UK versus Europe – where to invest as Brexit unfolds

UK versus Europe – where to invest as Brexit unfolds

United Kingdom , , ,
  • Currency fluctuations put volatility at the heart of many sectors (easyMarkets)
  • UK property investment offers exciting opportunities in new sectors (Properties of the World)
  • Spanish property investment provides long term lifestyle benefits (
  • UK’s fundamental shortage of housing unaffected by Brexit (Aspen Woolf)

The UK will be very publicly facing off against the EU over the coming two years. Whether you voted for or against the split, the political and financial implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU are huge. Now, Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap election called for 8 June, in order for the Conservatives to take advantage of their largest lead in the polls over Labour in nine years (according to YouGov). Sterling’s turbulent journey since the Leave vote doesn’t look set to enter calmer waters anytime soon.

Sterling will be one of the most responsive barometers to the political machinations of the Brexit process. While many sectors will be affected by the UK leaving the EU, few react in real-time in quite the same way that currency markets do. The impact of changes in the pound’s value is felt in myriad ways, putting volatility at the heart of many sectors over the coming years.”

James Trescothick, Chief Global Strategist, easyMarkets

Property investment is certainly one sector that is sensitive to sterling’s shifting value. So should buyers be looking to pick up property in the UK right now, or investing their funds elsewhere? Sector experts’ opinions are divided.

“Those buying in pounds may find their second home overseas is suddenly worth a great deal more – or less – as the pound and the euro dance around each other. The same is true of the pound and the dollar, with the US experiencing its own unique style of political upheaval right now. UK buyers seeking stability from their investment might find it prudent to seek out domestic property investment opportunities over the next couple of years.”

Jean Liggett, CEO of visionary property investment consultancy Properties of the World

Liggett points out that domestic property investment still offers a wide range of opportunities. The UK’s hotel and care home sectors are offering some of the most exciting property investment possibilities at present.

While UK hotel investments often come with the benefit of two or more weeks’ use per year, many investors want a property that comes with the promise of sunshine, and continue to look overseas to make their money work for them.

“The fact that investors can pick up a property in Spain, use it themselves whenever they want, then leave it to their children as an inheritance or sell it a few years down the line, means that many British buyers are looking beyond short term currency fluctuations and pushing their pounds into properties in the Spanish sunshine. UK visitors to surged by over 30% in the year to March 2017, demonstrating that many are looking at investment in Spanish second homes over the longer term. The comparatively low cost of property in Spain also means that UK buyers can get more for their money when they invest abroad.”

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at Spanish property portal

For those seeking a purely financial investment, with no lifestyle benefits attached, the stability offered by buying in pounds is certainly a strong draw at present. The UK’s buy-to-let sector continues to perform well and the nation’s city centres look set to remain short of homes for many years, irrespective of Brexit.

“The UK’s decision to part ways with the EU does nothing to change the fundamentals of this country’s housing shortage. That shortage, along with a shift from ownership to renting, is driving demand for city centre homes like never before – and Brexit has done nothing to change that. Each year the UK falls further behind its target number of homes and until that alters, the logic of domestic buy-to-let investment is clear.”

Oliver Ramsden, Director of  Aspen Woolf

Ultimately, then, the decision on where to invest as the Brexit process unfolds will depend on the kind of benefits that individual property investors are seeking to get out of their investments, as well as how short or long term their outlook may be.


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Risk warning: Forward Rate Agreements, Options and CFDs (OTC Trading) are leveraged products that carry a substantial risk of loss up to your invested capital and may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure that you understand fully the risks involved and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Our group of companies through its subsidiaries is licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (Easy Forex Trading Ltd- CySEC, License Number 079/07), which has been passported in the European Union through the MiFID Directive and in Australia by ASIC (Easy Markets Pty Ltd -AFS license No. 246566).

