The UK’s most instagrammable student accommodation

The UK’s most instagrammable student accommodation

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When it comes to top-end student homes, the demand for purpose built student accommodation (PSBA) is rising according to recent Knight Frank report.

Providers of luxury student residences, Fusion Students is reporting record levels of demand for their next level accommodation and despite A-level results day still being weeks away, Bristol’s design-led Fusion Tower has been 100% fully booked since June for the 2017/18 academic year.

There are various factors at play to explain its success but it turns out social shareability is a very valuable currency for students when choosing their university home.


Anabel Oneiro, head of Fusion Student’s interior design team, Stride Trewglown, took time to share why she believes the company’s sites in Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle and Cardiff are the UK’s most instagrammable places to live for students.


How have the demands on design within the PBSA sector changed in recent years?

The sector has changed dramatically. We have seen an evolution of the type of accommodation offer; not only in room types moving predominantly to studio – that we believe are now becoming situated in a majority of the markets – but also in terms of the common area provision.

This has come on incredibly in the last 3 years. We have provided everything from bookable dining rooms to swimming pools and everything in between. The student population has a lot of choice and all developers demand their own USPs.


What is your vision for the Fusion Students’ sites?

This is really a collaborative effort between Stride Treglown and Fusion Students. It very often starts with a sharing of unique spaces that we have seen or visited. Each project is different and requires a different mix of ideas. Generally speaking, the Fusion brand is unique in both its style and approach to student facilities – providing a strong identity and quality interior coupled with generous and desirable amenity space.


What makes them stand out in terms of design from other PBSA sites in the UK?

Fusion really value the aesthetic quality of their sites and understand that students are living there for one year, maybe longer, and the properties need to respond to their needs.


There is a growing trend of making space “instagrammable”, can you talk me through how the Fusion spaces are “instagrammable”?

It’s something that we spend a lot of time on – it’s really about providing an opportunity for students to share their experiences on social media taking a selfie with a neon Alice in Wonderland sign, as in our Eclipse site in Cardiff, will make your friends smile…especially if your name is Alice or like wearing stripy socks!

It’s a talking point and helps get people conversing about where they live, in a new city where you are just getting to know people, that’s important. Getting more social media coverage should be high on everybody’s radar – today is all about sharing the experience on your surroundings with others that aren’t there.


How do you design the spaces with today’s students in mind?

The student population has evolved from generation X, Y and now Z. Today students have grown up with the internet as part of their lives. Decisions are made instantly based on image and key facts which is why design is so critical.

The mix of international students has steadily increased and their needs are different from UK students but equally as important. The social aspect of student life has also changed and study is more important than ever with increasing tuition fees and pressure to achieve.


What impact do you feel the design of the Fusion sites has on the residents and their ability to study at university?

There is a greater emphasis on study and we are responding to that by providing bookable study rooms, group and individual study areas and opportunities for spaces to be used by third parties, university or corporate partners. Education, living and employment are all converging under one umbrella not only in accommodation but also in the other sectors – It’s quite an exciting time.



For more information on Fusion Students please visit or to book a room at Fusion Tower, Eclipse in Cardiff, Nova in Nottingham or Plummer House in Newcastle, contact Collegiate on +44 1235 250 140 or visit


Bristol luxury student accommodation 100% booked for 2017/18 academic year before A-level results are even out!

Bristol luxury student accommodation 100% booked for 2017/18 academic year before A-level results are even out!

United Kingdom ,
  • Rents rising across 95% of UK student accommodation sector (Knight Frank)
  • Supply of top end accommodation struggling to keep up with demand (Collegiate AC)
  • Bristol students representative of UK-wide trend of spiralling demand (Fusion Students)

Providers of extraordinary residences, Fusion Students is reporting record levels of demand for top-end student accommodation in Bristol for the 2017/18 academic year.

The luxurious, design-led Fusion Tower, which has 483 beds,  has been 100% booked since June for the coming academic year, despite A-level results day still weeks away.

The demand comes at a time of rising rents across 95% of the UK student accommodation sector, according to Knight Frank’s Student Property Index.



