“Looking over horizons" – bathe in the beauty of western Cyprus with a home fit for a goddess


The region of Polis in Western Cyprus is famed for its rugged beauty as well as its mystical charm. Not only is the scenery breathtaking – with rocky cliffs and bright blue seas typifying the view – but the area is also famous for its ties to mythology, for it is here in the waters off of the Akamas Peninsula that the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, is said to have bathed and to have met her lover Adonis for the first time.

Aphrodite’s beauty has now come to symbolise the beauty of the area, with crystal waters and blue skies a great temptation for visitors who are quick to fall in love with the island, and it is not just the sandy beaches and clear seas that draw visitors, the sheer wealth of flora and fauna also make this area a joy to visit. A National Park, the Akamas Peninsula is home to a rich variety of plant and animal species, many of which are found only in Cyprus. It is for this reason that the peninsula has been named as part of the World Bank’s Mediterranean Environmental Assistance Programme and through this the region will remain cared for and unspoiled.
Another reason for the peninsula’s protection is that it is home to an important turtle breeding site, a conservation area where green and loggerhead turtles, which are vulnerable or endangered species, lay their eggs at the end of June / beginning of July and where the eggs hatch at the end of August / beginning of September. This annual summer event is watched with fascination and trepidation and confirms both the importance and the tranquillity of the area.
Although the Polis region is popular with tourists, it remains calm and serene and it is for this reason that it is the perfect location for a holiday home, both for personal use to enjoy the splendid scenery and also to rent out, so that others can take advantage of the beautiful views and escape from the stresses of modern life.
George Theodosiou, Overseas Marketing Manager of Aristo Developers, agrees,
“Polis and the Akamas Peninsula especially, represent to me all that is wonderful about Cyprus. They boast unspoiled surroundings and stunning views and are an ever-popular draw for visitors whilst reliving a time more simplistic. These reasons therefore make this region an excellent choice when choosing a second home; a popular choice in a breathtaking location.”
Agnades Villages 1 & 2 are exclusive developments that take full advantage of the beauty of Polis and the peninsula with spectacular sea views as well as views towards the pine forests of Paphos. Surrounded by olive, carob and pine trees, Agnades Villages 1 & 2 are truly luxurious and ideally situated to be in close proximity to the sandy beaches yet close enough to shops and facilities to suit all needs. Swim in the Baths of Aphrodite, visit the Latchi Yachting Marina for fresh fish or simply soak in the sun’s warm rays, the developments are sympathetic to the beautiful surroundings, with a low build density and high-end properties.
Three bedroom villas with en-suite bathrooms are available, with Mediterranean architecture and exceptionally expansive verandas from which to take in the view (Agnades means “looking over horizons”). Bathe like Aphrodite in your own private pool, the properties are finished to the highest of standards (ISO) and come with air conditioning as standard. This is an idyllic environment with unparalleled natural beauty. Property prices start at €452,000 plus VAT.
For more information on Agnades Villages 1 & 2 or buying property in Cyprus, contact Aristo Developers on free phone 0800 856 3338or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.

Aristo Developers announces an exciting new look for 2009

Cyprus Greece

Leading developers and real estate experts in Cyprus and Greece, Aristo Developers, have announced an exciting new look to take them into 2009 and beyond. This modern take on the established and trusted brand is all part of Aristo’s continuous efforts to remain at the very fore of the markets in which they specialise.


The revised branding encompasses a new logo that builds on the previous, but evolves it into a more modern and recognisable shape – with a bright blue used to symbolise the Mediterranean Sea and escapism, whilst the gold represents the sun and the perfection of the lands in which they develop.


Along with the new logo, Aristo have also redefined the property product they sell, with two distinct categories of home for sale – the ‘Aristo Classic’, the well-known range of quality properties currently on offer and the ‘Aristo Signature’, a new collection of high-end projects of luxurious aesthetics and designed by world-famous architects.


This is an exciting time for the company, already amongst the elite developers of both Cyprus and Greece, and Managing Director Theodoros Aristodemou agrees that they are looking to a bright future,


‘Aristo Developers continues its pioneering and leading course of development, always aiming towards providing to every customer who dreams of owning a home in Cyprus or Greece, the finest the Mediterranean has to offer! We are certain that with an ambitious vision and by preserving the core values of our organisation, as well as by hard work through proper planning, we will achieve it!’


