Lock in for longer with 3 year-tenancies available at be:here Hayes & be:here East India

Lock in for longer with 3 year-tenancies available at be:here Hayes & be:here East India

United Kingdom
  • 68% of tenants expected to remain renting in the next three years (Knight Frank Multihousing 2017)
  • 80% of be:here Hayes residents want to stay “as long as possible” (be:here Hayes survey)
  • Be:here Hayes offers long term renting solutions with 3-year tenancies
With Knight Frank reporting that the UK is set to become a nation of renters, it’s no wonder that the Private Rented Sector (PRS) or Build-to-Rent (BtR) sector is now worth a staggering £25 billion.
The Multihousing 2017 survey also reveals that tenants are looking to providers of rental accommodation who offer longer tenancies as 68% of tenants still expect to be living in the rental sector in three years’ time.
This figure confirms the recommendations made in the Housing White Paper released earlier this year to “ensure more longer-term tenancies are available in private rented scheme

As developers are encouraged to allow tenants to lock in for longer, a new era is dawning for renters.

Be Living Ltd’s developments in Hayes and East India are specifically designed for renters, and were developed following extensive consultation with tenants about how they want to live their lives and what they wanted from their landlord.
Be’s new  be:here Hayes development, which launched in February, is located in the Gatefold Building in West London and offers tenancies for up to 3 years as standard. According to a recent survey, 80% of tenants at be:here Hayes reported that they want to stay “as long as possible”.
‘Whilst renting is a deliberate choice for a growing number of people because of the flexibility it offers we also recognise that tenants want the security of knowing that they have a place to call home for the long term. That’s why we offer 3 year tenancies at our sites with annual rent increases fixed in line with inflation.”
Layla Kausar, Property Manager at be:here Hayes
3 year tenancies are now available at be:here Hayes at The Gatefold Building, an award-winning development of 119 homes for rent which launched in February 2017.
The scheme is part of the wider redevelopment of the Old Vinyl Factory, which is bringing new homes, offices, retail and entertainment to the heart of Hayes on the site of the former EMI record factory and just 300 yards (3 minutes’ walk) from a brand-new Crossrail station. With a full-time on-site caretaker, tenants at be:here Hayes are sure that their homes are well looked after.
Units are available from £1,150 pcm for 1-beds and £1,415 for 2-beds all with either a garden or balcony.
For more information please contact be:here Hayes on 0203 845 4796 or visit http://www.behere-hayes.co.uk/ .
Student housing revolution means parents no longer need to worry about where their kids will live at university

Student housing revolution means parents no longer need to worry about where their kids will live at university

United Kingdom ,
  • Contemporary accommodation gives students space to study, socialise and develop
  • Residents’ safety and security are top concerns addressed by modern developers like Collegiate AC
  • Private kitchens and cleaning services mean that students can become independent at their own pace  
A child heading off to university for the first time is an emotional moment for any parent. Mixed in with the pride of sending your offspring out into the world to study is the inevitably anxiety about how they will settle in, make friends and manage to fend for themselves.
Thankfully, the rise of the purpose built student accommodation sector in recent years means that parents can at least cross fretting about sub-standard accommodation off their list of worries.
“Knight Frank reports that £3.1 billion was invested in purpose built student accommodation in 2016, while private equity invested over £2.1 billion in 2015. Student accommodation now offers greater choice and far superior facilities than previous generations of students would believe.”
Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC
At Collegiate AC’s new Ernest Place site in Durham, for example, the en-suite accommodation includes a private desk area with ample space for studying, as well as peaceful study zones dotted about the building. For downtime, there’s a gym, club lounge, dinner party room, sauna, roof terrace and private cinema. This wealth of shared facilities means that residents find it easy to make new friends, so parents can relax about how their child will get on with meeting people.
Ernest Place, like many Collegiate AC properties, also features a concierge service on site, meaning that residents always have someone to turn to should they need advice, guidance or support.
“Knowing that there is always someone on hand that their child can reach out to should the need arise is very comforting for many parents. Whether it’s help with booking taxis, arranging food deliveries or local orientation, the concierge service provides a discreet form of security for young people who are living away from home for the first time.”
Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC
Safety and security is always a big concern for parents. This is why Collegiate uses electronic entry systems for its buildings, with CCTV in communal areas. The site locations are also chosen to be within close proximity to the university and/or city centre, so that students don’t face long walks down deserted streets in order to get home in the evening.
Practical details are often a concern for parents too. Many worry that their youngsters will exist solely on a diet of takeaway pizza once left to fend for themselves. In reality, though, university presents an excellent opportunity for young people to enhance their cooking skills. Accommodation providers like Collegiate include full kitchens in their properties, so that residents can learn to cook in their own time and space, when the mood takes them, without the stress of other residents pilfering their pint of milk from a shared fridge or making fun or their overcooked spaghetti.
“Often the small details can be just as worrying as the big ones when it comes to parents letting their children care for themselves for the first time. That’s why we make a point of offering lifestyle services at all of our properties – residents can have help with cleaning either while they first settle in or on a longer-term basis.”
Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC
Waving goodbye to a child attending university for the first time is never easy, but at least the recent evolution of the student housing sector means that accommodation is one less thing that parents have to worry about.
For more information and to book accommodation, contact Collegiate on +44 1235 250 140 or visit www.collegiate-ac.com.