“Demand for accommodation in Bristol for the 2017/18 academic year really has been exceptional. Many students plan to secure their accommodation over the summer holiday period, but it seems that the appeal of the high-end market in Bristol has become so well known that more and more students this year have felt the need to ‘get in early’ to secure the best digs.”


Warren Rosenberg, Co-Founder, Fusion Students


Opened just a year ago in July 2016, Fusion Tower offers premium accommodation to almost 500 students. The sleek, spacious studio apartments are backed up by a host of luxury facilities including a private gym, gaming rooms, in-house cinema, open study rooms and pioneering social spaces. All in the heart of Bristol city centre.


It is this overall lifestyle that contemporary students are buying into. They are seeking out the full experience of university and looking to be at the heart of the action in their chosen city, all based in accommodation that is increasingly spacious and fully featured.

Knight Frank’s research shows that rents for en-suite student accommodation are rising faster than for all other types, up 2.75% for the coming academic year.

“Student accommodation used to be about having somewhere to rest your head and little more. The difference nowadays couldn’t be starker. Students want homes where they can relax and enjoy spending time, with the space and facilities to cook and entertain when they feel like it. They are also seeking out luxury touches like on-site cinemas and gyms, all within the building for ultimate ease of accessibility. It’s about making every moment of the university experience count.”


Adam Horwood, Head of Marketing, Fusion Students


Spain remains top choice for British retirees as population doubles

Spain remains top choice for British retirees as population doubles

  • Nearly half of British residents living in Spain are retired (ONS)
  • The number of British retirees living in Spain has doubled in 10 years (ONS)
  • 2017 set to be 5th consecutive record-breaking year for Spain’s tourism industry (INE)

New ONS data suggests that Brexit has not diminished the overseas retirement dream of British citizens.

Spain was home to 296,600 British citizens in 2016, with almost half (40%) of retirement age. In the last ten years, the number of those aged 65 and over has jumped from 56,291 in 2006 to 121,181 British residents in 2016.

With the older generation eager to while away their golden years in the sun, it is no surprise that Spain is so popular with retirees. As it is easily reachable, the tourism industry in Spain is thriving: the Frontier Tourism Survey from the National Institute of Statistics highlights that 2017 is set to be the fifth year of historical highs for Spain’s tourism industry. Since flight companies announce regularly new routes to Spain, its easy access makes it appealing for retirees. According to ONS figures, in 2016 643,000 visits were made to see family or friends.

“Here at Taylor Wimpey Spain we welcome the release of this new data by the ONS as it confirms the picture we are seeing here on the ground that Spain remains a top choice for Britons relocating with almost 300,000 British citizens calling Spain home.

“When it comes to who is moving and living in Spain, over the last decade we have witnessed the marked growth of those of retirement age choosing to relocate. We now receive more the double the number of enquiries from this demographic than we did 10 years ago, a trend which the ONS data also reflects.  ”

Marc Pritchard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Taylor Wimpey España

The prospect of retiring to the playas of Spain has always been attractive to British citizens. In terms of location, Spanish leading homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España notes that the coastal province of Malaga on the Costa del Sol is the most popular location for older buyers: 50% of totals sales come from British buyers.

Taylor Wimpey España offers a range of properties suitable for those in their ‘third age’.

New terraced homes at Horizon Golf enjoy a stunning location in the beautiful Valley of Mijas. Priced from €280,000 + VAT for an apartment and from €399,000 + VAT for a penthouse, the private gated development offer homes that have 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. They all boast panoramic views over the complex’s famous Campo Asia golf course and La Cala de Mijas.

La Cala Golf Resort, where Horizon Golf is placed, is a residential area with golf, restaurants, SPA, hotel, good communications to airport, etc… perfect environment to retired people.

Malaga’s international airport is only 30 minutes away and all properties benefit from a hydrotherapy center and spa, a golf school, as well as 24-hour security, the communal gardens and swimming pool.

For more information please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit for more information. If you reside outside of the UK you will need to call 00 34 971 706 244.  