For more information on Aristo Developers or the Aristo Classic and Aristo Signature collections please contact 0800 856 3338 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.

Leading Cypriot developer gets on board as four marinas set sail for make-overs



The construction of a man-made island and the development of coastline that basks in sunshine nearly 365 days a year sounds like something you would associate with the United Arab Emirates but in a bid to enhance its future tourism appeal, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is doing just this.
The Cypriot government is hoping to lengthen its tourism season and also attract upmarket visitors by giving planning permission to a total of four new marinas located in the island´s main resorts, Limassol being the grandest of them all.
Construction of Limassol Marina will commence in early 2009 and is set to be completed, with its artificial island, by 2013. The marina will have 1000 births available, 400 connected to the mainland and 600 on the island which will also hold an array of properties, boating services and entertainment areas. The three other ports along the southern side of the island to receive make-over’s in the next few years are Larnaca, Paphos and Ayia Napa which will all have some large scale development carried out. No less than 900 spaces will be available for births at each port with the marina at Larnaca, set to start construction around the same time as Limassol, being able to accommodate the “super yacht” (yachts that are over 35 metres long) as well as hosting a cruise liner terminal.
“The size of these projects is quite amazing” says Martin Pearce, UK Sales Director of Aristo Developers a leading property developer on the island. “For example, currently Larnaca can host up to 200 vessels but this enhancement will mean that up to 1000 vessels can take advantage of the facilities at the port. Other popular towns such as Paphos and Ayia Napa will all have similar features and will provide better accessibility for skippers wanting to explore the island. As a company we are excited to see these projects get under way and the feeling in Cyprus is that it will not only create more jobs in the areas mentioned but will also appeal to a different kind of visitor.”
So what will these nautical enhancements mean for an island that has such a rich history and culture? Cyprus has seen a steady growth in tourism over recent years but figures now show that the popular island has reached a plateau of approximately 2.4 million arrivals and revenues of around €42.5 billion per year.
Antonis Paschalides, Minister of Commerce says, “Our vision is for maritime tourism to become a predominant source of revenue and the backbone of the island’s development effort”.
The government of Cyprus has been taking the development of its tourism industry very seriously with Paphos International Airport and its new terminal and facilities also recently opening. According to airport-technology.com the passenger growth in Cyprus is now expected to be between 3.5% and 4% a year and time will only tell what the impact of the planned marinas will do to increase these figures.  
Pearce says: “In addition to the boost this gives to the tourism industry in Cyprus, it is another sign of the commitment Cyprus has to the continued development of its first class infrastructure and the benefits this will bring to investors” Aristo Developers have a large number of properties around the planned new marinas some even offering private boat shelters. “For those looking for a property close to the water with more secluded and private boating facilities we have opportunities surrounding the bay at Latchi which has a well established yachting marina” says Pearce. “If on the other hand you want to be closer to some of the bigger marinas we have properties in and around the areas of Limassol and Paphos; there really are many options and with all main ports being regenerated you are never far away from the first class marine facilities that Cyprus offers.”
One development available is the luxury villas of Agnades Village which is just a 4 minute drive outside the stunning surroundings of Latchi a small village with its own yachting marina and port. Situated at the foothills of the Paphos Forest only metres from the sandy beaches, these properties provide an ideal location for those looking for an overseas home suitable for holiday use, permanent living and retirement. Prices start from €462,600 / £410,700 plus VAT Aristo Developers will also be attending the 2009 Boat Show being held at London Excel which will host some of the world’s finest yachting and sailing companies from the 9th -18th January 2009. For more information on Aristo Developers or to arrange an appointment at the show contact 0800 856 3338 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.
——-Editors notes—–
Prodomi Village 3, Polis-Prodomi, Cyprus
Luxury 2 bedroom Villas and 3 bedroom deluxe Villas complete with private pool. Set in a stunning location just off the coast of Latchi, these properties are the perfect venue for year round holidays, permanent residency of retirement. Prices range from €510,300 / £444,120 plus VAT For more information contact 0800 856 3338 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.
Aristo Riviera Beach Villas, Latchi, Cyprus
Luxury 3 bedroom beach villas complete with private pool. Set in a stunning location just off the coast of Latchi, these properties are the perfect venue for year round holidays, permanent residency of retirement. Prices start from €848,700 / £738,700 plus VAT and for more information contact 0800 856 3338 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.
Venus Rock Resort, Paphos, Cyprus
A variety of properties surrounded by exquisite gardens and only 12 miles east of Paphos, prices start from €433,000 / £376,600 plus VAT for more information please contact Aristo Developers on 0800 856 3338or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.
Aristo Regina Court, Limassol, Cyprus
Elegantly designed studios and 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in the beautiful Cypriot town of Limassol. A short walk from a series a popular sandy beaches and marina make this an ideal location for both holiday use and permanent living. Prices start from €207,200 / £180,305 plus VAT. For further information on this great investment opportuity contact 0800 856 3338or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.


