Nova Scotia hails a ‘New Start’ for many miserable Brits…


It is not new news that the general mood in Britain is down. Hiked fuel prices, the mortgage crisis, youth violence and the general credit crunch are all to blame, and often highlighted so in the media. It is as a result of this negative feeling at the state of Britain today that many people are making the decision to start a new life abroad – with the Office of National Statistics reporting that 385,000 Brits emigrating from the country in 2007.
A great deal of those leaving the UK for a new life abroad choose to do so in a country where English is predominantly spoken and where they feel they can keep the benefits of UK-living yet combine them with the appeals of a new shore. Canada is one such country that has always had great appeal to the British, with estimated figures for British tourists arriving in Canada at 908,000 in 2007, and many of those visiting choosing to make the country their new home.
It is not only the language that appeals to those emigrating from the UK, the four season climate and the similar culture have always attracted emigrants, but given the current economic climate and negative feeling in Britain, it is the high quality of life and the fact that Canada remains mostly unaffected by the global economic slump that is drawing more and more people to its shores.
If it is the similarities to Britain that attract many people to move to Canada, it is clear why Nova Scotia is one Canadian area growing in popularity. Literally ‘New Scotland’, Nova Scotia is in some respects a home from home, with nearly 30% of the population of Scottish heritage and the climate similar to that of northern Europe. Latest (as yet unreleased) figures from the Canadian Tourism Commission show a 40% increase in visitor numbers to the area from 2006 to 2007 (up to 27,000) and this hot new area of Canada is set to attract more and more visitors if early indications from 2008 are to be believed.
Dubbed ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground’ with a marina, waterside living, sailing and whale watching, Nova Scotia has much to offer those who like life by the water or simply enjoy the great outdoors. Direct flights are also available from the UK to Halifax in Nova Scotia and a transfer flight can be taken to the popular and award winning island of Cape Breton a growing emigrant destination.
Cape Breton Island was first explored in 1497 by Italian John Cabot and the Cabot Heritage Trail on the island still celebrates this, where visitors can follow in his first footsteps. 2006 saw Cape Breton, Nova Scotia ranked the 4th Best Island to Live On by Conde Nast and this year, 2008, the island was voted the best island destination in Canada and the USA, and 10th in the World by Travel & Leisure magazine. The history of the island can be celebrated in Louisbourg, a charming seaside town located on its eastern shores. 2008 is set to see the 250th anniversary of the 2nd Siege of the Fortress of Louisbourg and various summer events will be taking place with cultural heritage days throughout July and siege re-enactments and fireworks on 26th July.
To take advantage of the proud history of the island 2 to 5 bedroom lodges, set on 1 acre plots can be bought on the Louisbourg Resort Golf & Spa , set on the edge of the Grand Lake. With fantastic facilities including 2 Nick Faldo-designed 18-hole championship golf courses, The ‘Fortress’ and also a par 3 executive course. The golf courses will become part of the circuit for golf enthusiasts of Internationally acclaimed golf courses on the Island. In addition, amenities will include bars, restaurants, European Spa, gym, tennis and squash courts, equestrian centre and airstrip for light planes, and a unique setting the Louisbourg Resort Golf & Spa is the ideal location for a second home or for relocation.
The island with its International ranking as top destination makes Cape Breton a must visit venue with a firmly established tourism business, as Cape Breton Island is accessible by land, sea and air from neighbouring Canadian and US states and well an International clientele. All this will combine to make rental returns to investor clients an important consideration in their choice of where to invest.
Both the mountains and the ocean are very accessible and boast activities that include skiing, diving, snowmobiling and hiking. Each property on the resort comes with a basement, sauna and Jacuzzi as standard and is built to a very high standard. An ecologically friendly in-floor or geothermal heating and air conditioning system is also installed in each property. Prices start from £215,000/ €269,600 and for more information contact Undiscovered Properties on 0870 7347968, email or visit