History in the making: Albania revealed as archaeological haven

History in the making: Albania revealed as archaeological haven

  • Tourists wish to visit sites of historical significance to truly experience the past (Trafalgar Travel)
  • Albania home to many of Europe’s best archaeological sites, including the Roman amphitheatre in Durrës and Krujë Castle
  • Carolyn Perry purchases beachside apartment in Lalzit Bay as a base for Albanian archaeological studies

When asked what travel trends are expected to flourish in 2015, Julie Brooker, Sales Director of Trafalgar Travel advised, “there is a definite link between travel and history and the desire to explore this link is an emerging trend in the travel industry.” And one country, still considered uncharted land as far as mass tourism is concerned, is being revealed as a hidden treasure in relation to its fascinating history and the relics that have been left behind to be discovered: Albania.

The Balkan nation is home to some of the best well preserved, archaeological sites in Europe with a host of Classical cities that were once equal to those in Italy and Greece. As Brooker continues, today’s tourists “are no longer content with merely learning about historical periods through books and documentaries; people want to visit battlefields and sites of historical significance so they can truly feel a part of history” and Albania can certainly offer just that.

Carolyn Perry, from London, is one traveller whose love for Albania led to purchasing a 2 bedroom apartment at the stunning Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa not just as a holiday home, but also as a base for her Albanian archaeological studies. Having taken cultural heritage tours to a range of different places, Carolyn first visited Albania in 2007 and was smitten. Now a frequent visitor, Carolyn explains what first attracted her to Albania and why Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa was the perfect fit,

“For me Albania has everything, beautiful scenery, lots of really interesting historical sites, friendly locals, good food and wine and lovely weather. I had been looking to buy a property in Albania for quite a few years and needed a resort that was near to the airport so that I can spend long weekends there without spending too much time travelling. It was also important to me to have a property within a resort so that the maintenance will be taken care of, and I feel confident that this will be the case with Lalzit Bay.”

Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa is the country’s first luxury resort and situated on the beautiful Adriatic coastline less than an hour away from many of Albania’s historic gems, including the Roman amphitheatre in Durrës and Krujë Castle. Durrës Roman Amphitheatre was built in the second century BC and is said to be the largest structure of its kind on the Balkans peninsular, seating approximately 20,000 people. Krujë Castle is an iconic building and a great source of national pride, appearing on one of the country’s banknotes.

Peter Walshe, Sales & Marketing Director of Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa, comments,

“Those who have visited Albania have found a country with a rich history and culture just waiting to be explored. As overseas interest in its history continues to rise, so too does the latest tourist trend to witness fascinating discoveries from the past allowing Albania to emerge as a new hotspot for archaeological travel.”

Having experienced all that Albania has to offer, Carolyn is confident that other travellers will soon follow suit and begin exploring this beautiful country for themselves. She adds,

“Most people in the UK know very little about Albania, and some have quite negative ideas about it. However, that is going to change, and it won’t be long before the country’s tourism becomes more developed. I’m glad to get to know Albania at this time when it is still largely ‘unspoilt’ with miles of clean and quiet beaches, archaeological sites that aren’t overrun by coach tours, and rugged mountain landscapes.

“Development will of course be good for the country, and a source of vital income, but it is lovely to visit Albania now, before mass tourism takes over. I’ve taken lots of tour groups to Albania and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I am finding that people are now making return visits, a sure sign of satisfaction!”

The beautiful beachfront Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa comprises of one and two bedroom apartments and three and four bedroom villas, as well as a select number of five and six luxury freehold villas. Apartments are well designed and generously proportioned, while the villas are the height of luxury, each benefitting from the option of a private pool, with prices ranging from €50,000 for apartments and from €180,000 for villas.

The resort also boasts an assortment of 5-star amenities including a beach club, tennis courts and a range of shops and eating and drinking facilities, alongside a 24 hour on-call medical service onsite and 24/7 security presence.

For more information, contact Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa on +44 845 125 8600 or visit www.lalzitbay.com