Advantages of guarantor services still not fully understood within the private rented sector

Advantages of guarantor services still not fully understood within the private rented sector

United Kingdom
  • Housing Hand seeking to shed light on multiple benefits of using a guarantor company for covering rent performance
  • Guarantor services helping landlords, agents and tenants
  • Pandemic making such services more valuable than ever

UK rent guarantor service Housing Hand is seeking to clarify and confirm the advantages of guarantor companies to those operating in the private rented sector. It comes after the company revealed that there is still a common misconception among many letting agents that such services are only for the benefit of landlords. Some landlords, meanwhile, mistakenly believe that they won’t continue to receive full rent payments, should the tenant not be able to pay.

The way that guarantor companies work delivers a triple set of benefits, with landlords, letting agents and tenants all gaining protection as a result of using these services. Yet the advantages are not fully understood. That’s why we’re working to showcase the triple benefits of guarantor services for the rental sector.”

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand

The benefit to landlords is immediately apparent. Should the tenant become unable to pay part or all of their rent, the landlord has a safety net that means they won’t lose out financially – the rent guarantor company pays 100% of the rent for all valid claims.

This safety net benefits agents as well. Rent collection and maintenance charges only apply as long as the rent keeps being paid. If a tenant cannot pay, then the agent loses out as well as the landlord. However, with a rent guarantor company in place, both landlord and agent will continue to receive their income, despite the tenant’s inability to pay.

Of course, for the tenants the advantage comes from not having to move out or face a lengthy and stressful potential eviction process when they can’t pay their rent. They can instead remain in the property and repay the debt over a period of time.

“There are many different risks and priorities for landlords, agents and tenants these days. The economic impact of the pandemic is already starting to bite and is sadly likely to get worse as we head into 2021. That’s why rent guarantor services are so important right now.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand

One issue around how rent performance may be underwritten needs specific clarity and we can use the Housing Hand example to demonstrate this. Housing Hand (as a guarantor company) operates guarantees as a professional service. It is backed by Lloyds syndicate insurance, delivers 100% pay-out and is governed by the landlord.

A company guarantor, meanwhile, is where a company that provides other services or products, may guarantee its employees’ rent. These are subject to the quality of the company and are typically not backed by specific insurance.

And then there’s rental guarantee insurance, which is where a landlord or letting agent, in conjunction with an insurance broker, issues a policy that covers rent with a more limited scope or value.

“We’ve spent nearly eight years now proving that the guarantor company model is the safest approach for tenants, landlords and agents. All three key stakeholders benefit from knowing that they will be protected from financial loss and from the incredible stress of an eviction process. The more the mutual benefits are understood across the private rented sector, the better it will be for all concerned.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand

For more information please contact Housing Hand today on +44 (0) 207 205 2625 or visit

Only My Share reveals new bloc management service

Only My Share reveals new bloc management service

United Kingdom
  • New B2B bloc management service covers entire houses and blocks of flats
  • Many landlords seeking new ways to protect their income
  • New service generating significant interest

Rent arrears protection service Only My Share has revealed a new business to business bloc management service, designed to help protect landlords and tenants from the harm caused by rent arrears. With the UK unemployment rate at a three-year high of 4.5% in the three months prior to August 2020, the timely launch should help to bolster confidence within the private rental sector even as the impact of the pandemic deepens.

Part of the Housing Hand family, Only My Share offers rent arrears protection to individual tenants. That means that tenants who rent rooms rather than whole flats or houses, along with their guarantors, are protected from being financially liable if a housemate doesn’t pay their rent under a joint and several clause.

Demand for rent arrears protection for tenants renting out individual rooms is rocketing. Users of our service shot up by 24% between March and September. That increase has been a driving factor behind the timely launch of our new bloc management service.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Only My Share

The new business to business bloc management service will enable accommodation providers to work directly with Only My Share, instead of relying on tenants to apply individually to the company. Available to providers of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) and even to those renting out entire blocks of flats, the service means that it’s simple and efficient to provide building-wide coverage.

The new bloc management service has already generated plenty of interest. Only My Share has delivered workshops with partner agencies to spread the word on its latest development and to ensure a best practice approach of using Only My Share with the organisation’s customers.