Buyers dig Digbeth as new homes attract the creative community

Buyers dig Digbeth as new homes attract the creative community

United Kingdom World , ,
  • West Midlands creative industries growing at more than twice the pace of those in London (Creative Industries Federation)
  • Under 25s account for 40% of population, making Birmingham one of youngest cities in Europe (Visit Birmingham)
  • New Moseley Gardens development perfect for Digbeth’s millennials (Surrenden Invest)


When it comes to the perfect recipe for property buyers, Birmingham’s Digbeth has all the right ingredients. The area is a trendy, thriving hub of digital and tech prowess, with a community of millennials looking to rent stylish homes at the heart of the action.

Digbeth’s digital credentials were showcased earlier this month during Digital Digbeth Day, part of the BBC Digital Cities Week. Events focused on game-changing developments in the digital tech sector, from 3D scanning to virtual reality, with Digbeth’s bright young residents showcasing their credentials to maximum effect.

“The sense of creativity and innovation in Digbeth is enormous. The area is brimming with talent and not just in the tech sector. Digbeth’s creative industry credentials are seriously strong and have helped it to become one of the trendiest areas of the UK in recent years.”

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director, Surrenden Invest


According to the Creative Industries Federation, the UK’s creative industries are worth £87 billion. That’s more than the country’s car or aerospace industry. The West Midlands has put much into developing its creative sector – creative industry jobs there grew by 38.7% between 2011 and 2015 (more than double the growth rate of London, which stood at 15.6%).

At the same time, big things are expected of Birmingham’s new Metro Mayor, Andy Street, whose strategy for growing the city’s economy looks set to have a positive impact on housing, transport and skills, as well as other areas of urban life.

Then of course there’s the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail network, which Transport for West Midlands sees as a catalyst for enhanced prosperity and growth for regional locations like Digbeth.

The combination of all of this has created a magnet-like effect in Digbeth, with highly skilled, highly ambitious millennials flocking to the area to work and live. Nearly 40% of Birmingham’s population is now under the age of 25, making it one of the youngest cities in Europe, according to Visit Birmingham.

“The influx of millennials has done much to re-shape Digbeth’s property market, at a time when Birmingham property prices and residential land values are already showing solid growth. As a result, the city has become a hotbed for property investors seeking strong yields and excellent capital growth potential.”

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director, Surrenden Invest


Developments like Moseley Gardens are pitched perfectly for style-conscious millennials looking for a city centre location in Birmingham’s hottest regional rental market. Specifically developed for the shared rental market, the contemporary apartments offer the ideal blend of location and luxurious living, all just ten minutes’ walk from New Street Station.

“Demand for residential investment properties of this stature in Birmingham is so strong that many are purchased within mere hours of launching. Birmingham – and the Digbeth area in particular – is one of the most dynamic property markets in the UK right now.”

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director, Surrenden Invest


Apartments are available from £138,000, for further details, visit www.surrendeninvest.com, email info@surrendeninvest.com or call 0203 3726 499.

A sacred conversion – Bellis Homes brings Grade II listed convent school house back to life

A sacred conversion – Bellis Homes brings Grade II listed convent school house back to life

United Kingdom ,

A recent survey undertaken by RICS and YouGov identified that 9 out of 10 British people think that historic buildings are a symbol of national heritage, with 89% believing it is of a high importance to protect them.

