renovated by family-run company Appassionata, who share their Italian property dream with buyers from overseas. Fractional ownership seemed the logical way to do so as Appassionata’s Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs explains,

“We saw that most people only used their second home for a few weeks each year, so we turned to the fractional model in order to let second home buyers purchase a far more luxurious property than if they bought outright. Our owners get five weeks’ exclusive use of the property each year and never have to worry about loose roof tiles, leaking taps or even cleaning – we take care of all of that for them. Plus they can pass the property down to their children as an inheritance, just as they could with a fully owned property.”

Just three fractions of Casa Tre Archi remain available, priced from £75,000, so those who haven’t yet secured their perfect second home are encouraged to act fast!

For more information visit www.appassionata.com or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.