New Year, New Home, Know How?

For some investing in lifestyle means a jaunt to the local gym twice a week, a healthy eating plan or even a monthly massage at the local beauty parlour others however may see a change in lifestyle as the opportunity to change the location of their home. As the recent HSBC International Explorer survey of over 2000 expats across four continents who have made that choice shows, Canada is one of the easiest countries in which to settle.

Martin Spurling, CEO for HSBC Bank International and Head of HSBC Offshore Islands commented in a recent release: “Canada is the most welcoming country to expats, with almost all (95%) of respondents claiming that they found it easy to make friends with the locals and fit into the community. The survey also highlighted the buying experience.”
“Canada is regularly listed by the United Nations as one of the 10 best places in the world to live and has featured again in A Place in the Sun´s Top 20 locations to buy property for 2008/09” says John Prior, Principal of Undiscovered Properties. “It is also interesting to see the measures by which the Canadian government are making things easier for those looking to relocate to Canada with figures showing that as well as Canada being a popular lifestyle location, it is actively seeking people to re-locate to the nation with skilled migrant expected to account for 100% of workforce growth by 2011.”
An extension of the already popular Canadian work permit is all part of the ‘Action Plan for Faster Immigration’. According to the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, “On 15th December 2008 we announced that professionals seeking to work in Canada under the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) can now receive permits up to three years as previously workers were required to renew their permits every 12 months. Lawyers, doctors, dentists and teachers as well as other skilled workers are all needed and this extension will greatly benefit the Canadian economy by helping ensure greater continuity and stability for both employers and workers.”
Prior concludes: “We have some stunning four season properties available in the Quebec province which is rapidly becoming a top choice for purchasing property. Close to the city of Montreal with employment opportunities available for both French and English speakers, the area offers an imitable blend of history, heritage, tourism appeal, culture and style – appealing aspects for visitors and investors alike.”
“As well as those looking to use the homes themselves, many buyers are purchasing properties speculatively, looking to rent out their luxury log homes to tourists and so far owners haven’t been disappointed” continues Prior. “Rental demand has increased every month to the point where we were fully booked in the height of the summer and are also sold out twice over for Christmas / New Year. We estimate over 60% occupancy for next year based on the trends we have seen.”
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Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club, Canada
Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club properties are set in 1,800 acres of natural woodland and sit on stunning land surrounding 5 freshwater lakes. They are found only 90 minutes away from the cosmopolitan and sophisticated city of Montreal with its international airport which is connected by direct flights to over 120 destinations around the world. Only 15 minutes drive from Mont Tremblant, the ski capital of Eastern Canada which boasts 94 different runs served by 13 state of the art lifts, this resort is perfect for skiers of all abilities.  These stunning properties are blessed however with 4 season’s worth of various activities and when the lakes aren’t ice rinks and the ski mobiles are stored away the lakes host boats and water activities including water sports and fresh water fishing, the surrounding mountains areas also open up into fantastic cycling and hiking areas.
The Algonquin Tribe once called the neighbouring national park and its stunning Mont Tremblant the ‘Mountain of the Spirit’ and legend has it that anybody who disturbs the tranquillity of the area will make the spirits of the mountain tremble. Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club is not an imposing array of properties though and its conscious decision and design has incorporated many environmentally friendly features including the use of sustainable timber sources and each property will draw water from its own automated artisan well sunk beneath each plot.
An 18 hole designer golf course can also be found in the heart of Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club and you are given the choice of views whether it be the stunning lake view lodges or the lodges that overlook the panoramic views of the golf course and mountains. An onsite shop and boutique area are found alongside clubhouses and restaurants that offer fantastic facilities that make the community of Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club a unique, relaxing and majestic experience. 
These exclusive 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom lodges all with unique styles and features start from £280,000 / $420,200 for more information contact Undiscovered Properties on 0870 7347968, email or visit