Mill Hill in Barnet, North London is home to several historic buildings worthy of protection. One of London’s hidden gems, oozing with historic flavor, the village-cum-suburb of Mill Hill is ideally situated between Finchley and Edgware and is said to be the London district most influenced by the Christian faith.

This Christian influence can be clearly seen in the historic Rosary Manor Estate in the heart of Mill Hill village.

An altered house of late 17th-century origin, Rosary Manor was purchased by The Sisters of Charity St Vincent in 1887 and expanded it into a convent. The neighbouring St Vincent’s Roman Catholic School opened in 1896 and was run until 2007.

Now, the abandoned schoolhouse and West Lodge (a detached property left in a dilapidated state) is set to be brought back into use by luxury housebuilder Bellis Homes through the development of 11 high quality apartments and a detached house for completion in 2018.

As well as being a Grade II Listed building, the Rosary Manor Estate is ideally located within the Green Belt, the North Barnet Area of Special Character and Mill Hill Conservation Area.

It is understood that Charles II often visited the estate in the 16th century to shoot on the grounds and on Milespit-Hill, there is the non-denominational Mill Hill cemetery which was formerly known as the ‘Paddington District Cemetery’ where the iconic 1960’s pop singer Billy Fury is buried!

“We are seeing more and more clients interested in converted historical properties and the stunning architectural qualities they carry. They want all the charm and character of an older property yet all the convenience and amenities of a new build home. Rosary Manor offers the best of both worlds and with such stunning views out across green fields to London and rich history, we know this conversion will be in high demand.”

Henry Fordham, Director, Bellis Homes

The 11 apartments range between 1 and 3 bedrooms and between 1,800 sqft and 4,000sqft. Bellis Homes has submitted a further application to provide roof terraces on several of the units which will offer spectacular views across the Mill Hill countryside towards the City of London.

In addition to this, Rosary Manor residents will also be able to enjoy large communal grounds, architectural detail, high ceilings and allocated parking spaces. Mill Hill East underground station is close by served by the Northern Line and Mill Hill Broadway station also easily accessible making the location perfect for those who want the balance city and countryside living.

Apartments at Rosary Manor are available from £1.1 million – £4 million, for more information, contact Bellis Homes on 01279 424 733 or visit www.bellishomes.co.uk.

Cutting edge interior design and first-class features signal the next generation of student accommodation

Cutting edge interior design and first-class features signal the next generation of student accommodation

United Kingdom ,


  • Collegiate AC presents first biophilic design site in Lisbon
  • Students look forward to swimming pools and saunas in the new academic year
  • First Collegiate Prestige Collection site features visionary interior design

The UK purpose built student accommodation sector attracted £3.1 billion of investment in 2016, according to Knight Frank. Meanwhile, PwC has flagged student accommodation as one of Europe’s top three alternative real estate investment options for 2017.

Given this impressive scenario, it is perhaps no wonder that leading student accommodation providers are stepping up their game.


“The 2017/18 academic year is going to see some incredible sites open. Each year marks further innovation in the student accommodation sector, but this September is due to mark a step change in this huge market.”


Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC


The Collegiate AC team is excited about being part of the new era of student accommodation. 2017 will mark both the opening of the visionary provider’s first overseas site – Collegiate Marquês de Pombal in Lisbon – and the launch of its first Prestige Collection site – Ernest Place in Durham.

Designing two such ultra-opulent sites has been an exciting experience for the Collegiate interior design team.

In Lisbon, a localised blend of industrial chic, art and nature has given the site an incredibly unique character. In the natural light-filled Skylight Lounge, students can relax in between olive trees, flower beds and long, hanging fronds of foliage. Just off the lounge, the stunning swimming pool area uses ceramic tiles and bespoke furniture pieces to create a fabulous sense of luxury.


“We’ve used biophilic design concepts at Marquês de Pombal to provide residents with the wellness benefits associated with a deep connection to nature. At the same time, we’ve introduced a wealth of cultural quirks to reflect the unique atmosphere of Lisbon. The huge artwork of the main façade, painted by a locally commissioned artist, is reflective of the spirit and feel of the site.”


Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC

The new Ernest Place site in Durham is just as exciting. The cutting edge interior design has created a sophisticated scheme, with bold elements that surprise and charm. The building is playful in its approach to atmospheres. The common room oozes warmth, with timber, brass and copper creating a relaxed, welcoming environment. By contrast, the impressive Sky Lounge offers a deliciously dark and moody atmosphere. Meanwhile the rooftop terrace provides an ultra-contemporary, chic outdoor bar vibe. And for those moments where ultimate relaxation is required, the fresh, natural feel of the sauna is just the ticket.


As well as crafting superb communal areas, Collegiate’s interior design team has paid particular attention to the bedrooms available to students in Lisbon and Durham.


Sleekly designed storage solutions provide plenty of space for possessions, while clever spatial planning has ensured that each student can get maximum use out of their available space. Rooms are designed to allow for resting, working, socializing, cooking, eating, and entertaining. They are at once homely and sophisticated in their design, as well as drawing on local inspiration. In Lisbon, the influence of the blue and white patterned azulejos (tiles) for which Portugal is so well known, can really be felt in the serene surroundings of the scheme’s bedrooms.


“Our approach has always been to deliver a lifestyle – an experience. Now, we’ve used visionary interior design to kick that up a notch. It’s about creating something more than just a simple home for students – this is accommodation that challenges and excites. It’s the perfect setting for an unforgettable university experience.”


Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC


For more information, contact Collegiate on +44 1235 250 140 or visit www.collegiate-ac.com.

Make a splash this summer in the Venice of the North with the brand new Royal Canal Works

Make a splash this summer in the Venice of the North with the brand new Royal Canal Works

United Kingdom ,
  • Manchester house prices predicted to grow 28.2% by 2021 (Hometrack)
  • Around 4,000 jobs set to be created in the Manchester region over the next 5 years (Savills)
  • Up to 25% boost in house prices from the restoration of canals (Canal & River Trust)
  • Waterside living in Manchester from just £105,000 (Surrenden Invest)

Growing faster than any other city in the UK, it is predicted that house prices in Manchester will grow by an impressive 28.2% by 2021 according to Hometrack.

In addition to residential property growth, Manchester is expected to see faster office-based growth employment than Greater London and all key UK regional cities over the next five years reports Savills.

Increasing demands from a range of sectors such as media and technology are estimated to create around 4,000 jobs in the Manchester region over the next 10 years, with demand for housing also rising in line with this progression.

With one of the highest population densities outside the capital, living space within Manchester is at a premium forcing housebuilders to seek alternative areas of the city within which to build new homes.

Known as the “Venice of the North” due to its miles of canals (including the 36-mile long, 19th century Manchester Ship Canal which at the time was the largest river navigation canal in the world), Manchester holds a long and affectionate history with its waterways and now views them as pivotal to the making of the city once again.

Millions have been spent on clearing and restoring Manchester’s waterways, enabling formerly derelict canal side land to be put back into use thus creating communities with space, leisure activities and high living standards.

Indeed, a report by Dr Nicholas Falk for URBED found that the urban waterfront is a vital part of national heritage and the Canal and River Trust suggest that property values can be boosted by as much as 25% from the restoration of canals.

“Waterfront living provides welcome breathing space for people living in overcrowded communities. Living on a canal has and always will hold great appeal; the calming nature of being close to the water combined with the leisure activities available makes homes such as those at Royal Canal Works a true urban oasis.”

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director, Surrenden Invest

Royal Canal Works, available through leading investment agency Surrenden Invest, is a brand-new canal side development adjacent to the tranquil suburb of Choltorn – one of the most sought after areas to live in southern Manchester.

A stunning contemporary collection of 43 beautifully appointed one and two bedroom apartments with private terraces and waterfront views, Royal Canal Works offers architecturally landscaped gardens and a courtyard along with secure parking and CCTV.

Being just 15 minutes from the city centre, Royal Canal Works boasts city standard living but all of the perks of life in the suburbs. The apartments are expected to be highly prized by families and young professionals who have been priced out of the city centre but are not prepared to compromise their standard of accommodation.

Apartments are available from just £105,000 with an attractive 6% NET yield. For more information, visit www.surrendeninvest.com or contact Surrenden Invest on 0203 3726 499.

4 reasons why #HayesIsHappening

4 reasons why #HayesIsHappening

United Kingdom ,


With the capital’s population set to reach 10 million by 2026 (ONS) and with PwC reporting that 60% of Londoners will be renting rather than owning in the city by 2025, developers are having to seek new locations and new approaches to delivering homes.