“The easier it is for renters to access Only My Share’s rent protection service, the better. From students to working professionals, renters of individual rooms need to have the opportunity not to be reliant on their housemates’ financial situations for their own economic health. Rent debt is never nice to deal with, so we’re making it easier to avoid it happening by working with landlords through the new bloc management service.”

Edmund Fulford, Relationship Manager, Housing Hand

For more information please contact Only My Share today on +44 0203 887 2961 or visit

Only My Share reports 82% increase in sales in midst of pandemic

Only My Share reports 82% increase in sales in midst of pandemic

United Kingdom
  • Sales up by 82% between March and September 2020 in comparison to the same period for 2019
  • Website rebrand driven by increased demand
  • COVID-19 pandemic making renters more aware of financial liabilities

Rent arrears protection service Only My Share has reported a steep rise in demand for its joint and several liability cover from tenants and landlords alike, as the COVID-19 pandemic serves to make renters more conscious of their financial liabilities.

Part of the Housing Hand family, Only My Share offers rent arrears protection to those who rent rooms individually (along with their guarantors), to prevent them from being liable should a housemate fail to pay their rent under a joint and several clause. The company saw its sales numbers climb by 82% between March and September 2020, in comparison to the same time period of 2019.

The COVID pandemic has caused many renters to reassess their living arrangements. With challenges and uncertainties around everything from job security to university placements, everyone is being a lot more cautious about their financial futures. For instance, as students have returned back to universities, parents do not want to be potentially liable for thousands of pounds of somebody else’s rent. This is driving demand for arrears protection for those renting out rooms.

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Only My Share

Driven by this increase in sales and the need for rent protection, Only My Share has taken the opportunity to rebrand its website. As well as making its site more intuitive for customers and delivering enhanced information, the new B2B service will allow landlords to purchase Only My Share protection on behalf of the tenant.

Only My Share primarily serves university students living in houses in multiple occupation (HMO) properties. However, 44% of its users are in the 25- 44 age bracket, meaning that it’s a product for the emerging “generation rent,” as renters of all ages realise the need for rent protection in these turbulent times. By enhancing the user experience, the company is ensuring that all those who need it get the best out of its website.

While the increase in interest in Only My Share has been driven to an extent by the global health crisis, it has served to make many more renters aware of the precarious position they are in. Potentially being liable for somebody else’s rent is never an ideal situation, so Only My Share is looking forward to continuing to help protect individual renters. The company is also on the brink of revealing a new business to business service offering.

“As understanding of rent arrears protection grows, we foresee a continuing increase in demand. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t yet been fully felt. It’s encouraging that so many more people are protecting themselves from becoming liable for other tenants’ rent arrears before it is. The launch of our new website and our new B2B service will help those who are being cautious renting in the private market.”

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Only My Share

For more information please contact Only My Share on or 0203 887 2961. You can also visit

Housing Hand calls for government to step in between landlords and tenants who can’t pay rent

Housing Hand calls for government to step in between landlords and tenants who can’t pay rent

United Kingdom
  • Action needed to address mounting tenant debt
  • Government-backed rent debt loan could support both landlords and tenants
  • Switch of focus from evictions to debt solutions needed as second wave builds

UK rent guarantor service Housing Hand is calling on the government to step in and solve the issue of mounting tenant debt caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is proposing a simple rent debt loan solution that would enable accommodation providers to avoid evicting non-paying tenants.

There are many different scenarios that are leading tenants to have difficulty paying their rent. Some can’t pay due to having been made redundant, being furloughed or having hours reduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Others are claiming Housing Benefit but not paying rent because they know they cannot be evicted. There is also a wide range of other circumstances, with the common thread being that, whatever the situation, the landlord is still legally entitled to payment.

“The government cannot use private accommodation providers to bail out the rent arrears problem created by COVID-19. Action needs to be taken now, before the second wave builds, to assure both tenants and landlords that there is another option open to them aside from eviction, which in most cases both parties are keen to avoid.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand

According to Housing Hand, the pending housing crisis is not one of evictions getting out of control, but the rental debt the tenants owe and how they can repay the landlords who are legally entitled to be paid. A rent debt loan, paid to landlords by the government and then repaid by the tenant as affordability allows, could provide a simple way to avoid a huge number of evictions.

