New Cape Verde trade body to aid property industry and inform overseas buyers

It has been announced that a new trade body has been launched in Cape Verde to help the property industry vocalise their opinions with the government and improve the general real estate sector in the country.

The trade body Promitur already consists of 30 members from the developer, agency, financial and legal industries and it aims to grow this further to eventually encompass the majority of the market. The body has various important aims that should prove a positive influence on the sector, such as helping implement infrastructure developments, changes in the law that are aimed at improving the investor market, and acting as a central point for both the overseas industry and those looking to buy property in the country with any queries or problems that they might have.
The founding of an organising body for the Cape Verdean islands is an attempt to authorise and centralise dealings between the property industry and the government and in turn portray the emerging market of Cape Verde as structured and principled. Adrian Lillywhite, Managing Director of property specialists Cape Verde Property agrees:
“The founding of Promitur is excellent news for Cape Verde as it will not only aid those professionals in the property industry with government regulations, it will also act as a point of contact for those clients who are interested in buying property in Cape Verde with any uncertainties they may have and improve the market overall with encouraging infrastructure improvements. All in all, the new industry body should help promote Cape Verde as an excellent destination for property investment and one that is closely regulated and therefore secure.”
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