The rise in popularity of build to rent (PRS) developments has kick-started a wave of interest in building rental homes in strategic hotspots and with Crossrail on the way and so much more, Hayes, 13 miles west of Central London, has become a focal point.

Leading build to rent developer Be Living Ltd has selected Hayes as the location of their latest rental offering, 119 award-winning and pet-friendly homes of be:here Hayes at The Gatefold Building.

Be:Living Ltd believe that #HayesIsHappening and below are just four of the reasons why…


  1. A destination to work, rest and play

Well known for its connections with industry having been the home of the music label EMI, global food giants Nestle and Heinz and Japanese tech company Fujitsu, Hayes is now becoming a destination to not only work but also rest and play.

Hillingdon, the borough in which Hayes is situated, was named in 2016 by former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, as one of 11 new ‘housing zones’ and plans for 2,788 homes in Hayes town centre were outlined. Young professionals looking for luxury and affordable living are now flocking to Hayes as developments such as be:here Hayes, part of the wider redevelopment of The Old Vinyl Factory, spring up.

The stylish new, secure development, offers 119 homes specially designed for renting with a roof terrace for community events, on-site property manager and caretaker, secure car parking and pet-friendly apartments featuring plenty of storage.


  1. First-class connections

In 2019 Crossrail will pull in to Hayes & Harlington station with fast, frequent train services to Central London. Journey times to the West End will be cut in half with residents able to reach Bond Street in just 20 minutes, Farringdon in 25 and Canary Wharf in 34. Journey times to Heathrow and its international airport will also be cut to just 10 minutes.

Those living at be:here Hayes will be able to take advantage to these fast new links into the city as the development is just a three-minute walk from Hayes & Harlington station.


  1. Regeneration hotspot

From the £6 million redevelopment of Hayes town centre, due to complete this summer, to The Old Vinyl Factory, a £250 million multi-use regeneration project by U+I, Hayes is changing fast. A 17-acre manufacturing facility, formerly owned by music company EMI, The Old Vinyl Factory regeneration scheme is expected to deliver 4,000 jobs, 642 homes, 750,000 sq ft of commercial and leisure space including a 3-screen cinema and live music venue in Hayes, all by 2020.

The Old Vinyl Factory is also home to the Central Research Laboratory (CRL), a place for entrepreneurial designers and engineers who want to create amazing products and grow innovative new businesses focused on hardware. They join a number of other high-tech companies already on site including SITA, Sonos, Champ Cargosystems and web hosting giants GoDaddy EMEA.

Located within The Old Vinyl Factory development, be:here Hayes at the Gatefold Building is right at the heart of the action.


  1. Cultural attractions, canal and historical sites – Hayes has it all!

Despite its urban location, Hayes has a village feel with the Heinz buildings, Barra Hall and St Mary’s Church being Grade II listed. There are also plenty of green and open spaces to enjoy with the Grand Union Canal offering the ideal location for cycling or walking the dog, Minet and Lake Farm Country Parks nearby and the course at Stockley Park ideal for a round of golf.

Famous former residents include celebrated author George Orwell who taught in Hayes as well as William Byrd known as ‘the father of English music’. Indeed, the town’s musical heritage lived on to the 20th century as many of The Beatles albums were famously ‘Made in Hayes’ and today venues including the Beck Theatre, regularly host local musicians and stage productions.


“We’re seeing residents at be:here Hayes moving into the community from all over London and beyond. Things will only get more exciting with the completion of the rest of The Old Vinyl Factory’s retail, employment and entertainment facilities and the launch of Crossrail in 2019. Crossrail in particular will make living in this part of west London a great option for people working in the City or Canary Wharf who want the amenities and services you get from a building specifically designed and managed with renters in mind, without the central London price tag.”

Layla Kausar, Property Manager, be:here Hayes


Hayes is definitely happening and with homes at be:here Hayes starting from just £1,150 pcm, it’s time to get in quick!


For more information please contact be:here Hayes on 0203 845 4796 or visit http://www.behere-hayes.co.uk/ . To see more details on the wider masterplan for The Old Vinyl Factory visit http://www.theoldvinylfactory.com/

Property buyers increasingly drawn to Liverpool’s magnetic North

Property buyers increasingly drawn to Liverpool’s magnetic North

United Kingdom ,
  • Liverpool named top place to invest in the UK with up to 8% NET yields (Private Finance)
  • Liverpool offers low average rents and house prices (Private Finance)
  • Eldon Grove, offering 7% NET yield for 2 years, attracting investors to north Liverpool (Aspen Woolf)

More and more property investors have been steering towards the north for great investment opportunities.