The importance of being Ernest: New Durham student accommodation takes designer digs to the next level

The importance of being Ernest: New Durham student accommodation takes designer digs to the next level

United Kingdom ,


  • First Collegiate AC Prestige Collection site due to open in September
  • Durham students offered a sauna, Sky Lounge and rooftop bar
  • Collegiate seeking to set new standards in student accommodation

Durham’s Ernest Place is set to open this September, revealing premium, design-led accommodation for the city’s students.

Sleek yet bold, the latest offering from student accommodation and lifestyle provide Collegiate AC is guaranteed to turn a few heads.


“Ernest Place is the first site in our Prestige Collection. We’re already known for our superb features and outstanding design, so this development really had to take that to the next level. The result is an incredibly luxurious site with a sophisticated scheme and some bold elements for added surprise.”


Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC


Cuanalo, together with his expert interior design team, took time out from his busy schedule to share his insights into what is likely to be one of the most sought-after places to live in Durham.


How does this new site differ from other sites in Durham? What sets it apart?

As the first Collegiate AC Prestige site, we knew that Ernest Place had to stand out not just from student accommodation in Durham but from sites across the UK. We’ve packed the site with first-class features: students can benefit from private dinner party rooms, an on-site cinema, a sauna, study zones, a private fitness centre and two big lounges, one of which is the glass-walled Sky Lounge with roof terrace on the top floor.


Can you explain how the bedrooms are tailor made for students from a design point of view?

We used bespoke furniture to fit in the room, so that there is no wasted space. All items are tailored to suit students’ needs – we sought to provide a place where they can rest, work, socialize, cook, eat, and entertain themselves. The en-suite shower rooms, flat screen TVs, double beds and overall luxurious finish also serve to make this scheme unique.


What are the storage solutions used in the bedrooms?

We’ve implemented various storage solutions to suit students’ different needs. There are shelving units and drawers in the bedrooms, both wall hung and integrated in fitted furniture. These come in several sizes, to house different types of items. We also made space for a double wardrobe, extra storage underneath the bed and kitchen units in the studio apartments.


How are the in-bedroom work areas designed?

We’ve tended to opt for spacious desks with integrated storage, as well as the ubiquitous Collegiate oversized pin board!


The Sky Lounge is an incredible communal space; can you talk us through the vision here and how you achieved it?

The Sky Lounge is a place where students can chill out during the day and especially in the evening, inviting friends and partying if the mood takes them. There is a massive bar, which we highlighted with bespoke brass light fittings above. We also played with a mix of loose and fixed furniture, a semi-private dining area and see-through screens at the back of the bar, which is in the middle of the room. The colour scheme is dark and moody, offering a contrast to the residents’ lounge on the ground floor, which has more of a daytime, welcoming feeling.


The external terrace area will be great for students. How have you designed it to be attractive and functional yet weather resistant and durable?

It was certainly a challenge! In the end went with the concept of an outdoor bar, so that the space is durable and practical. We then introduced fixed lighting on the floor and decorative elements to create the right mood.


Can you talk us through the design of the communal kitchens?

We wanted the communal kitchens to be similar to the ones the students have in their own studios, so that they can still feel at home. At the same time, we wanted to give them something different, so we played with finishes and colours to create new and exciting elements.


The common room looks like a warm and welcoming space; can you share how you achieved this look and feel?

We wanted to create a really homely and cost space, so we used warm colours, with plenty of timber and warm metals like brass and copper. We also had fun playing with textures and materials and mixing loose and fixed seating to create a room that has really broad appeal. Our goal was to provide a space where everyone can feel welcome and relaxed.



Ernest Place will be welcoming the first student residents this September so for more information and booking, contact Collegiate on +44 1235 250 140 or visit

Spanish tourism sector heats up as Brits head to Spain for summer

Spanish tourism sector heats up as Brits head to Spain for summer

Spain ,


  • Experts foresee another record year for Spain’s tourisms industry. (INE)
  • 23% of British homebuyers are accelerating purchases in Spain. (BNP Paribas)
  • Spain is home to the largest numbers of British outside the UK in the EU (ONS)


Spain has enjoyed four consecutive years of record-breaking numbers of foreign tourists and 2017 is set to be the fifth year of historical highs.