Exploring the Ski Secrets of Cyprus


When you think of Cyprus, the image that will probably spring to mind will be of a sun-kissed island destination in the Mediterranean – famous for summer holidays, a beautifully relaxed pace of life, excellent cuisine and welcoming people. This image is of course accurate and it covers many of the reasons why people choose to holiday in Cyprus, invest on the island and even relocate to live in Cyprus. But this image doesn’t tell you everything about the destination – because Cyprus is an island for all seasons. Not just a picturesque place in the summer, but an island with an emerging winter sports scene, where you really can ski in the morning for up to four months of the year, and then head to the coast and swim in the sea in the afternoon.


The appeal of Cyprus as a ski destination is gradually growing as the offerings available at the Troodos Village ski area improve, and as word spreads about the charming features of the island’s winter sports destination. The appeal is also growing as the annual Federation Internationale de Ski giant slalom and slalom competitions that take place in the Troodos, gain wider recognition and also importance on their annual ski events calendar. In 2009 the competition will take place in early March, and for those who want to practice, the ski season in Cyprus runs from late December to early April.


The ski slopes in Cyprus are located around Troodos Village, also known as the Troodos Skiing Resort, it’s situated on a col between Mount Olympus and one of the other peaks of the range. There are hotels in and around the village, some excellent restaurants and generally speaking, the facilities available to skiers are improving. There are a total of four main slopes that appeal to all levels of skier, and it’s possible to hire ski and even snowboard equipment onsite, or buy it from a limited number of sports shops in Limassol and Nicosia. The cost of a days ski pass or even an hours private tuition is incredibly cheap by international ski standards, and the affordability of the resort as well as its striking Alpine charm is just another reason to choose the Troodos Village ski resort in Cyprus. Because Cyprus is such a fascinating island, most people combine skiing in Cyprus with sunbathing, swimming and sightseeing too. In the Troodos Mountains alone there are literally hundreds of sights to witness – from rare flora and fauna to stunning views, from ancient monasteries to the Cedar Valley – and across the whole of the island you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to thinking of things to do!
According to Martin Pearce, Sales Manager at Aristo Developers, leading real estate developers and property experts in Cyprus: “the fact that Cyprus offers its visitors such a wealth of entertainment options all year round means that it is of maximum appeal to those who seek so-called jet-to-let property investments; i.e., overseas investment properties located in destinations where there is strong rental demand for up to 12 months of the year. What’s more, Cyprus has a very strong reputation as a favourite choice with those seeking a second home or holiday property. This is quite simply because use and enjoyment of such a property is not limited to a brief summer season period. Therefore, whatever your reasons for buying property abroad, chances are, Cyprus is a destination worthy of your closer inspection.”

Whether you’re interested in a home from home, a holiday property or indeed an investment property suitable for use all year round, which is as accessible to the beaches of Cyprus as it is to the lofty snow-capped peaks of the Troodos, the Aristo Souni Pine Forest villa community close to Limassol could be ideal for you. The development comprises of sympathetically designed three bedroom villas on spacious individual plots. Each villa has a light and spacious interior, it features a large veranda that leads to a private swimming pool, and all gardens and grounds are landscaped. The villas are a short drive away from the beautiful beaches at Ladies Mile and Kourion, Limassol’s bustling and vibrant town centre is just a 10 minute car journey and then within an hour you can be in the heart of the stunning Troodos Mountain range, experiencing all the delights that this lesser-explored part of Cyprus has to offer.  Prices for these exceptional properties start from just €289,200 / £229,300 (+ VAT), and for more information contact Aristo Developers on 0800 856 3338 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.