Latest research by mortgage brokers Private Finance has revealed Liverpool to be the next hotspot for property buyers, naming it the best place in the UK to invest.

The study also found that Liverpool can offer net yields of up to 8% once mortgage costs are taken into account. Not only does the Northern Powerhouse city benefit from such attractive returns but it also boasts low average house prices (£122,283) and strong rents (£1,021 pcm).

Indeed, Liverpool is proving to be a promising market in all aspects with the recently appointed Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, calling for the government to prioritise rail investment in the north by committing to building the HS3 rail link, also known as Northern Powerhouse Rail.

Other recent investment in Liverpool’s connectivity is already yielding positive results as the city’s extremely popular cruise terminal broke records on its 10-year anniversary this month contributing £1.5 boost to Liverpool’s tourism economy.

Further reports also stand testament to Liverpool’s magnetic appeal with the city experiencing a boom in the buy-to-let market as demand for quality rental accommodation continues to vastly outweigh supply.

The Mistoria Group revealed a surge of tenant demand at 19% year on year with an average of 6.6 tenants chasing every shared room of a new rental property in the city. A trend also being seen by leading buy-to-let investment agency, Aspen Woolf.

“We are seeing no end of interest in the Liverpool investment market with over 70% of all enquires are for the city. Whilst the city centre remains popular, we are seeing more and more investors being drawn to the northern areas such as Vauxhall where prices are lower yet demand and rental returns remain high. Our Eldon Grove project in the heart of Vauxhall is just that and with a 2-year guarantee of 7% NET rental income, it really is a market-leading investment opportunity”

Oliver Ramsden, Founder & Director, Aspen Woolf


Eldon Grove provided some of the best pre-war social housing built by Liverpool city council, setting a new standard for the whole country which it was officially opened by the Countess of Derby in 1912. The layout, with its central square, well-maintained garden and bandstand, along with the chocolate-box look, helped create a vibrant community, lifting up some of Liverpool’s poorest residents.

Falling into disrepair, Eldon Grove is now being brought back to life 100 years later. Incorporating three original Grade II-listed blocks alongside three newly built blocks of stylish and contemporary apartments, New Eldon Grove has been carefully designed to preserve the heritage of the site while serving the needs of a new generation. Comprised of 45 apartments including 1,2 and 3 bedroom units, New Eldon Grove is set within peaceful surroundings of inner city Vauxhall (where once the late Cilla Black called home) yet on the edge of the vibrant Liverpool city centre.

Apartments situated in the original blocks have been re-imagined for 21st century living, with fully modernised fitted kitchens and bathrooms, while benefiting from the character of the Tudor buildings, with mullioned bay windows and their own front doors leading from the external walkways.

New Eldon Grove residents will also benefit from a community garden and shared landscaping, as well as parking, bicycle storage and secured entrance hallways. From just £94,950, with ready to rent furniture packs available, New Eldon Grove provides investors with an assured 2-year NET rental of 7%.

For more information, visit http://www.aspenwoolf.co.uk/ or contact Aspen Woolf on +44 203 176 0060.

Aqua Platinum reports boom in home spa market

Aqua Platinum reports boom in home spa market

United Kingdom
  • Global wellness industry now worth $3.7 trillion per year (Global Wellness Institute)
  • Elite athletes like Andy Murray spreading knowledge of how to achieve wellness
  • Bio-saunas, Russian banyas & aquarium walls hottest at home spa trends for 2017

The Global Wellness Institute reports that the global wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion market and high end swimming pool design and build company Aqua Platinum has revealed that consumers are taking an ever more educated approach to their wellness.

“The wellness and vitality industry has boomed in recent years and as the range of products and experiences on offer has expanded, so too has consumers’ curiosity. As we become more appreciative of the value of wellness to our daily lives, consumers are educating themselves on how best they can take advantage of both ancient traditions and modern technology.”

Aqua Platinum spokesperson

The sauna is a prime example. The centuries-old Finnish concept, present in almost every Finnish home, has long been a favourite of spa-goers in the UK.