The Iberian nation has already welcomed 20 million visitors so far this year (Jan – April 2017), an increase of 11.6% over the same period last year according to the Frontier Tourism Survey from the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Accounting for almost a quarter of those who have visited Spanish shores this year are Brits – 4.3 million, up 9.6% from the previous year with the latest figures by BNP Paribas International also highlighting the British mania for Spain with 23% of UK property buyers planning to accelerate their purchases in Spain.


Indeed, Spain has been for many decades the number one choice for Brits to buy a holiday home overseas. ONS data released earlier this month revealed that Spain is home to 296,000 British citizens, the largest number of Brits residing outside the UK in Europe. And if this year’s tourism figures are anything to go by, not even Brexit will dampen the British love of sun, sea, sand and Sangria in Spain!

“Whilst no one knows quite what the eventual Brexit agreement will look like, it’s clear by the publication of this data that the 300,000 British citizens living in Spain are being considered, as indeed are the 116,000 Spanish citizens living in the UK. And having been operational in Spain since 1958, we at Taylor Wimpey Spain remain at the disposal for any Brits looking to make Spain their home.”


Marc Pritchard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Taylor Wimpey España


Early figures from leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España confirm that the outlook for buying a property in Spain in 2017 remains positive.

“We made significant progress in the Spanish market last year by delivering a double operating profit to a massive of £20.6 million for 2016 and by completing 304 homes. The first half of the year has been extremely encouraging and with demand set to rise further throughout summer 2017, our outlook for the year is extremely positive.”

Marc Pritchard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Taylor Wimpey España

Perfectly timed to meet this steady recovery of the second homes market and increasing number of British visitors, Taylor Wimpey España has recently completed the completion of brand new apartments to enjoy this summer.

The new Marina Golf residential complex is located next to the Santa Ponsa III Golf Club on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Prices start from just €590,000 + VAT and every townhouse has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with air conditioning, under floor heating in the bathrooms, double-glazing, a security door, TV aerial and satellite dish.

All the homes enjoy views over the golf course and a large communal garden where buyers can spend sunny Mallorca days and warm Mediterranean evenings.

For more information please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit for more information. If you reside outside of the UK you will need to call 00 34 971 706 244.  


Purrrrrrfect lets for pets in London just a click (of the mouse) away

Purrrrrrfect lets for pets in London just a click (of the mouse) away

United Kingdom ,
  • 4% of landlords exclude pet-owning tenants from their properties (HomeLet)
  • Pet owners take 7 times longer to find accommodation than non-pet owners (The Dogs Trust)
  • Be:here Hayes offers pet-friendly apartments

Millions of people rent privately and as many as one in four households will be renting by 2021.  But selecting the right home for all the family, Fluffy and Fido included, can be challenging.

Results from a recent survey conducted by HomeLet indicate that over half of landlords (57.4%) would not consider renting to a tenant who had a pet, forcing many tenants to choose between the home they want and leaving behind their furry friends.  


Indeed, the proposed Tenant’s Fees Bill could also leave pets out in the cold as landlords who do accept pet-owning renters often demand higher deposits to cover any potential damage. The proposed legislation, – which is due to be implemented in spring 2018 – will prevent them from doing this.

However, all is not lost. The Build-to-Rent sector is coming to the aid of pets and their owners. Developers such as Be Living Ltd strive to accommodate the tenants of today – Fluffy, Fido and other animal friends included.

Be is well ahead of the game, offering pet-friendly tenancies at their new be:here Hayes development in west London.

The scheme is part of the wider redevelopment of the Old Vinyl Factory and just 300 yards (3 minutes’ walk) from a Hayes & Harlington station, with Crossrail services due to launch in 2019. Units are available from £1,150 pcm for 1-beds and £1,415 for 2-beds all with either a garden, terrace or balcony.

Of course, it’s not just dogs and cats – any small household pets are welcome. The central courtyard at the development is even planted with a catnip.

“To make sure we offer apartments that meet everyone’s needs, we have designated several specific apartments as pet-friendly. Some of our pet-friendly apartments have large, private and secure gardens perfect for furry friends to run around – that’s pretty unique in apartment living, especially in London. We try to help our four-legged residents adjust to their new homes by giving them special attention (and even some tasty treats) on move-in day.”

