5.8% growth in Nicaraguan economy drives confidence amongst investors

According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the construction and mining industries are propelling economic growth in the Latin American nation this year with an average annual growth of 5.8% in the first quarter of 2012 as highlighted by the Monthly Economic Activity Index (IMAE).

Marcus Vassiliou, Sales Manager of alternative investment company, EcoInvestments comments,

“Nicaragua’s economic growth remains solid with mining continuing to excel and construction booming with an estimated 600 projects running in 2012. Indeed, Nicaraguan officials have expressed a plan to build a $30 billion canal that will rival the famous Panama Canal in the next 10 years and this has generated a wave of interest in the Latin American nation from the likes of Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian investors. This project is expected to help drive the economy further and with projects such as this, Nicaragua will go from strength to strength.”

Earlier this year the Nicaraguan government revealed that Nicaragua received US$967.9 million in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2011, a 91% increase over 2010, as well as a new record for the Latin American country steered primarily by the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Marcus Vassiliou explains,

“FDI is considered the new driving force of the Nicaraguan economy. If we look at the recently approved extension of the Rural Telecommunications Project by The World Bank Board of Directors we can see how this really makes a difference not just in improving foreign investor confidence but also developing new opportunities for rural dwellers. This project has already installed new broadband Internet access points in 101 towns and expanded mobile phone coverage in 37 rural communities.

For investors looking for untapped opportunities, the alternative investment sector is well worth considering. Bamboo investments for instance not only sit well within the Nicaraguan government’s plan to become a leader in sustainable development – protecting natural resources and improving the lives of citizens but also delivers impressive financial rewards for investors.

Marcus Vassiliou continues,

“For investors looking for an ethical investment, why not turn your attention to the world’s first 8 year bamboo package in Nicaragua. The great thing about an alternative investment like this is that the plantation which pays the returns on the 8 year investment has created hundreds of jobs in Nicaragua, offering many local people their first ever chance of paid employment while bamboo presents a sustainable source of ethically produced timber, reducing the pressure on unsustainable natural forests.”

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