US interest in Spanish property surges, while UK buyers keep calm and carry on

US interest in Spanish property surges, while UK buyers keep calm and carry on

  • US visitors to up 75% year on year
  • UK interest remains steady for now but will be hostage to Brexit negotiations
  • Chiclana De La Frontera races up ranks to become 9th most popular location

The official March report from has, as ever, revealed some interesting insights into the Spanish property market.

The portal received 65,473 property enquiries during the month, up 19.55% year on year, while visitor numbers reached 594,917, up 41.7%.

From this wealth of data, reports that UK buyers remain steadfast in their love for Spanish property, despite the triggering of Article 50 towards the end of March.

“With Prime Minister May emphasizing how slow the Brexit process is going to be, with the UK being hostage to the negotiation cycle, it seems that Brits are happy to take a ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach to buying homes in Spain. Interest has slowed, but is far from going into reverse – in fact, British visitors to have increased by 30.2% over the past year.”

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at Spanish property portal


While Theresa May seems to be keeping British buyers calm, President Trump’s countrymen seem to have found a fresh desire to pick up properties in Spain.

US visitors to have surged, up 75.3% year on year. US buyers are now firmly in the site’s top ten list of nationalities interested in buying in Spain, as life far away from Donald Trump’s America takes on added appeal.

Meanwhile, prices across Spain are growing steadily. The median asking price across’s 200,000+ listed properties now stands at €244,000, an increase of 5.9% over the past year.

“When it comes to location, Gran Canaria’s Playa Del Ingles has reclaimed the top spot, knocking Torrevieja down into second place once again. Other traditional favourites like Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife and Alicante continue to rank among the most popular destinations for those buying in Spain.”

Richard Speigal,


The biggest mover in terms of the top ten locations is Chiclana De La Frontera in Cadiz, which shot up six places to become the ninth most popular location in March.

With a rich history of sherry production (it’s just 40 km from the sherry heartland of Jerez De La Frontera), Chiclana offers visitors easy access to the ‘real Spain’ – away from the vast hordes of tourists flocking to the beaches of the southern coastline.

As well as its own architectural and culinary charms, the town offers easy access to Cadiz (for outstanding tapas and beautiful beaches), Gibraltar, Portugal and Morocco, all of which can be reached easily in under three hours, making Chiclana De La Frontera an excellent base for those wanting to use their base in Spain for exploring other locations.

As political instability continues to rock the foundations of both the UK and the US, it will be interesting to see how this is reflected in the Spanish property market. Home to the largest British expat population in Europe and to a somewhat smaller but still sizeable population of American expats (estimates put the figures at around 300,000 and 41,000 people respectively), Spain’s second home market stands to be singularly affected by political happenings in both countries. Needless to say, the folk at will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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Welcome to Albox – Spain’s Brexit-beating holiday home location for 2017

Welcome to Albox – Spain’s Brexit-beating holiday home location for 2017

  • Traditionally popular locations losing out to less developed towns like Albox
  • 3% of Brexit-conscious Brit buyers looking for sub-€50k homes
  • Property sales in Almeria have risen 93% since Brexit referendum
  • Apartments are property type of choice for value-focused buyers

Brexit-conscious British buyers took quite a while to let the impact of the referendum sink in, but the imminent triggering of Article 50 has finally shaken up their pursuit of Spanish property.

While no fundamental changes to property rights, obtaining mortgage credit or even inheritance tax are expected, there will be a degree of uncertainty over the coming months, and that’s making buyers more cautious. However, where there’s a threat, there’s also usually an opportunity.


“While traditional more established (and expensive) Spanish locations are beginning to feel the Brexit blues, buyers aren’t abandoning the country entirely. Instead, they’re looking for less developed areas, which is giving smaller towns an opportunity to shine.”

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at Spanish property portal


The province of Almeria is at the epicentre of the shift, with sales rising 93% in the post-Brexit period.