The landlords in all rent debt cases are losing. Some are happy to defer payment or reschedule but cannot countenance having nothing at all. This means that many will face the prospect of having to evict perfectly good tenants due to the financial impact of COVID-19. It also raises the prospect of them selling their asset, which isn’t a good outcome for anyone.

“Almost all landlords are content with tenants remaining in their properties as long as they are paying rent, so this is the area the government needs to address to maintain tenancies – not put a blanket ban on evictions and expect the private housing sector to foot the bill.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand

There’s also the issue of student rental debt building up. Student tenancies are further complicated by the migratory nature of those who hold them, along with the potential for further lockdowns and remote education. The combination of these factors has led many students to favour a “no stay, no pay” mentality. However, that ignores the fact that student renters are still legally obliged to pay their landlords under the legally binding commitments made in their Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements.

Some accommodation providers have agreed that students who cannot travel to the property to start the AST will be released from the contract as it is frustrated. Some have even gone further and said that if students are told by the government or World Health Organization to move out during the tenancy, then they will be released from the AST.

However, some student renters want even more concessions, such as tenancies being voided if they change their minds about going to university or want to travel home if their university town goes into lockdown. Again, it is private landlords who are left to deal with the financial and legal fallout of such situations if the student decides not to pay.

“The private rental sector is vital to the UK’s housing makeup. If tenants genuinely cannot pay their rent, the government must step in and support them. Private accommodation providers cannot be expected to provide homes without being paid. In many instances, rent covers the landlord’s mortgage and maintenance costs, meaning that non-payment puts both the tenant and the landlord at risk. We need a solution in place before the second wave really hits and delivers a huge economic as well as health impact.”

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand

For more information please contact Housing Hand today on +44 (0) 207 205 2625 or visit

A new look for the new normal – why lockdown caused so many companies to rebrand

A new look for the new normal – why lockdown caused so many companies to rebrand

United Kingdom
  • Housing Hand launches a new brand and new services in midst of COVID crisis
  • Move reflects trend for brands to look inward during lockdown and focus on their core values
  • Emphasis on creating something positive out of coronavirus pandemic
  • Housing Hand still able to operate during the COVID crisis, continuing to offer guarantees and help

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused companies up and down the UK (and elsewhere) to look inward like never before. With staff working from home or furloughed, many management teams have taken the opportunity to review their internal processes, customer engagement strategies, services offerings and more.

UK rent guarantor service Housing Hand is one business that continued to operate during the crisis and used the lockdown time productively. The company has rebranded and launched a new website packed with additional features, in a move displaying determination to create something positive out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re living through extremely worrying times right now, with both health and financial concerns weighing heavily on many individuals, families and businesses. For companies, the need to adapt to the new normal has been intense. At Housing Hand, we’ve used the lockdown to focus on our brand, our values and make some exciting improvements to the services that we offer through our website.

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand

Housing Hand’s fresh website includes a new pricing guide to enable students and working professionals to get a free quote prior to applying for a rent guarantor, along with a booking system for arranging meetings and calls with the company’s helpful team via their website. Not only that, but the enhanced House Finder service sends out thousands of free leads to Housing Hand’s partners.

Housing Hand’s new look for the new normal sees ‘Percy the pigeon’ walking applicants through the site’s contents in pursuit of their new ‘nest,’ whether that’s student accommodation or a private rental property.

“We were able to continue operating during COVID, using the time to re-strategise and realign to our core company values. We’re so happy that we’ve launched a fully rebranded website that enhances the user experience and makes it even easier for individuals from around the world to access the information that they need on how to apply for a UK rent guarantor.”

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand

News of the rebrand comes hot on the heels of Housing Hand’s acquisition of the UK Guarantor website, further cementing its position as the country’s leading rent guarantor firm. A referral partnership between Housing Hand and property platform Accommodation for Students has also just been revealed.

