High-tech holiday homes, at your command from 2,000 miles away!

High-tech holiday homes, at your command from 2,000 miles away!

  • 28% of people would find a property with connected technology more desirable (Barclays Mortgages ‘Digital Homes Report’)
  • Solar panels rated top smart aspect for buyers of new homes (Barclays Mortgages ‘Digital Homes Report’)
  • Oceanic Bayview Villas in Istanbul the first technological eco home in Istanbul (Universal21)

The modern age could be said to be defined by connectivity: social media has made a multitude of interactions commonplace, Wi-Fi in public places is becoming increasingly the norm, Google is now the go-to for providing the answer to any debate. And this connectedness is now extending its reach to the modern day home.

The newly released Barclays Mortgages ‘Digital Homes Report’, produced in partnership with YouGov, has revealed that 28% of people would find a property more desirable if it had connected technology, with 41% stating that they already in fact have what could be described as such in their current property. In fact for today’s owners, the ability to control their heating via a smart thermostat was their top want of the moment, with 23% stating this.

Looking to 2016 and beyond, it seems therefore, that the technological ‘smart’ home is the house of the future, with the Digital Homes Report showing that for those searching for their next property, solar panels would sway their decision to the largest extent (for some 31%), tying together the technological and green concepts, followed by fibre optic broadband in second place with 21% and a smart security alarm in third position with 19% of votes.

This approach to the latest cutting-edge homes does not end with UK homes, however. In fact, some overseas locations can be seen to be paving the way in this field with their contemporary method of housebuilding. Adil Yaman, Director of Universal21, the largest management company in Istanbul, explains more,

“It is easy to assume that the US or the UK are the only nations to be paving the way in the development of the technological homes of the future, but Turkey, and the cultural melting pot that is Istanbul in particular, is also surging ahead on this front. Utilising features such as systems to control heating, lighting and music at the touch of a button, this type of property makes modern living easy and seamless.

“This is especially useful for those who are buying a holiday home overseas, as the new technology means that the integrated home systems can be controlled remotely, even when the property is vacant. This really is the future for modern-day properties and for those designs at the cutting edge today, the future is now!”

One such project that is at the forefront of the ‘smart’ holiday home is Universal21’s Oceanic Bayview Villas. With 66% of those surveyed by the Digital Homes Report confirming that they would like to have smart technology installed by someone else in their property, to save having to do it themselves, this cutting-edge design comes ready-smart.

This four to seven bedroom villa design features intelligent, automation systems to command every device in the home using an iPad, iPhone or the internet. This means that one button can control the lights both inside the house and garden, room and flooring temperatures, music system and even curtains, amongst other features. The property also incorporates a multitude of eco features – from recycling rainwater from the concave roofs, using three solar panels and wind turbines to generate power (saving between 30-60% on annual electricity consumption), special profile panoramic windows, heat pumps, LED lighting, and heat and water insulation – meaning that it is the first of its kind in the city.

Situated in Alkent, an area on the outskirts of Istanbul bristling with luxury developments, Oceanic Bayview Villas are just 20 minutes from Ataturk International Airport and five minutes from Buyukcekmece Marina.

Built across three floors, the villa also features a beautifully-designed mezzanine over the main lounge which overlooks the lake through large panoramic windows, providing an impressive sense of space, a games/cinema room, Jacuzzi room and servant quarters, whilst being surrounded by a large garden, private swimming pool and triple garage. There is also a magnificent clubhouse close-by that boasts additional facilities including sauna, fitness, steam baths and a large outdoor pool. Villas are available from $1,595,000.

For more information, contact Universal21 on 0203 287 8700 or visit www.universal21.com