Layla Kausar, Property Manager – be:here Hayes


IMG-20170619-WA0003By making room for Fluffy and Fido, be:here Hayes makes the search for good rental accommodation less time consuming and stressful for pet owners, who usually take up to seven times longer to rent a home, according to The Dogs Trust charity.

Saheer Cassim, who recently moved at be:here Hayes testifies: “My partner and I were looking for a new accommodation because my last apartment was very small. The experience was extremely difficult. We tried everything but the problem was always the same: my dog. I have had Coko for ten years: leaving him was not even an option.”

Welcoming pets at be:here Hayes is part of building great new communities – this idea appealed to Saheer and many other tenants.

“After a landlord voluntarily gave me back only half of my deposit because of my dog, I was completely desperate! Be:here was a blessing : not only are they welcoming pets but their apartments were affordable and very accommodating. Renting at be:here Hayes with my dog makes me feel like I own the place.”



For more information please contact be:here Hayes on 0203 845 4796 or visit


Stamp duty free UK hotel room investments heat up as summer staycations soar

Stamp duty free UK hotel room investments heat up as summer staycations soar

United Kingdom
  • 55% of British adults will opt for staycation this summer (Travelodge)
  • UK tourism thrives with overseas visitors on the rise (ONS)
  • UK named top European target for hotel investment (CBRE)
  • Hotel room investments exempt from stamp duty tax (Properties of the World)

It’s fair to say that Brits are getting less for their money abroad as an enduring weak pound draws more and more to ‘staycation’ this summer.

Travelodge reports that 55% of British nationals are expected to spend their holiday in the UK this summer with ‘staycationing’ thriving as sterling continues to bear the brunt of economic uncertainty at home.

Alongside the increase in staycations from domestic tourists, ONS reports a spike in overseas residents coming to the UK for a holiday, with an increase of 19% when compared with April 2016. The hottest June on record and the drop in sterling has boosted demand from overseas visitors.

“It is very encouraging to see the continued growth of the UK tourism industry from both British nationals and overseas visitors especially as we are heading into the peak summer season where coastal resorts are gearing up for a very busy period. With increasing demand for UK holidays, now is the perfect time to branch out and make a hotel property investment and Devon is the perfect place for it.”

Jean Liggett, CEO, Properties of the World


Indeed, this dynamic growth in the UK tourism industry is also set to yield the investment potential of UK hotels.

Investors have named the UK as the top target for European hotel investment in 2017, according to a survey by CBRE. And as investment in traditional holiday homes wobbles due to recent stamp duty changes, hotel room investment offers an attractive alternative to buy-to-let property.


“One of the main appeals of hotel room investment is that stamp duty is not payable, potentially saving owners thousands of pounds. Owners can still enjoy personal usage of their hotel room but they will also receive regular income without hefty upfront taxation and management costs.”

Jean Liggett, CEO, Properties of the World


The opportunity to make a hotel room investment has reached the hugely popular holiday shores of Devon, crowned by Travelodge as the favourite staycation destination for 2017, with 4* hotels such as Atlantic Bay.


Comprising 96 bedrooms, not only will Atlantic Bay be prominently positioned above Woolacombe beach – ranked in the top 10 seaside towns with the highest property values according to Zoopla – but it will also offer sea view across the Atlantic Ocean.

Investment in rooms at the coastal hotel is from £85,000 with 14 days personal usage per annum and returns of 10% for 10 years. The hotel will also boast a lounge area, large conference room, swimming pool, fitness suite and cocktail lounge bar – ideal for the growing number of visitors to this hugely popular resort.


For more information, visit or call +44 (0)20 7624 5555. 