For more information please contact Housing Hand today on +44 (0) 207 205 2625 or visit

Housing Hand acquires UK Guarantor website and secures partnership with Accommodation for Students

Housing Hand acquires UK Guarantor website and secures partnership with Accommodation for Students

United Kingdom
  • UK’s leading rent guarantor firm acquires the website of the country’s second largest service
  • Housing Hand has covered more than £646 million in rent since 2013
  • Accommodation for Students partnership to support students across UK

The COVID-19 lockdown has been an exceptionally busy time for the team at Housing Hand. The UK’s largest rent guarantor firm has just announced that it has acquired Student Marketing Agency Ltd, who previously operated the website will no longer process guarantor applications but will continue to manage existing guarantor commitments and support Housing Hand in the smooth transition of new applicants.  The move means that Housing Hand will be taking over all of UK Guarantor’s new and renewal applications (previous matters will still be dealt with by Student Marketing Agency Ltd).

The new arrangements will build on the foundation that Housing Hand has already built. The company has helped and processed 87,764 applicants since 2013, working with more than 3,500 accommodation providers. The total rent covered in that time has topped £646 million.

We are delighted to have acquired the UK Guarantor website to serve even more tenants and students across the UK. Through this and the new partnership with Accommodation for Students, we will offer an enhanced, UK-wide service that enables individuals to rent the properties of their choice without needing to find thousands of pounds for a deposit.

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand

We’re living in unprecedented times and the need for guarantor services has never been more acute. We will be working closely with Housing Hand to ensure a smooth transition for new applicants. Housing Hand provide an invaluable resource for many of those who are already facing additional pressures in their lives.

Nick Emms, UK Guarantor

Housing Hand acts as a guarantor for students and other renters who otherwise would not have one. Housing Hand liaises with the potential landlord, letting agent or university in order to make the necessary arrangements. Renters who would otherwise be asked to stump up six to 12 months’ rent in advance are thus spared the difficulty of having to do so. The service costs from as little as £295, with payment by instalments also available.

In order to streamline the guarantor process, Housing Hand is built into many accommodation providers’ booking forms. This is where the new partnership with Accommodation for Students comes in. A property platform for students, Accommodation for Students acts as a referral partner for UK Guarantor – and now for Housing Hand. The arrangement means that students in need of a guarantor are provided with an established, trustworthy service that can enable them to access the accommodation they desire.

“As the UK’s number one student accommodation website, we are thrilled to be working in partnership with Housing Hand. Together, we aim to ensure that those studying at the UK’s world-renowned universities are able to access appropriate accommodation throughout their higher education.”

Simon Thompson, Managing Director, Accommodation for Students

Finding a way forward as part of the ‘new normal’ has seen many organisations innovate and form new alliances in order to adapt. Housing Hand has used the experience to take the next step in its history, enabling it to support the ongoing stability of the UK rental sector.

For more information please contact Housing Hand today on +44 (0) 207 205 2625 or visit

Burrough Court launches Zoom Rooms as part of ‘new normal’ business package

Burrough Court launches Zoom Rooms as part of ‘new normal’ business package

United Kingdom

Rural business premises and office accommodation provider Burrough Court has revealed it is launching new ‘Zoom Rooms’ for its clients to use free of charge. The launch is part of a raft of measures designed to adapt the new normal that office life requires as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Zoom Rooms at the family-run business provide private, professional spaces for clients to use to host virtual meetings that they would otherwise have held face-to-face. The spaces undergo regular deep cleaning and comply with site-wide usage of hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes and other safety measures.

“We’re looking to embrace the changes that are resulting from COVID-19 as an opportunity, rather than a challenge. From working in partnership with one of our tenants to produce ‘corona hinges’ that hold external doors open for touch-free access to setting up the Zoom Rooms to enable our clients to host professional meetings, we are doing all we can to turn challenges into chances to innovate.”

Fred Wilson, Director, Burrough Court

For more information, call 01664 454 690, email or visit

Only My Share seeks to reassure private renters

Only My Share seeks to reassure private renters

United Kingdom ,
  • 25% of tenants fear falling into rent arrears (Landlord Information Network)
  • Clarity lacking on eventual outcomes for renters struggling due to pandemic
  • Only My Share offering reassurance to renters in shared households 

It’s a troubling time for renters. While the UK’s major banks are working with the government to provide property owners who need it with a three-month mortgage break if required, plans for private renters (who account for one in five UK households) have unfolded far less rapidly and clearly. 