Prices across the province have lagged behind the rest of Spain, with an average value of €129,000 – almost half the national average. Prices are expected to rise following the post-Brexit spike in sales, but haven’t done so yet, creating an interesting opportunity for buyers with an eye on potential capital gains as well as a sun-kissed second home.

The addition of Almeria to Jet2’s summer 2017 flight schedule is also interesting news to those seeking an easily accessible, bargain holiday home with great potential for capital gain.

Within Almeria, the town of Albox is the one to watch, according to the experts at, which lists more than 200,000 properties each month.

Flanked by the Sierra de las Estancias and the Sierra de los Filabres mountain ranges, Albox benefits from being less than an hour’s drive from the coast and just over an hour from Almeria Airport. The town’s white-washed homes, pretty plazas and narrow streets boast plenty of the kind of authentic Spanish charm that many British buyers are seeking.


“Over 50’s British buyers may be sitting on huge equity thanks to rising UK house prices, but sterling’s fall has hit their budgets, which in turn has led to a hunt for value. As healthcare and pension arrangements aren’t guaranteed to remain the same after Brexit, retirees are holding back from blowing their budgets on huge villas in prime locations. Instead, apartments in less well known locations are coming to the fore. The Costa del Sol’s loss is Almeria’s gain.”

Richard Speigal,


The average property in Albox costs just €129,000 – the same as the provincial average, based on’s figures.

Those looking for a substantial project can pick up a townhouse ripe for pulling down and rebuilding for €9,000. A quirky, renovated four-bedroom home with a sunny roof terrace can be picked up for €39,950. Albox apartments are priced from €65,000, while buyers with €100,000 or more can enjoy a selection of spacious villas. Villas with their own pools start from €120,000.

Prices in Albox have risen by 2.2% in the last year. Meanwhile, buyer enquiries are running at four times the average for the site. In February alone, 17,000 people searched for property in the town, with British buyers topping the table when it came to the nationality of those looking at Albox homes.

The majority were bargain-hunting, with 62.3% looking for properties costing less than €50,000, and apartments being the first choice when it came to property type. A further 22.4% were looking to spend between €50,000 and €100,000. Just 14.7% of potential buyers were considering spending over €100,000, reflecting the Brexit-inspired push for bargain holiday homes.

While there’ll no doubt be plenty of vocal lobbying from Spanish property owners and expats once Brexit negotiations are underway, for now buyers are voting with their wallets, meaning that towns like Albox are emerging as 2017’s hottest Spanish holiday home destinations.

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How can agents get the most out of their property portal in 2017?

How can agents get the most out of their property portal in 2017?


·         62% of people factor in portal usage when selecting an agent (Harris Interactive)

·         Extra effort with images can generate 54% more leads (

·         55% of visitors spend under 15 seconds on the websites they visit (Chartbeat)

Property portals are big business. Research by Harris Interactive found that 47% of the UK population used a property search website in the year to April 2016. Not only that, but 62% reported that the portals on which an agent advertises would be a factor in their selection of an agent when selling or letting their home.

Clearly, agents who are smart in their use of property portals stand to gain a great deal of business, both from those selling and letting their properties and from those looking to buy. As such, Spanish property portal, which lists more than 200,000 properties each month, has analysed buyer enquiries in depth in order to produce a list of quick wins for agents using property portals in 2017. The site’s newly updated agent dashboard is transparency in action.’s Head of Research Richard Speigal comments,

“Agents who maximize their use of portals have a lot to gain. That maximization doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult – usually it just means adjusting a couple of procedures. For a small investment of time, the benefits can be huge.”

Top tips for getting the most out of your property portal from

1.       Presentation is key

According to Chartbeat, 55% of visitors spend under 15 seconds on the websites they visit. That’s not a lot of time for visitors to read detailed property descriptions! It will be a property’s images that initially capture a visitor’s attention, so agents should ensure that corners aren’t cut when it comes to photography. Quite simply, the best looking properties generate the most buyer enquiries.’s research has shown that agents who make the extra effort when it comes to imagery generate 54% more leads. That’s quite a result from paying a little extra attention to a few snaps!