A Capital Investment in Cyprus



The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia; set inland almost in the centre of the island, it’s an incredibly historic city dating back beyond 672 BC, and today it’s packed full of fascinating architecture and amazing relics from Cyprus’ absorbing past. The most obvious example of the city’s past can be seen in the well-preserved Venetian fortifications that were built in the 16th century – the walls still encircle the medieval part of the city to this day, ensuring that Nicosia is an important tourism destination in its own right. 
However Nicosia, or Lefkosia as it is known locally, is more strategically important because of its role as the seat of government in Cyprus, for the fact that it’s also the business and financial capital, it’s home to Cyprus’ main university campus, and is a retail and manufacturing hub. Naturally all of these facts ensure that Nicosia is the most bustling and populous city on the island, and that it has a thriving international population making it an ideal centre to target for buy to let property investment. 
Accommodation options in Nicosia are mainly modern and sophisticated, because despite its historical heart, modern day Nicosia is a cosmopolitan, chic and sophisticated city whose apartment and office architecture reflects this very fact. What’s more, Nicosia’s community is young, it’s made up of students, young professionals and families who all enjoy the high standard of living, the great and varied nightlife and the modern shopping malls and amenities, many of which have only been completed in recent years. These people demand high-grade, stylish accommodation, and naturally their demands and tastes have driven forward the housing market in the city.
The property market and subsequent investment opportunities in Nicosia differ to those across the rest of the island. There are year round buy to let opportunities at all levels of the marketplace, making it ideal as a centre for all investors to consider, no matter what their budget. What’s more, the demand is based on solid fundamentals such as the fact that there is a growing student base at the university, there is constant demand from embassy staff and governmental staff as well a steady and stable requirement for accommodation from international businesspersons.
From the Engomi region of the city where you have high-end real estate catering to the many international embassy staff who reside in Nicosia, to the city centre and its immediate suburbs where demand for apartments and penthouses is intense, there are opportunities for all investors. According to Martin Pearce, UK Sales Manager of Aristo Developers, Nicosia currently presents the perfect opportunity for investors:
“Those seeking strong and consistent rental yields as well as capital appreciation potential should take a closer look at Nicosia. There is year round demand in the city for quality accommodation, and tenants are prepared and able to pay well for the right property type. What’s more, an investor can rest assured in the knowledge that demand is very broad in Nicosia, and it’s consistently strong because the city is developing and advancing its international reputation as a financial and business hub, and as a centre of learning. This means increased numbers of tenants come to the market each year pushing up demand and squeezing supply. Naturally this upside pressure on the availability of accommodation units creates the perfect climate for rising property prices and increased monthly rental rates.”
Aristo currently has two particularly exciting projects under construction in Nicosia that are ideal for investors targeting the rich buy to let opportunities that the city boasts. The Anemone Court high-end apartment development is situated in Lykavitos, this is right in the centre of Nicosia. Here tenant demand is intense and this real estate is being constructed to appeal to local tastes. The 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are luxurious, have stunning cityscape views and come with covered parking – prices start from just EUR 144,500. The other offering from Aristo is Iris Court, this development is set in Strovolos, a popular suburb of the city with families and young professionals. The spacious 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments have views across the city and are designed for the longer term resident in mind. The architecture is modern and progressive, and the apartments are designed to be spacious and functional. Prices start from EUR 229,000 – for more information please contact Aristo Developers on0800 856 3338or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.

Expansion of Paphos airport is set to see visitor numbers soar



Construction of the new terminal and runway extension at Paphos International airport in south west Cyprus started in 2006 and now, 2 years later, the project has been delivered on time and on budget. The terminal will be able to handle 2.7 million passengers a year and has a 940 bay surface car park. The terminal even boasts environmentally friendly lighting and air-conditioning systems and where possible, local Cypriot materials have been used.