What the government has done is announce that “no renter in either social or private accommodation will be forced out of their home during this difficult time.” 

“While ensuring no evictions is a positive step, it does nothing to address the issue of tenants who find themselves unable to pay their rent and are thus building up rent arrears. Many people who are self-isolating or looking after children who would otherwise be in school or early years childcare settings, may suddenly find themselves unable to work and unable to earn. If they’re building up rent arrears, what will happen as soon as the eviction ban lifts? The government’s plan to leave landlords and tenants to ‘work together to establish an affordable repayment plan’ doesn’t sound very reassuring.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Only My Share 

Cases of tenants who are seriously behind on their rent were already rising, before the added complication of the global pandemic. The Landlord Information Network reports that over 25% of tenants fear they will fall into rent arrears. 

For those living in shared houses, the issue of rent arrears has been a thorny one for some time. ‘Joint and several’ tenancy agreements mean that all tenants are equally liable for each other’s obligations under the contract. This means that a tenant can be taken to court for their housemate’s rent arrears (once the courts begin processing such cases again).

Those who are concerned about being in such a situation are not without options. Rent arrears protection service Only My Share exists to deal with precisely these circumstances. Housemates and their guarantors can both enjoy protection of  up to £10,000 of fellow housemates’ arrears from just £99 per year; subject to their standard terms and conditions

“Many sharers don’t realise that they could be liable for thousands of pounds of rent arrears based on payments that were never theirs to make in the first place. With the current pandemic highlighting the precarious conditions that many renters face, services like Only My Share can provide a very welcome degree of reassurance.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Only My Share 

Only My Share is part of the Housing Hand group. Housing Hand provides a UK rent guarantor service, while Only My Share protects the guarantor… and the tenant. 

For more information please contact Only My Share today on +44 (0) 203 887 2961 or visit 

Putting the PR into PRoperty: AB Property Marketing celebrates 15 years of success

Putting the PR into PRoperty: AB Property Marketing celebrates 15 years of success

United Kingdom
  • Agency has represented property clients around the world for past 15 years
  • From Albania to Zambia, from new builds to BTR, PBSA, B2L, second homes & interiors
  • Agency based on a passion for property, innovative PR techniques & attentive client service

March 2020 sees leading property PR agency AB Property Marketing celebrating 15 years of successfully representing clients around the world. From a two-woman Surrey start-up, the company has grown and flexed since forming in 2005, finding new and innovative ways to promote a wide range of different property clients and their projects.

Now based in London, Founder and Managing Director, Charlotte Ashton, comments,

“It’s incredible to think that the start-up I co-founded all those years ago has grown to represent household names within the property industry. I’m so proud of the work that the team has undertaken in gaining in-depth knowledge of our clients, their markets and products. We’ve purposefully kept a focus on property alone and strived to deliver an attentive service that you can only get with boutique PR agencies, meaning that our clients always get fully committed, bespoke services.”

Over the past 15 years, AB Property Marketing has worked with leading names in the property sector, including Taylor Wimpey, Quintain, JLL, Tipi, be:here, Millgate, Alexander James Interior Design and Currency Index. The company has delivered PR expertise for UK new homes, international second homes, purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), hotels and resorts, investment properties (from buy-to-let to care homes), the build to rent sector and much, much more.

“We’ve worked with AB Property Marketing for over a decade now and are still impressed by the team’s enthusiasm, knowledge and personal service. I’m delighted that they are celebrating 15 years of success – but certainly not surprised!”

Marc Pritchard, Head of Sales and Marketing, Taylor Wimpey España

One of the keys to AB Property Marketing’s success has been the company’s willingness to adapt. Popular property investment products and locations change over time, as does everything from the types of second homes available to property-related tax regimes. By utilising their passion for property and staying two steps ahead, AB Property Marketing has been able to support clients to navigate the shifting landscape, just as it has done itself.

“In the past 15 years, we’ve gone through everything from a major global recession to the painfully drawn-out Brexit process. Factors such as these can have a dramatic impact on the property market, both domestically and overseas. That’s why adaptability and horizon-scanning are so essential when it comes to working in the property industry over the longer term.”