Vamos a España ! : Avec Taylor Wimpey España acheter une résidence secondaire est un rêve accessible

Vamos a España ! : Avec Taylor Wimpey España acheter une résidence secondaire est un rêve accessible

France Spain ,
Qui n’a pas rêvé un jour de posséder une maison à l’étranger pour y passer ses vacances ? Si beaucoup y pensent, peu passent à l’acte. Toutefois, depuis que l’immobilier espagnol relève la tête, les pays francophones se ruent sur les résidences secondaires en Espagne. 
Soleil tapant permanent, plages, mers chaudes et cultures semblables … les francophones en Europe raffolent de l’Espagne. L’arrivée en masse des touristes en Espagne a d’ailleurs augmenté de 16% en avril dernier.
Les Français ont été 1.13 millions à s’y rendent, soit 4.8% de plus par rapport à l’année dernière. Quant aux Suisses, ils étaient 219 milles, soit 43% de plus par rapport à l’année dernière !
Les Francophones reviennent souvent dans la péninsule ibérique avec l’envie d’y acheter une résidence secondaire. En effet, les prix de la pierre sur le sol espagnol séduit de plus en plus hors des frontières et convainquent les acquéreurs francophones.
Selon les chiffres officiels du bureau d’enregistrement espagnol, pas moins de 3.423 Belges ont acquis une maison de vacances en Espagne l’an dernier. C’est à peine moins que les Français (4.321).
D’après Taylor Wimpey España,  premier promoteur immobilier en Espagne, Costa Blanca et Costa del Sol cartonnent pour ces acquéreurs.
« L’an dernier, le nombre d’investisseurs Belges en particulier qui ont acheté une résidence secondaire en Espagne avait augmenté de 43%. Les Belges sont friands de la Costa Blanca parce que la région offre des opportunités incroyables pour passer des vacances agréables. De plus en plus de Français s’intéressent à la zone. L’amour des francophones pour la pierre espagnole est loin d’avoir faiblit. »
Marc Pritchard, Directeur Marketing de Taylor Wimpey España
A l’approche des vacances d’été, le rêve d’une propriété au soleil taraude les francophones. Avec Taylor Wimpey España, acheter une maison secondaire à Costa Blanca (ou même dans la Costa del Sol ou sur l’ile de Majorque) est un rêve accessible.
Ceux en quête d’exotisme peuvent acquérir les nouveaux appartements éblouissants de La Recoleta situes à seulement deux minutes de la plage dans la région d’Alicante. Disponibles à partir de 184.000€, les appartements à deux ou trois chambres de La Recoleta ont tout ce qui fait rêver : des terrasses et jardins privés, un design intérieur bien conçu et une vue à couper le souffle sur la mer Méditerranée.
La proximité des plages et de l’aéroport international Alicante font des appartements de Taylor Wimpey España l’une des meilleurs options de résidence secondaire à acquérir en Costa Blanca.
Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter s’il vous plait Taylor Wimpey España maintenant le 0034 971 70 69 72 ou visitez le site pour plus d’informations.
5 top tips for viewing a second property whilst on holiday in Spain this summer

5 top tips for viewing a second property whilst on holiday in Spain this summer

Spain Uncategorized ,

If the latest data for international tourist arrivals to Spain is anything to go by, then the land of sun, sea and sangria is set for a sizzling summer!

Tourist arrivals to Spain rose 16% year-on-year to just over 7 million in April 2017 with holidaymakers from the UK totaling 1.523 million, up 7% from the previous year.

The Balearic Islands (comprising Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) saw UK tourist arrivals rise by 9.3% in April with the Valencian Community, home of the hugely popular Costa Blanca region, welcoming 14% more Brits in the first four months of 2017 according to the Spanish tourism authority, Frontur.

For those who’ll fall in love with Spain this summer and don’t want the holiday to end, leading housebuilder operating across Spain since 1958, Taylor Wimpey España, has compiled 5 top tips for viewing a holiday home whilst on vacation:

  1. Choose the area you want to buy in – Before you view any properties, make sure to select the right location that fits all your holiday home needs perfectly. You might love where your hotel is located for two weeks of the year but would it be right for longer-term living? What everyday amenities are nearby? How easy it is to reach the airport? What will it be like out of season?
  2. Consider your property type wisely – Fancy a house close to the beach? Spacious apartment or prestigious townhouse? Consider what you want from your holiday home in Spain? How many people will be using it and how often? How much maintenance might it require? How much outside space does it offer and what about on-site facilities such as a swimming pool or children’s play area? What about parking?

