Why Canada Deserves a Second Look for a Second Home


Despite the economic woes facing America, its neighbour Canada is much better placed to weather the global financial storm with its strong levels of employment, its oil and gas reserves and the fact that it has enjoyed 10 consecutive years of balanced budgets. Therefore many people are taking a second look at Canada as a place to potentially live and work, retire or perhaps invest in a second home. A stable economy, a low crime environment, a very high standard of living, relatively affordable property prices and a more liberal attitude to immigration also all mean that Canada really is an excellent choice.
For those contemplating a diversification of their financial affairs or who are in search of a robust yet profitable property market, the Canadian real estate landscape really is well worth closer inspection. There are pockets of the nation where one can find the perfect balance between well-priced and attractive properties that have maximum second home and tourism rental appeal. Areas such as Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Eastern North America’s #1 ski resort, Nova Scotia or St Sauveur have all come onto the radar for domestic and international property investors and holiday home seekers in recent months, as a greater awareness has arisen of just how universally popular Canada is as a vacation destination. Previously lesser-known provinces such as Quebec are now known for benefiting buyers by the very fact that they are more affordably priced because demand for real estate over the years has been less intense. They also potentially profit investors because the reputation of an area such as Mont Tremblant, Quebec has risen due to it being thought of as the best ski resort in Eastern North America and because of its celebrity appeal – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, both renowned property investors, have an estate in Mont Tremblant with an incredible view of the mountain for example.
For those seeking the most versatile property in Canada, again an area like Mont Tremblant, Quebec is ideal because the winter season starts as early as November and runs well into April, and then the summer season kicks in – and with its golf courses, fabulous lakes, hiking and biking trails, Mont Tremblant is a true four seasons resort. This gives owners of a second home all year to enjoy their property, and it gives those who want to raise an income from their real estate investment purchase a 12-month rental season. Now, because of the very nature of the resort – i.e., it is famed for its stunning scenery, the fresh air, lush forests, clean lakes and rivers – it is also an area of Canada where the planners and developers are very careful to remain faithful and sensitive to the inimitably perfect surroundings. This gives those who have an environmental conscience peace of mind when looking for real estate too. Developers such as the Walker Corporation are leading the way with their 46˚ North resort of environmentally sustainable log home hideaways set within a 500 acre rolling estate on the edges of Lake Mitchell and the Parc National du Mont-Tremblant.
According to Lang Walker, Executive Chairman of Walker Corporation: “those looking to buy a home overseas should definitely consider investing in a property in East Canada. Despite the global economic crisis the country has remained relatively unscathed and is in a strong economic position – appealing to those looking to make a safe investment in high quality property. Areas such as Mont Tremblant in Quebec, where we’re currently 46˚ North, have a greater appeal as they provide excellent winter sports and outdoor pursuits facilities. The province of Quebec is also predicted to continue growing in 2009 which should provide further reassurance to those looking to buy.”
The latest edition of Next Big Thing from Real Estate TV specifically focuses on Canada’s appeal as a second home location, particularly with those attracted to the new wave of eco-friendly property designs that Canada’s developing a world-class reputation for. RETV also has a special feature on the resort of Mont Tremblant; it identifies the fact that as greater numbers of people are beginning to see that the resort is not just a #1 ski destination, but that it has massive year round appeal, is within reach of vibrant, chic and sophisticated Montreal and its international air links, so demand for rental and resale real estate could follow.
Next Big Thing: Canada premiers on Tuesday 11th November at 23.30, and Mont Tremblant Focus premiers on Wednesday 12th November at 19.30. Tune in to Real Estate TV on Sky Channels 262 and 263 and on demand at www.realestatetv.tv.