2.       Use data to your advantage

Property portals have access to a vast amount of data – on popular locations, buyer trends, average prices and more. invites all agents who list properties on the portal to use that data freely. Head of Research Richard Speigal explains how this is beginning to change the conversation between vendors and agents,

“Transparent, data-based reporting has had some interesting results in Spain. Many Spanish vendors had a difficult time adjusting to the property crash. They became wedded to unrealistically high prices and this cluttered the market with unsellable property. This left agents with a tough dilemma – if they were too honest on (low) pricing, vendors simply went to other agents who were prepared to give a higher valuation. Alternatively, if they priced too high, they were stuck with a stagnant portfolio they couldn’t sell.

“Being able to quote’s numbers about what was selling, in which areas and at what price, meant that all parties could be better informed. This kept negotiations realistic.”

3.       Make conversation

Feedback from agents is an essential tool for operating a popular and easy-to-use property portal, according to the team at Agents who want to get the most out of their portal in 2017 should let the portal know if they encounter any snags when listing properties, or have ideas about how things could work faster. No portal wants to make it difficult for agents to list properties, so agents who raise ideas for improvements are valuable to those who run the portal. has incorporated user feedback into its newly launched agent interface. The results have been extremely well received thus far, with agents reacting positively to the changes.

4.       Be clear and concise

Remembering how little time agents have to capture viewers’ interest online, it’s essential to be clear and concise when listing a property’s details. A good approach is to try and include all the headline features in the first two or three sentences of the description. If those features are exciting enough, the visitor may well read on.

As’s Richard Speigal advises,

“If you have a villa that has a spa, a wine cellar or a cinema room, be sure to shout about it early on in the description. Don’t bury it at the end of the copy or you may well have missed your chance to excite the viewer with that piece of information. Remember, too, that writing for the web should always be in short paragraphs and that bullet points are your friend when it comes to online audiences.”

5.       Look at each listing with a buyer’s eyes

Finally, agents are advised to check over their listings with a buyer’s eyes. A surprising number of properties are not listed correctly when it comes to price, amenities, number of bedrooms, property type and so forth. If those details aren’t correct, fewer potential buyers will find that property online. Thus agents need to step into the buyer’s shoes and review their listings critically to ensure that every last detail is perfect.

For further details, visit

Spain rivals UK for property price growth

Spain rivals UK for property price growth

  • 5 Spanish provinces beating UK for property price growth (
  • Ibiza property prices up 27.2% in past year
  • Visits to up 42.3% in 12 months

Newly published data from Spanish property portal, has revealed that Spain is giving the UK a run for its money when it comes to property price growth.

Annual asking price growth reached 27.2% on Ibiza in the year to January 2017, with five other Spanish provinces comfortably outpacing price growth in the UK over the past year (which stood at 4.5% year-on year, as at December 2016, according to Nationwide).


 “The past year has seen 6.9% price growth across Spain as a whole, with a median asking price of €245,000. The market is returning to strength and we’ve seen a number of provinces rivalling the UK when it comes to price growth. That’s great news for those investing in property in Spain, as well as second home owners and retirees who are looking for a good opportunity for capital gain.”

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at

The five provinces enjoying higher annual price growth than the UK over the past year are Tenerife, Mallorca, Cadiz, Gran Canaria and Ibiza, with growth ranging from 8.0% in Tenerife to 27.2% in Ibiza.

That four of the top five destinations are island-based, while Cadiz enjoys a stunning coastal position on the mainland, shows that it’s not just financial benefits that buyers can enjoy.

The cheapest of the five provinces, in terms of average price, is Gran Canaria. Prices there have risen by 12.8% in the past 12 months, with an average price of €227,000. That’s enough for a light and spacious three-bed triplex in San Fernando, or a two-bedroom Playa De Cura apartment with pool and sea, mountain and golf views.