The new look Paphos International Airport will open on November 17th 2008 and according to airport-technology.com the passenger growth in Cyprus is now expected to be between 3.5% and 4% a year.
Martin Pearce, Director of sales for Aristo Developers UK, one of Cyprus’ leading property developers comments: “The completion of the new terminal at Paphos airport, coupled with the existing daily scheduled flights from BA and Easyjet, is going to make Cyprus even more accessible as larger aircraft can now land at the site due to the extension of the runway. The local government have also started construction on a four lane highway that will link the town of Paphos, 10 miles away, with the airport helping to ease congestion on the route during the height of the tourist season.”
Since it joined the euro zone and adopted the euro as its currency in January 2008, the already booming economy in Cyprus has continued to go from strength to strength and this makes it an even more attractive location whether you’re looking for somewhere to holiday, live or invest.
Paphos was once a quiet fishing village but now attracts vast numbers of tourists and has the reputation as one of the best locations on the Island. With its various attractions including those of the Tombs of the Kings, the Roman mosaics, a bird and animal park, aquarium, countless restaurants and bars and easy access to the rest of the island that is well known for its diverse landscapes and history, it is easy to see why a new terminal building was much needed.
“Cyprus has so much to offer” Pearce says, “It is great for families and the retirement community and is becoming ever more popular as a wedding destination. The Troodos Mountains even offer skiing during the winter months so there really is something for everyone.”
Aristo Developers have been established for many years and are a prominent and trustworthy face of Cypriot property. Investment opportunities include Konia Village 1 which is a development situated near Paphos and its newly improved International airport. It is close to the renowned 18 hole golf course at Secret Valley and offers spacious 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, townhouses and villas which are all set in stunning landscaped gardens. With prices starting from €149,500 / £118,700 plus VAT, for more information on Cyprus and to find out more about the thriving property market contact www.aristodevelopers.com or call 0800 856 3338.

Be inspired as Norwich has two forces to be reckoned with this November



A new exhibition on forces opens up at the Inspire Discovery Centre in Norwich this autumn and gives families and young people the opportunity to get more hands on than ever with all things scientific. The centre is used by members of the community and invites school groups, holds birthday parties and even lends out boxes full of various science activities to local scout and brownie groups.
Another force to be reckoned with this November is Aristo Developers as they come to town inspiring people about the popular family destination of Cyprus. “The run up to Christmas is a time when families come together and enjoy the holiday season; the importance of ‘family time’ is ever present in our minds,” says Martin Pearce UK Sales Director for Aristo Developers. The family is an essential element of what makes life in Cyprus special and we have come to show what the island has to offer as the perfect family holiday destination and how accessible and easy it is to buy property in the eastern Mediterranean.”
Cyprus is blessed with almost year round sunshine and a climate that has been described as the most perfect in the world – conducive for good physical and mental wellbeing. A holiday hotspot for all seasons, the island is also an affluent and successful addition to the European Union, a desirable location with those looking for a tax friendly place to retire, and a booming destination to invest in.
The Aristo team will be in Norwich for a special 2 day event at the Marriot Sprowston Hotel, Wroxham Road, Norwich on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November from 10am and they look forward to meeting you there. For more information on Aristo Developers and Cyprus call 0800 082 0601 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com

Bexleyheath boasts a bountiful November with Aristo also making a visit



November sees Bexleyheath open its doors to various events in the run up to Christmas including the Bexley Heritage Trust, Peoples Question Time with the chance to meet London’s Mayor, and a world record attempt at having as many Santa’s all in one place at the same time. If all this isn’t enough Aristo Developers from Cyprus are also dropping in for a visit and hope you’ll join them as they open the door to a life of sand, sea and your very own stunning property on the eastern Mediterranean isle.
Cyprus is blessed with almost year round sunshine and a climate that has been described as the most perfect in the world – conducive for good physical and mental wellbeing. A holiday hotspot for all seasons, the island is also an affluent and successful addition to the European Union, a desirable location with those looking for a tax friendly place to retire, and a booming destination to invest in.
Cyprus is possibly the most exotic nation in the European Union as well, despite its strong British feel and the lasting English influences on the island such as the fact that the old currency was the Cyprus pound, Cypriots drive on the left and the legal system in Cyprus incorporates a number of elements from the British system. Since it joined the eurozone and adopted the euro as its currency in January 2008, the already booming economy in Cyprus has continued to go from strength to strength, and this makes it an even more attractive location whether you’re looking for somewhere to holiday, live or invest.
“It is great to be taking some time to stop and enjoy the area of Bexleyheath and to meet the people who as the ‘Bexleyheath diary’ shows this November are a community that love coming together and having fun” says Martin Pearce, UK Sales Manager for Aristo. “With Cyprus adopting the Euro at the beginning of the year and the UK topping the list of tourist visitors to Cyprus we can only see the relationship between both countries and its communities growing.”
For more information on buying in or relocating to Cyprus come and meet the team from Aristo Developers at the Bexleyheath Marriot on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November or contact them on 0800 082 0601 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.
Editors notes
6th November
Delectable Sweet Treats, Bexley Heritage Trust – An evening of your favourite desserts. For more information contact 01322 621238
Peoples Question Time, The Main Hall, Bromley civic centre – Your chance to meet the Mayor of London and Assembly Members and find out what they are doing for London and you. For more information contact 020 7983 4762.
8th and 9th November
Aristo Developers, Bexleyheath Marriot Hotel – Direct from Cyprus on their UK tour Aristo brings you all that Cyprus has to offer. For more information contact 0800 082 0601 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.
15th and 16th November
Christmas Craft Fair, Hall Place and Gardens, Bourne Road, Bexley – Christmas shopping is made easy at Hall Place craft fair where you can buy traditional craft and more modern gifts.
23rd November
Santa’s on Broadway, Broadway Bexleyheath – Largest gathering of Santa’s – Guinness World Record Attempt. For more information call 020 8319 9235

