Longer summers boosting tourism and property market in Costa Blanca

Longer summers boosting tourism and property market in Costa Blanca

  • Alicante airport high season extended to December (Aena)
  • Longer summers impacting tourism & second home ownership (Ideal Homes International)
  • Autumn 2016 to be Spain’s 3rd warmest in 50 years (AEMET)
  • British visitor numbers to Spain up 13% (National Statistics Institute)


As Spain reports both record tourism numbers and positive movement in the property market, the impact of the longer summers experienced as a result of climate change on the country’s real estate is not to be underestimated, Spanish property expert Chris White has revealed.


As Founding Director of leading estate agency Ideal Homes International, White has closely monitored the Spanish property market for a number of years. Over that time, he has seen the high season in the Costa Blanca gradually extended until later and later into the year.


He comments,


“One of the key reasons that British buyers love Spain is the wonderful weather. Being able to pack your flip-flops and escape the UK climate after such a short flight makes Spain perfect as a holiday home destination for those who live in the UK.


“It’s a particularly appealing destination at this time of year, as the weather gets colder back in Blighty and the nights draw in. What’s interesting in terms of recent years is the visible effect longer summers are having when it comes to both tourism and second home ownership in Spain – in short, the high season is getting longer as the world warms up.”


Alicante Airport’s management company, Aena, agrees. The company has announced the extension of its high season to December this year, in recognition of booming passenger demand. The airport has superseded all expectations this summer and is now on track to see more than 3 million passengers pass through from September to December. The figure represents an increase of 15% over the corresponding period last year. Many European airlines are now using larger, transatlantic aircraft on European routes as a result of the increased demand, with the larger jets transporting over 300 passengers per flight.


Figures from the National Statistics Institute reveal that Alicante’s experience is being mirrored across Spain. Visitor numbers increased by 10.1% for January to August 2016 compared with the same period the year before, with a total of 52.5 million tourists enjoying the delights of the Spanish climate.


British numbers in particular were up – by 13% according to the latest data. The figures have also shown that tourist numbers increased by 5.8% in August alone, as the record Spanish season continues.


The property market is also heating up. Ministry of Development figures show all 17 autonomous communities of Spain saw the number of property transactions rise in the second quarter of 2016. They also saw transaction numbers increase in all regions for the full year to June 2016, up 13.2% compared to the year before.


“There is a direct and traceable correlation between visitor numbers and the number of properties bought by overseas buyers in many areas of Spain,” comments Ideal Homes International’s Chris White. “So longer, warmer summers – and autumns –mean more visitors and more interest in property from those visitors. They also mean more enjoyment of Spain’s fabulous beaches and warm coastal waters.”


State meteorological agency AEMET has confirmed this autumn is expected to be the third hottest in over 50 years. Meanwhile figures from the last three years have shown that early September has been the hottest part of the year, with temperatures on average 1.2 degrees above the average for July and August. Temperatures this September were above 40 degrees Celsius.


For those visitors keen to pick up a second home in the Spanish sunshine, Costa Blanca properties offer outstanding value. Architect Ricardo Bofill’s lovely apartments just 50m from the sea in Calpe, which come complete with rooftop pool, are available for €181,000 for a three-bedroom home.


The Costa Blanca also has plenty of luxurious villas to tempt buyers with larger wallets. This outstanding home has six bedrooms, with the master bedroom enjoying a balcony with views to the sea. There’s also a pool, terrace with wood burning stove, fully equipped gymnasium with changing rooms and showers, games room and tennis court.


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