The most expensive of the provinces by far is Ibiza, with an average price of €1.15 million. That’s enough for a large, secluded villa with pool, chill-out area and fishpond. For those looking at Ibiza through entrepreneurial eyes, it’s also just the right amount for a three storey bar and restaurant with a large terrace overlooking the castle.

With annual price growth of 8.7%, Mallorca is the second most expensive of the five provinces. The average property price there is €491,000 – enough for an exclusive Santa Ponsa Nova apartment with an extensive terrace overlooking the pool and lush gardens.

As the only non-island province to enjoy UK-beating growth, Cadiz is generating excitement among buyers on the mainland. Prices there shot up by 8.9% in the last year, while the average price of €269,000 makes it much more affordable than some of its island counterparts. That’s enough an apartment with four bedrooms, an outdoor terrace and ocean views in an excellent location within this lively city.


“The competition’s really hotting up now, with the impact of Article 50 on the UK’s property market to be felt over the coming year, we expect to see more and more Spanish provinces outpacing the UK’s property price rises.”

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at


That fact is reflected in the huge growth in buyer demand that is experiencing. Property enquiries made through the site have risen by 36.07% in the past year, while overall visitor numbers are up by 42.32%.

Does this mean that UK buyers plan to abandon their own property market in favour of an Iberian one? Only time will tell.

For further details, visit

British love for Spanish islands on the up as Valentine’s Day approaches

British love for Spanish islands on the up as Valentine’s Day approaches

  • 60% of top trending locations based in the Canaries (
  • New ‘rising star’ locations reflect British hunt for value
  • Lliria, Oliva and Santa Pola all ready to boom this summer

Love is in the air across the UK as Valentine’s Day approaches, from couples opting for an evening out to families looking to fan their passion for holidays in the sunshine. And when it comes to second homes in Spain, British love for overseas property has rarely burned more strongly.

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at Spanish property portal, reveals,

“The Brexit referendum back in June seems to have started a snowball effect. Each month we’re seeing record-beating numbers of searches for second homes in Spain, with Brits eager to pick up bolt-holes within the confines of the EU.”

The latest data from (Jan 2017) reveals that enquiries into Spanish property are up by 36.07% year-on-year, while’s overall audience has grown by 42.32% over the same period. The most popular locations are Playa del Ingles, Torrevieja and Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico.

Island life is certainly drawing in plenty of enquiries, with six of the top ten most popular second home destinations located across the Canaries. However, buyers are still being cautious with their expenditure while facing the uncertainties that the Brexit process holds. Of the top ten locations, only two had an average price of more than €200,000.

The latest figures also reveal that buyers are increasingly falling in love with areas of Spain that are less well-known as second home hotspots.

Lliria and Oliva in Valencia, and Santa Pola in Alicante, were all new entrants into the top 20 most popular destinations, at positions 16, 19 and 17 respectively. The average price is €110,000 in Lliria, €130,000 in Oliva and €159,500 in Santa Pola, again emphasizing the push for reasonably priced properties in run up to Article 51 being triggered.

“The trend is becoming clearer as each month’s figures come in,” observes’s Richard Speigal. “Brits aren’t letting Brexit affect them in terms of their Spanish property ownership goals. In fact, more than ever seem to be falling for the sun-kissed lifestyle that Spain can offer. But that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking carefully about the future. Caution is very much the watch-word when it comes to Brits buying in Spain these days.

“The new entrants into the top 20 trending locations definitely reflect that. It means that Lliria, Oliva and Santa Pola are all names that are going to become increasingly familiar to Brits over the coming months.”

It’s easy to see why. An average-price, €110,000 property in Lliria is enough for a smartly decorated three-bedroom villa with its own pool, terrace and orchard complete with fruit trees. In Oliva, €130,000 is enough for a stylish second line beach apartment with sunny terrace, on a complex with pools for adults and children, garden areas and communal terraces.

