Investor interest on the rise in Nicaragua

United Kingdom

Having grown well above the Latin American and Caribbean average of 4.3% Nicaragua’s economy is quite simply booming. Exports have exceeded US$2.2 billion with investments from big name brands including Nike, BMW, Levis and Adidas expected to boost Nicaraguan exports further while tourism figures in Nicaragua increased over 4% during 2011. In relation to this, more than 1.6 million visitors established a new historic record in tourism arrivals with revenues reaching nearly US$363 million in 2011, an 18 % increase on the US$308 reached in 2010.

And the positive news continues with The Central Bank’s estimated data indicating that 2012 will continue to show fruitful economic figures with Nicaragua´s GDP expected to grow between 3.5 and 4%.

Marcus Vassiliou, Sales and Marketing Manager of alternative investment experts, Eco Investments, comments,

“With such a strong economic position, now is the perfect time to invest in Nicaragua. Foreign direct investment has grown by 140% over the last 5 years with investors continuing to make the most of untapped opportunities. Of course, it is important to ensure that an investment supports the government’s plan to become a leader in sustainable development helping protect Nicaragua’s natural resources as well as improve the lives of its citizens.

“With this firmly in mind, we are encouraging investors to look no further than the world’s first asset backed fixed income bamboo bond in Nicaragua, Central America’s largest producer of sustainable timber substitute. The great thing about an alternative investment like this is that the plantation which pays the returns on the Bond has created hundreds of fairly paid jobs in Nicaragua, offering many local people their first ever chance of paid employment while bamboo presents a sustainable source of ethically produced timber, reducing the pressure on unsustainable natural forests.”

Located in Rama, close to the Rama port which offers excellent sea access to the key export market of the United States, this investment not only provides employment and social returns in an area of need as well as environmental benefits such as reforestation but impressive financial rewards.

Approved by 15 major SIPP providers, already $8.5 million of the bond has been sold with investors able to profit from over 20% annualised yield with annual fixed returns of up to 55%.

Structured through FSA regulated trustees, investment is from as little as £10,622. To find out how to profit from the timber of the 21st century in Central America’s leading economy please contact Eco Investments today on +44  20 3012 0306 or visit