“Animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no question, they pass no criticisms.” George Eliot

The 15th May 2008 will go down in history for the Botswanan game reserve Limpopo-Lipadi. It marks the day that one of the largest private movements of elephants was carried out. 68 elephants in total were moved to neighbouring land from the private game reserve in order to secure the magnificent creature’s sustainability in the region.

Limpopo-Lipadi is a game and wilderness reserve that encourages people to invest into the way of life in Botswana. It is focussed on sustainable and ecological methods of construction and conservation; the moral and physical foundations built today will help preserve the future life of the game reserve and surrounding nature and communities.
Limpopo-Lipadi’s aptly named ‘Project Dumbo’ had become necessary due to the over population of the loved animals on the game reserve. Their increasing numbers had begun to put the finely balanced landscape under pressure and therefore in order for both the vegetation and the elephants to remain sustainable a number of the population had to be relocated.
A team of accomplished and respected vets, game counters and capture pilots was established in order to monitor the animals’ health and safety throughout the removal. As part of Project Dumbo, two matriarchs (the oldest and most respected elephants) of two herds had to be identified and collared and a set number of other elephants identified for the removal to the neighbouring park. Permissions were sought from Botswana Wildlife and neighbouring land owners and the green light for Project Dumbo was given.
Shareholders of Limpopo-Lipadi travelled from across the globe creating a truly international team effort, a great example of the reserves ethos: giving all members of the project the chance to be involved in its future.
Everyone was assigned tasks whether it was involvement in the collaring process or filling empty egg shells with paint to drop on the elephants in order to identify those that would be removed. Due to the expertise and hard work of the team Project Dumbo was a great success with the reserve being left with 51 elephants on its land.  
Sean Powell, Limpopo-Lipadi’s resident game ranger who holds a wealth of experience in bush survival and the intricate understanding of its wildlife says: “Sustainability is the key to a healthy reserve and sometimes it is hard to understand the greater need of population control of certain animals on the land. With myself and the team looking at the reserve as a whole and monitoring both animals and vegetation we know that nature has a very clever way of telling us when a certain aspect is under stress. The elephant for example eats around 5% of its body weight everyday and will drink 30 to 50 gallons of water. You can imagine what affect this has on vegetation supplies especially when there are too many elephants in one area. Project Dumbo has ultimately helped sustain what nature had always intended.”  
Limpopo-Lipadi’s 32,450 hectares is home not only to elephants but to diverse animal species including lion, leopard, cheetah, hippo, white rhino, crocodile, 400 bird species, 37 fish species and a large selection of reptiles. It will also soon be home to one of the world’s most endangered species, the Black Rhino, which has been seriously reduced in number throughout the world due to illegal hunting. In fact, the Black Rhino has been listed as critically endangered by IUCN – The World Conservation Union. Plans to reintroduce the animal into the reserve are well underway and hopes are that Limpopo-Lipadi will hold the largest number of Black Rhino in Botswana.
Whether it’s the wildlife, the people or just the ethics behind this project, Limpopo-Lipadi is a world away from other investment opportunities. As July 2008 sees the Baobab fruit, a ‘super food’ commonly found in Botswana, given permission to be used in smoothies and snack bars, it seems that more and more we are looking for the next big thing to make us feel good inside and out. Limpopo-Lipadi offers just that. Investing in the reserve and ultimately the lifestyle costs $195,000 per share and for more information on how this could become a reality please visit www.limpopo-lipadi.com or call 0027 12349 2437. 
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Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve, Botswana
A unique investment opportunity found in the heart of the African country Botswana, Limpopo-Lipadi covers an expanse of over 80,000 acres. With various lodges throughout the reserve the properties themselves are just a slice of what the project offers. As an investor into the reserve you will be contributing to a unique and internationally acclaimed ecosystem model that Limpopo-Lipadi founder’s hope will set the standard in conservation sustainability in the 21st century.
As an investor into the project you own the game and wilderness reserve which is at an exciting point in its development; you will be able to visit the reserve as often as you like, be part of the decision making process of the reserve or just simply enjoy the many diverse ecosystems when you visit., Your capital will be used for everything from further land purchase to the development of the lodges, camps and two commercial tourism properties for the introduction of paying guests to the reserve. 
You can choose to stay at the Island Lodge, River Camp, Kirkia Forest Camp, Mountain Rock Lodge, Marula Tree Tented Camp or Wilderness Tented Camp. These lodges and camps enable you to enjoy the reserve through the diverse seasons in different locations and cater for your every bush experience need.
All investors further benefit from having the option of driving or walking with experienced rangers in the reserve or even qualifying to self-drive and explore freely.
If you’re seeking a new trend in travel for 2008, a fresh investment and lifestyle opportunity or you just want to broaden your physical and spiritual horizons, then the time is right to discover Botswana.
This is an investment opportunity like no other – it is an opportunity for passionate people, people who prefer to earn their rewards rather than simply buying them, people who want hands on exposure to the development of an exciting tourism project and more significantly, people who want to be a part of preserving and enhancing the natural landscape of a stunning African nation. 
There are different levels of investment involvement that you can commit to – from a purely financial point of view, entry level investment is $195,000, but in terms of the difference that you can practically make and the benefits that you can personally witness and enjoy, they are limitless.
For more information please visit http://www.limpopo-lipadi.com or call 0027 12 349 2437.