Meanwhile in Santa Pola the average cost of €159,500 is sufficient for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment overlooking the sea with shared pool on a gated complex, with private solarium with barbecue and kitchen.

With properties and prices like these available, the British “Brexit, what Brexit?” attitude looks set to continue working wonders for the Spanish property market over the months ahead.

For further details, visit

Brits look to Spain to bag a bargain holiday home in 2017

Brits look to Spain to bag a bargain holiday home in 2017

  • 37% of Brits currently regretting their Christmas spending (Nationwide)
  • Bargain hunting particularly important to second home buyers in the New Year (
  • Playa del Ingles and Almeria named top destinations for making a saving (

According to Nationwide, 37% of Brits will currently be regretting the amount they have spent over Christmas, while 19% will still be paying off their festive spending in March. Across Europe, Christmas spending was projected to hit £77.56 billion in 2016, based on research by the Centre for Retail Research and RetailMeNot. Meanwhile, while in the US, Deloitte’s 2016 Holiday Survey predicted that spending would pass the $1 trillion mark.

Whatever the total cost of the holiday season, the early months of the New Year are certainly a time when bargain hunting becomes a priority for many. Whether it’s the weekly shop or something altogether larger – such as a holiday home overseas – achieving value for money in January and February is a serious business.

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at Spanish property portal, comments,

“Clearly, everyone who buys a second home wants that property to be good value, but at the start of the year we see a particular emphasis on bargain hunting. Buyers are looking for properties that offer something exceptional for the money. Price reductions, even small ones, can make for quick sales at this time of year, as buyers are keen to snap up homes that mean they can make a saving while still achieving their dream of owning abroad.”

Those looking for a bargain holiday home would do well to make use of’s extensive data on market trends to scour Spain for the best areas to pick up under-valued property. The portal offers a dedicated data site to enable this ( and also regularly reviews their latest search data for the most up and coming areas and those places where prices are lagging behind the national average.

Right now, Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria is the place to buy for those looking for an up and coming area. Enquiries for properties in the Canary Islands always rise in the winter months, but 2017 has seen Playa del Ingles knock Torrevieja off the top spot of’s trending locations list for the first time ever.

The average property price in Playa del Ingles is €165,000, against €249,000 nationally, making it ideal for bargain hunters looking for all the benefits of Spanish property ownership but without the usual price tag.

For buyers looking for an area lagging behind the rest of the market, Almeria province is an excellent choice. Prices there are currently averaging €129,000 – nearly half the national average.

Despite a spike in sales since the Brexit vote, prices in Almeria have yet to catch up to those in the rest of Spain, creating excellent potential for future capital gains. Mojacar (average property price €165,000), Albox (€126,000) and Palomares (€84,000) are the three top spots, according to’s data.

Of course, discounted properties can be found in many areas of Spain, by those who know where to look. This spacious, three-bedroom frontline beach penthouse in Estepona has been reduced by a staggering €250,000, to €999,000.

Buyers looking for something more traditional can enjoy a €20,000 discount on this five-bedroom cortijo with private pool and terraces, now just €130,000. Meanwhile golfers can take advantage of the €40,000 discount on this three-bedroom villa near La Marquesa, now priced at €159,000.

“Spain offers something for everyone when it comes to bargain hunting,” concludes’s Richard Speigal. “There are plenty of price reductions available to buyers right now and some fantastic areas that offer excellent potential. It’s a buyer’s market for Brits looking to pick up a bargain holiday home.”

For further details, visit

Playa Del Ingles knocks Torrevieja off the top spot

Playa Del Ingles knocks Torrevieja off the top spot

  • More second home buyers searching in Playa Del Ingles than Torrevieja (
  • Average property value sought in Gran Canaria hotspot, Playa Del Ingles, is €165k
  • Torrevieja remains firm favourite with buyers on a budget

New data from innovative Spanish property portal has revealed that Playa Del Ingles has knocked Torrevieja off the top spot of trending location searches for the first time ever.