Cyprus: Live, Invest, Escape!



The inimitably beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus is blessed with almost year round sunshine and a climate that has been described as the most perfect in the world – conducive for good physical and mental wellbeing. A holiday hotspot for all seasons, the island is also an affluent and successful addition to the European Union, a desirable location with those looking for a tax friendly place to retire, and a booming destination to invest in.

Cyprus is possibly the most exotic nation in the European Union as well, despite its strong British feel and the lasting English influences on the island such as the fact that the old currency was the Cyprus pound, Cypriots drive on the left and the legal system in Cyprus incorporates a number of elements from the British system. Since it joined the eurozone and adopted the euro as its currency in January 2008, the already booming economy in Cyprus has continued to go from strength to strength, and this makes it an even more attractive location whether you’re looking for somewhere to holiday, live or invest.

The appeal of Cyprus is manifold. For example, the island is a tourism paradise with its perfect natural blend of history, culture, climate and geography – which are elements enhanced by the lifestyle amenities and facilities in Cyprus. These include theme parks and golf courses, fabulous restaurants, spas and excellent shopping all within easy reach due to the ongoing development of the infrastructure. In addition to these benefits, Cyprus is a tax friendly island for both businesses and retirees, and the island has a world-famous travel and tourism market that makes investing in property in Cyprus a great bet. What’s more, many communities across Cyprus are attractive as second home and relocation destinations too.
Take the traditional village of Pissouri for example; located conveniently close to the retail and lifestyle hubs of both Pafos and Limassol in the south west of the island, as well as the international airports at Pafos and Larnaca, the village is highly accessible. Yet because it is set just back off the beaten track amongst lush vineyards, rich carob plantations and beautifully shady ancient olive groves, the community who call Pissouri home enjoy the fact that the village remains untouched and unspoiled. Pissouri’s unique cliff top location with spectacular view means it is lapped by cooling breezes making it much less humid than some villages on the island. Pissouri’s proximity to the sandy Blue Flag of Pafos and excellent golf courses such as Secret Valley make it a highly sought after location with British families. 
So attractive is Pissouri that an increasing number of discerning British families and couples have made it their new home in the sun, and in the summertime the relatively modest village numbers are further swelled by those from Britain and mainland Cyprus who have second homes in the village. Thankfully though the areas surrounding the village have a very low building density, meaning that the natural beauty of the area remains untouched.   According to Martin Pearce, UK Sales Manager of Aristo Developers: “the beauty and traditional integrity of Pissouri as well as the convenience of the village’s location make it enduringly popular. It has become a relocation, second home and fly-to-let property investment hotspot in Cyprus” 
Set in an elevated and south facing position with commanding and uninterrupted Mediterranean Sea and Troodos Mountain views, Pissouri is not only a friendly and welcoming place to call home, it’s a very lively and active community too. Those who have made the village their permanent home or who have invested in a second property in the village and who visit every year love the fact that in the summertime the famous Pissouri Amphitheatre is regularly the venue for festivals and festivities. 
Despite the appeal of the village as a lifestyle home choice and a hugely popular holiday destination, the development of property in and around the village has been kept in check to maintain the overall appeal and attraction of Pissouri. Only select developers have been given permission to build quality real estate in the village, and one such developer is Aristo. Aristo Developers are shortly due to release their Pissouri Panorama project consisting of luxurious 3 and 4 bedroom villas designed by internationally renowned architect Dr Demetris Porphyrios. Aristo will be building luxurious, exclusive private villas on a fantastic cliff top location next to the traditional village and the villas will benefit from many attractive features such as large sun terraces, communal gardens, swimming pools and breathtaking views, The Pissouri Panorama properties from Aristo Developers offer the ideal location for those looking to invest in an overseas home suitable for holiday use, permanent living or retirement.  For more information about this great investment opportunity contact 0800 082 0601 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.