Charlotte Ashton, Founder and Managing Director, AB Property Marketing

AB Property Marketing has become the partner of choice for developers looking to bring new property products to market, as well as established brands with their own long history of success. The agency is also a long-term friend to those who write about property, providing up-to-the-minute commentary on political developments, local insights into sun-kissed holiday destinations and everything in between.

“Charlotte’s longevity is proof of her talent for good PR in a very transitory business. Never just reactive, she is great to deal with and great at balancing the often-conflicting demands of property client and journalist (!). Experience does count.”

Liz Rowlinson, freelance property writer for The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times & Editor of A Place in the Sun magazine

For all your property public relations needs, contact AB Property Marketing on +44 845 054 7524 or visit  

Housing Hand highlights pressure on UK universities as political and economic factors take their toll

Housing Hand highlights pressure on UK universities as political and economic factors take their toll

United Kingdom
  • Enhanced further education sector in China may dent UK’s international student numbers
  • Potential tuition fee cuts could jeopardise course quality
  • Brexit’s impact on the 18% of academic staff who hail from the EU is not yet known

The UK’s universities are under increasing pressure to do more for their students, even as resources are being cut, UK rent guarantor service Housing Hand reports. Housing Hand is working in partnership with select universities in order to better support students in accessing safe, appropriate accommodation during their studies. Most recently, it launched a year-long trial with Goldsmiths, University of London, that sees the Housing Hand rent guarantor service available to all Goldsmiths students at a significantly reduced rate.

Academic institutions in the UK are trying to deal with a range of issues at present, while still trying to fulfill their duty of care to all those who study at them. We’re looking for innovative ways to try and help universities support their students in the face of diminishing resources, so that they can ultimately deliver greater value.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand

Housing Hand helps students with no UK-based rent guarantor to secure suitable accommodation, whether that be through a landlord, agent or other student housing provider. By using Housing Hand, students can mitigate the need to pay 6-12 months’ rent upfront – a standard requirement for those who have no guarantor. The service is available to domestic students, as well as those from the EU and further afield. At present, domestic students account for around 40% of those that the company serves with the other 60% coming from overseas.

International students are a particular point of concern for many universities at present. China, which sends more students to the UK than any other country, accounting for 106,530 students in 2017/18, has recently done much to improve its own higher education offering, creating more attractive degrees at home. The UK also compares unfavourably with countries such as Canada when it comes to visa terms for those who’ve graduated here, even accounting for the recent announcement that international students will be allowed to stay in the UK for two years after graduating.

Then there’s Brexit. Not only does Brexit have the ability to cause a drop in EU student numbers, it can also cause headaches for those establishments employing foreign teaching staff. Universities UK reports that 18% of the UK higher education sector’s total academic staff in 2017/18 had an EU nationality. And that’s not to mention the loss of EU research funding.

It’s no wonder that universities are doing all they can to support international students and increase their numbers. Part of this includes using services such as Housing Hand to help students deal with the chronic undersupply of suitable student housing in many UK cities and ensure that they can access safe, appropriate places to live.”

Saasha Verma, University Partnerships Manager, Housing Hand

The pain felt by universities as a result of international competition and domestic political pressures is exacerbated by potential fee cuts. Earlier this year, a landmark review commissioned by the government recommended that tuition fees be capped at £7,500, instead of the current rate of £9,250. Such a move would have a dramatic impact on the funding available to the UK’s higher education establishments and likely an inescapable knock-on effect on the quality of the courses on offer.

The UK’s universities have been turned into businesses – businesses that are trapped between government controls and deregulation. Competition is fierce, with the 450+ institutions struggling to find the flexibility to generate additional income.

“Housing Hand doesn’t have the power to solve every issue that our universities are facing, but when it comes to student welfare, we are here to help. Higher education faces a tough few years ahead, which is why a plethora of independent services are needed to work alongside the UK’s universities in order that they can remain attractive to bright young people from around the world.”

Terry Mason, Group Operations Director, Housing Hand


For more information please contact Housing Hand today on +44 (0) 207 205 2625 or visit