Figures from the past month show that more buyers are searching for properties in the stunning Gran Canaria location than in the traditional favourite within Alicante province.

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at, comments,

“Torrevieja is such a renowned hotspot and so popular with buyers of overseas property that we were surprised to see it had lost its crown to Playa Del Ingles. While both destinations are incredibly popular with those seeking sun, sand and good value homes, it’s the first time that our monthly search data has shown Playa Del Ingles to be the favourite.”

Buyers are searching for properties with an average value of €165,000 in Playa Del Ingles, which is sufficient for a two-bedroom apartment in a good location, with either sea views or a pool.

However, those still opting for Torrevieja are on something of a tighter budget, with the figures revealing an average search price of €116,000. That’s enough for a two to three-bedroom apartment with sea views, or even a three-bedroom villa with pool for those happy to live on the outskirts of town.

So, has Playa Del Ingles knocked Torrevieja off the top spot for good?

Unlikely, believes’s Richard Speigal. “Torrevieja has all the elements that make up the perfect Spanish holiday home destination,” he explains. “Playa Del Ingles does too, with both destinations boasting stunning coastline, fantastic food, a welcoming community and great weather. However, Torrevieja has the added advantage that buyers can get more for their money. Ultimately I believe that’s what will push Torrevieja back to the top spot before long.”

For further details, visit

Think big – make your New Year’s resolutions to buy a holiday home in 2017!

Think big – make your New Year’s resolutions to buy a holiday home in 2017!

Spain United Kingdom World , , ,
  • Political and economic volatility to create big opportunities in 2017 (easyMarkets)
  • Emphasis on quality of life will be key this year (
  • Sun-kissed Spanish holiday homes available from just €190k (Taylor Wimpey España)
  • Achieve second home serenity through interior design in 2017 (Alexander James)

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat more healthily and drink less are all well and good, but they’re hardly likely to get 2017 off to an exciting start. So ditch the traditional resolutions to enjoy life less and instead resolve to enjoy it more – by buying a holiday home!

Evdokia Pitsillidou, Director of Risk Management at pioneering forex and CFD broker easyMarkets, explains,

“In many ways – certainly politically – the world was turned on its head in 2016. Thus many people are entering 2017 with a new mindset and looking at the way they live and their personal finances in a new light. Political and economic volatility may lead to big shifts in currency values and investors playing the markets successfully may consider putting their profits into property this year.”

Richard Speigal, Head of Research at leading Spanish property portal, agrees,

“I think we’re going to see a lot of emphasis on enhancing quality of life in 2017. Certainly our own data has shown that since the Brexit vote British buyers are looking more intensively than ever at the possibilities that a second home in Spain opens up. Sterling’s drop has made them seek out cheaper destinations – Almeria and Alicante are the big winners so far – but we’re experiencing a record level of interest in Spanish property that we expect to continue throughout the year.”

The prices offered by the Spanish property market (as well as Spain’s fabulous climate, excellent cuisine, stunning golf courses and superb beaches), means that British buyers can pick up good value property, even once the drop in sterling has been taken into account.

Leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, for example, is selling spacious two and three bedroom apartments with generous terraces at La Floresta Sur (close to Marbella), from as little as €190,000+VAT. As well as the development’s two large shared pools, owners can enjoy free access to the facilities of El Soto Golf Club. Each apartment comes fully fitted with white goods and with private parking.

But an overseas holiday home isn’t the only option for those looking to buy in 2017. Robert Walker, Managing Director of Alexander James Interior Design, explains,

“We’re seeing a big trend for staycations at the moment and many holiday home buyers are looking at what they can pick up in the UK, rather than overseas. Jumping in the car and driving to your holiday home whenever the mood suits you is far less hassle than having to plan ahead and book a plane and the money you save on flights can be spent on the property itself.”