Happily, Taylor Wimpey España has something for everyone. Try Bahia Sant Pere on the stunning island of Mallorca for penthouse living with uninterrupted sea views. Want ace golf courses within walking distance of your home? Then head to Malaga on the Costa del Sol and Horizon Golf which features courts and training programmers for golf lovers.


  1. Book viewing appointment as early as possible – To avoid disappointment during the peak season, arrange in advance to view properties you are interested in. Taylor Wimpey España’s friendly team are on hand to meet with you for no-obligation personal viewings at a time which suits you – and your sunbathing schedule!
  1. Prepare your questions – You wouldn’t buy a house in the UK without asking questions so why would you do so in Spain? No questions is too big or too small for the Taylor Wimpey España team so prepare a list of queries about the property, the area, the company and the buying process and ask away!
  1. Learn the lingo – Whilst English is widely spoken across Spain and indeed by all members of the Taylor Wimpey España team, it’s always a valued gesture to learn the basics of Spanish to help integration. Even a few words such as “hola (hello), adiós (goodbye), buenos días (good morning), hoy (today) mañana (tomorrow), por favor (please) and gracias (thank you)” will go a long way.


For those more advanced, then some useful Property related vocab might include comprar (to buy), viviendas (properties), número habitaciones (number of rooms) and viviendas de vacaciones (holiday homes).

So, if you’re thinking of visiting some stunning holiday homes during your trip to Spain this summer, why not start now and book a no-obligation appointment with Taylor Wimpey España by clicking here:


For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit for more information. If you reside outside of the UK you will need to call 00 34 971 706 972.


Lock in for longer with 3 year-tenancies available at be:here Hayes & be:here East India

Lock in for longer with 3 year-tenancies available at be:here Hayes & be:here East India

United Kingdom
  • 68% of tenants expected to remain renting in the next three years (Knight Frank Multihousing 2017)
  • 80% of be:here Hayes residents want to stay “as long as possible” (be:here Hayes survey)
  • Be:here Hayes offers long term renting solutions with 3-year tenancies
With Knight Frank reporting that the UK is set to become a nation of renters, it’s no wonder that the Private Rented Sector (PRS) or Build-to-Rent (BtR) sector is now worth a staggering £25 billion.
The Multihousing 2017 survey also reveals that tenants are looking to providers of rental accommodation who offer longer tenancies as 68% of tenants still expect to be living in the rental sector in three years’ time.
This figure confirms the recommendations made in the Housing White Paper released earlier this year to “ensure more longer-term tenancies are available in private rented scheme

As developers are encouraged to allow tenants to lock in for longer, a new era is dawning for renters.

Be Living Ltd’s developments in Hayes and East India are specifically designed for renters, and were developed following extensive consultation with tenants about how they want to live their lives and what they wanted from their landlord.
Be’s new  be:here Hayes development, which launched in February, is located in the Gatefold Building in West London and offers tenancies for up to 3 years as standard. According to a recent survey, 80% of tenants at be:here Hayes reported that they want to stay “as long as possible”.
‘Whilst renting is a deliberate choice for a growing number of people because of the flexibility it offers we also recognise that tenants want the security of knowing that they have a place to call home for the long term. That’s why we offer 3 year tenancies at our sites with annual rent increases fixed in line with inflation.”
Layla Kausar, Property Manager at be:here Hayes
3 year tenancies are now available at be:here Hayes at The Gatefold Building, an award-winning development of 119 homes for rent which launched in February 2017.
The scheme is part of the wider redevelopment of the Old Vinyl Factory, which is bringing new homes, offices, retail and entertainment to the heart of Hayes on the site of the former EMI record factory and just 300 yards (3 minutes’ walk) from a brand-new Crossrail station. With a full-time on-site caretaker, tenants at be:here Hayes are sure that their homes are well looked after.
Units are available from £1,150 pcm for 1-beds and £1,415 for 2-beds all with either a garden or balcony.
For more information please contact be:here Hayes on 0203 845 4796 or visit .