Sales and exits of timeshares leap 32% as people look for greater flexibility

Sales and exits of timeshares leap 32% as people look for greater flexibility

Leading timeshare sales company,, has reported a huge increase in the number of people selling and cancelling their timeshare. The provider has released new figures that show a 32% rise in those choosing to sell or exit their timeshare in 2015, compared to the previous year.

Indicating a growing trend in the market, facilitated the cancellation or sale of 2,250 such properties last year, compared to 1,704 in 2014. The value of which totalled an impressive £7,412,959, suggests that more and more people are looking for greater flexibility from their property purchases in today’s market.

Mark Rowe, Founder of, explains more,

“Whilst traditional timeshare works perfectly well for most owners, the feedback that we have been getting in recent months from those looking to sell their timeshare has been that they have outgrown it or want a change. Our customers wish to free up more of their time and money, whether it be to buy another property or to facilitate travel or other life purchases. This move towards greater flexibility is driving a new trend for growing numbers of people to sell their timeshare, numbers that have leapt considerably in the past year.

“We have also seen a marked trend towards more people seeking advice on how to sell their timeshare and therefore expect figures of those making a final sale to continue to rise in coming months.”

Alongside the new figures that illustrate the growing trend, has revealed the top five reasons why owners today are looking to sell their timeshare:

  • Ongoing costs: Many find that over time the property’s maintenance fees are too expensive. Although property ownership will always come with added maintenance costs, the regular payment of a maintenance fee for a timeshare property can be something that eventually drives someone to sell their share.
  • Personal circumstances: A lot of owners choose to sell if their circumstances change, meaning that they can no longer make the most of their purchase. Perhaps someone is suffering bad health, no longer wishes to travel so frequently, or have seen a change in their work circumstances. All of these are factors that can contribute to no longer wanting a timeshare.
  • Family factors: Whilst individuals often choose to buy a timeshare to use with their family, to make the very most of their time together, it doesn’t always work out this way and it can mean that the reality is far from the dream. The children of owners may also not want to inherit the property and this can be a reason for a sale.
  • Lack of flexibility: Sometimes timeshare owners find that they cannot get the exchanges they want on their property and therefore the times and dates that they can visit do not fit with their needs. These restrictions can mean that people choose to sell and instead purchase a holiday home outright.
  • The travel bug: Whilst many enjoy the familiarity of visiting a much-loved destination where they know the area and the local community, in time some desire to travel more widely than a single timeshare destination allows. Others may also choose to sell their share and put the money into going on annual cruises instead, where they can get a taste for a variety of overseas locations.

As one of the leading figures in the industry, pride themselves on their honest service and independent advice, tailored to individual clients’ needs. The qualified team has over ten years’ experience in the sale and cancellation of timeshares and is proud of their proven track-record in supporting those looking to sell or exit.

The services offered include timeshare resales, client purchases, trade-ins, disposals, alternative lifestyle and leisure products, as well as the provision of advice on getting the most from existing timeshare ownership.

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