City Based Property Investment Alternatives in Cyprus



The property market in Cyprus is dynamic and multi-layered; at first glance one might assume it’s simply a market that sustains holiday home, relocation and retirement interest with perhaps an element of jet to let property investment on top. However, look closer and you’ll find a market that’s robust, competitive and of maximum interest to investors no matter which approach they choose for the generation of optimum real estate returns.
According to Martin Pearce, UK Sales Manager of Aristo Developers: “one of the lesser known, yet tried and tested property investment approaches that’s becoming better known since Cyprus joined the EU, entered the eurozone and raised its profile as an international business hub, is the city-based corporate letting opportunities that abound in entrepreneur Theo Paphitis’s birthplace of Limassol. Limassol is the largest port in the Mediterranean, its home to hundreds of international companies, and it’s a city in the process of a multi-million pound overhaul that includes the creation of a luxurious marina that certainly puts it on the map. As a result Limassol is emerging as one of the most dynamic markets in Cyprus with strong levels of buy to let opportunity.”
With the expansion of both Larnaca and Paphos airports which serve Limassol, a strong road infrastructure, together with extensive flight routes to Europe and the Gulf states, and with taxation and regulation competitiveness of Cyprus as an international business location, the number of companies that have chosen Limassol’s central business district for their regional headquarters has risen significantly. This has had a direct impact on the rental demand for quality, well located property, with investors cashing in on high-end corporate demand from companies whose executives fly in, conduct their business and fly out again. Barclays Bank, BNP Paribas, Deloitte & Touche, Four Seasons and Holiday Inn hotel groups are just a tiny handful of the hundreds of multinationals that have a presence in Limassol, which just goes to show what a strong market it is for property investors to consider.
Limassol has also become the Cypriot centre for the massive base of wealthy overseas business interest on the island. The island is not only considered safe, it’s seen as a location where the quality of life is excellent and the standards of living, education, healthcare and even shopping are very high indeed. This has had a further impact on the market with many foreign investors buying and renting homes in and around Limassol. Further positively influencing the market is the fact that the city has stunning beaches, it’s rich in history and culture, it’s the wine growing capital of Cyprus, home to the Cyprus University of Technology and it’s now in the process of having a complete and luxurious make-over. Money is pouring into the Limassol Marina Project for example, and this is set to transform a large area of the city and offer a new direction for tourism in Limassol that in turn offers investors additional areas of investment approach to consider.
For those seeking the broadest range of rental demand in Cyprus, Limassol is certainly the most dynamic location to examine. Investors can tap into corporate letting opportunities, long-term rental demand, short-term tourism demand and they can certainly benefit from the overall development of Limassol’s appeal which is having a direct effect on underlying real estate values. Rental yields can be strongest in the corporate let and short-term tourism letting business, but for those who prefer consistent year round returns, long-term letting city based apartment stock to professional and local demand is proving most popular.
In terms of the type of property in demand and renting and reselling well in Limassol, quality, well located and serviced apartment stock is excellent for both the buy to let market and also those serving tourism interest in the city as well. Aristo Developers has a range of quality apartment developments across Limassol that are being targeted specifically by international property investors with large buy to let portfolios. Take the range of Regina Court property developments that feature modern and stylish apartments, spacious penthouses and well appointed studios; each Regina Court project offers a buyer a choice of facility and amenity from onsite swimming pools to covered parking for example. Prices start from EUR 197,100 plus VAT and for more information about these properties and the range of investment opportunity available in Cyprus and in Limassol in particular, please contact Aristo Developers on 0800 082 0601 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.