What do the dog, property, jail and three of Canada’s most popular cities have in common?


For the avid player of one of the most famous games in the world, Monopoly, the answer may have been obvious. Monopoly Here & Now, the world version of the game was announced on August 20th 2008 featuring 3 of Canada’s most cosmopolitan cities making it the most popular country on the board.
Monopoly’s popularity has seen various versions being created, from a special World War 2 version that was delivered to prisoners of war by the Red Cross, to UK regional versions still being made by Hasbro the corporate parent company to the Parker Brothers who still own the registered trademark for the game. The game even holds the title of “the most played (commercial) board game in the world” by the Guinness Book of records having been played by over 750 million people.
Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto all appear on the new board along with 19 other cities including Jerusalem, London and Hong Kong. So how did 3 of Canada’s cities end up being featured in this epic game?
Sometimes considered a poorer relation to the United States or overlooked as a leading economy of the world in favour of the UK and the US for example, Canada is actually the one nation that is quietly thriving in these times of financial insecurity.
Canada is first among G8 countries when it comes to the quality of life it offers its citizens, it is first when it comes to having the lowest cost of living, and first in terms of enjoying the lowest unemployment rate – and what’s more, Canada’s property market is not only prospering, it’s offering increasing numbers of overseas buyers an affordable way to own a stunning and accessible second, retirement or permanent home abroad.
Canada is also one of the most culturally diverse nations on the planet, with a welcoming policy for people looking to relocate. Canada received a record number of immigrants in 2007, some 429,649 permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, and foreign students – more than 60,000 higher than four years ago according to a report by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In 2006, 6,542 British citizens emigrated permanently, making Canada one the UK’s top ten emigration destinations.
So rolling the dice and hoping you land on the ideal location for your overseas property does not have to be left to chance anymore. You could go as far as to say it is even easier than Monopoly to win in property when purchasing in Canada. Take for example the Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club, is a luxury resort nestled in just under 2000 acres of pristine woodland, and is surrounding 5 freshwater lakes. This beautiful resort is only 15 minutes drive from Mont Tremblant, eastern Canada’s premiere ski resort and only 90 minutes away from the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. 
Eagles Ridge Golf and Country club will have a Graham Cooke designed 18 hole golf course at the heart of its development, you can choose if you would like your property to feature lake views or if you would like views of the stunning course. An onsite shop and boutique area are found alongside the clubhouse and restaurant that offer fantastic facilities that make the community of Eagles Ridge Golf and Country Club a unique, relaxing and majestic experience. 
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