Using interior design architects to create a serene, harmonious environment within a holiday home is money well spent. The desire for relaxation is a key driver for many second home owners and with the right interior design service, the feeling of calm and peace as you walk through the front door can be almost palpable. Compare that to the stress of dealing with airports, flights, hire cars and the other trappings of a second home overseas and the attractions of owning a holiday home within the UK are clear.

If you still haven’t decided on how to improve your life in 2017, make buying a holiday home your goal this year!

For more information, please contact:

easyMarkets: +44 203 1500 748 or


Taylor Wimpey España: 08000 121 020 (00 34 971 706 972 from outside of the UK) or

Alexander James Interior Design: 020 7887 7604 or

5 fitness-friendly homes to kick start your New Year’s resolution

5 fitness-friendly homes to kick start your New Year’s resolution

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2017 is here and it’s time to put those New Year’s resolutions into action. And as with every other January, many of us have pledged to get fit and healthy this year.

From student digs to million pound pads, and the very best interior design to entice you to exercise, an on-site gym is the must have motivation for 2017 in order to stick to that new fitness regime!

Here are 5 of the best homes here and abroad with on-site gyms and sporting facilities:


  1. Hoola, Royal Docks, London

Available from £450,000, the Hoola studio, two, and three-bedroom apartments, boasting stunning glass balconies as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, benefit from a range of onsite facilities including a gym, resident’s business lounge and concierge.

A spectacular garden is available to all residents with soft and hard landscaping that includes semi-miniature trees and dramatic water features making it the ideal home to hit the gym before or after work then relax and rejuvenate in the stunning gardens.

  1. Fusion Tower, Bristol

Providing exceptional student accommodation, Fusion Tower enjoys an incredible location within Bristol’s city centre. Offering elegant and innovative student apartments, Fusion Tower has been designed by a team of leading architects, interior and graphic designers.

On-site facilities include a private gym which provides Bootcamp, Dance and spinning classes to make sure that students are kept on track with for fitness goals, all included in the £134 per week rate.


  1. Whitelands, St Georges Hill, Surrey

The award-winning Alexander James Interior Design architecture team redesigned the basement of this stunning 6 bed, 5 bath property to appeal to any fitness fan.

The grand 14,500 sq ft property, located on one of Surrey’s most premier private estates benefits from a hydraulic swimming pool, dedicated vitality spa and gymnasium designed and dressed by Alexander James Interior Design.

And for those that want to take their training on vacation, homes in Spain with outdoor and indoor fitness activities can help ease the January blues.


  1. Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain

This stunning unique 10-bedroom villa located within the super exclusive gated community of La Zagaleta on the Costa del Sol features a fabulous spa on the ground floor with saltwater swimming pool and choice of saunas (classic, steam bath, salt bath, caldarium), all with access to a large covered terrace and Jacuzzi. The second floor also houses a separate gym for those who want a more intense, private workout.


  1. Horizon Golf, Mijas, Costa del Sol, Spain

As well as the three 18-hole golf courses, hydrotherapy centre and spa on site, the exclusive apartments of Horizon Golf also enjoy access to the golf school (La Cala Golf Academy) and an array of sports facilities including two running circuits and specialised trainers on hand to improve technique.

From just €270,000 +VAT for an apartment, residents of these exclusive properties will enjoy breathtaking view of the prestigious golf course and the Costa del Sol’s sun kissed coastline, spacious terraces perfect for al fresco dining and the convenience of a private garage space.


For more information, please contact:

  1. Hoola, London: Properties of the World: or call +44 20 7624 5555
  2. Fusion Tower, Bristol: Collegiate AC: or call 01235 250 140
  3. Whitelands, Surrey: Alexander James Interior Design: or call 020 7887 7604
  4. La Zagaleta villa, Spain: visit
  5. Horizon Golf, Spain: Taylor Wimpey España: 08000 121 020, +34 971 706 972 or