Now, increasing numbers of UK homeowners are opting for one as part of a personal suite of spa facilities, along with a plunge pool (maintained at 5-10°C) that they can jump into immediately afterwards, for maximum benefit.

This combining of treatments in order to use them most effectively is catching on. Heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, tennis player Andy Murray and runners Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah are among several elite athletes who have spoken out about the benefits of ice-cold water on muscles and blood flow.

Consumers are also becoming interested in different sauna styles. While the hot, dry, atmosphere of the Finnish sauna has long been popular, cooler, wetter bio-saunas are now very on trend, along with the Russian banya (a high humidity room that is similar in many ways to a bio-sauna).

“It’s not just about having an indoor pool any more. Those who are committed to their health and wellbeing are opting for saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, plunge pools, experience showers and spa pools with volcano jets and sprays for back, neck and shoulder massage. It’s about blending scientific advances in fields like sports exercise with ancient relaxation wisdom to create the ultimate bespoke vitality experience in your own home.”

Aqua Platinum spokesperson

The mixture of traditions and environments allows for some exciting design elements. Saunas remain simple in their presentation, with wood and natural stone constituting their main elements. Soft lighting is concealed beneath benches and backrests, while fibre optics can provide a delightful twinkly effect in the ceiling.

One more modern design feature that is becoming increasingly popular in home spas as well as many hotel spas is an aquarium wall. According to Allan N. Schwartz, PhD, “fish tanks are a wonderful way to further reduce anxiety and stress” when combined with other stress-busting activities. Aquarium walls are the ideal example of blending ancient relaxation knowledge such as this with modern design techniques.

As the high-end home spa market expands, so too do the range of facilities and treatments that are on offer. It was once enough to have an indoor pool. That’s now only the beginning.

For more information, call 0203 362 0442 or visit www.aquaplatinumprojects.co.uk.

University accommodation: 4 top tips for students from Collegiate AC

University accommodation: 4 top tips for students from Collegiate AC

United Kingdom ,
  • Book early to avoid disappointment
  • Make location your top priority
  • Think through the amenities that are most important to you
  • Work out which lifestyle services you plan to use

If you’re heading off to university this September, there’s plenty to think about. Not only will you have the fun of making new friends and discovering your new city, chances are you’ll be living independently for the first time. If that’s the case, you’ll almost certainly have questions about student housing.


“We find that many students are anxious about where they’re going to live and when and how to book their accommodation. That’s why we’ve made the booking process so simple on the Collegiate website – students can view our properties at their leisure, then book online to ensure they have the accommodation that they want.”

Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC

  1. The first thing to consider is how early to book.

According to UCAS, 48% of students book their accommodation before August. This means that you need to plan ahead and book early in order to have a decent choice of accommodation.

The UK has a shortage of university accommodation (2.3 students per available bed, according to Cushman and Wakefield), so don’t leave arranging your new home to the last minute, or you might end up living an awfully long way away from both the university and your fellow students.


  1. Location is the next thing to consider.

Do you want to be close to the university or close to the city centre? Many newly built student accommodation schemes offer accommodation that ticks both of these boxes, so shop around until you find a location that meets all of your needs.

Collegiate AC’s new Ernest Place accommodation in Durham, for example, is located within 10 minutes of the city centre and the university’s Durham city location, so whether you want to study, shop or go out for dinner, everything you need is within easy reach.


  1. Next, consider the facilities that you would like to have access to.


“Purpose built student accommodation gets better every year, so if an onsite gym or private cinema is important to you then opt for accommodation that has opened in the last two or three years. Communal features are becoming more and more important and students are reaping the rewards of this trend.”

Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC


At Collegiate’s Plummer House in Newcastle, for example, residents not only have their own en-suite apartments, but a wide range of luxurious amenities. There’s a games room, club lounge and bar for relaxing, a study room for hitting the books, an on-site cool room and concierge so that you can have your shopping delivered while you’re out at lectures, an on-site cinema for enjoying evenings in with friends and a private gym for keeping in shape.


  1. It’s also important to think about what you plan to take with you to uni.


Aside from clothes, toiletries and books, do you want the hassle of packing up pots and pans, plates, cups, bedding, towels and a toilet brush? No? Then make sure you opt for an accommodation provider that offers lifestyle services that provide these kind of items.

Consider too how you plan to cook and care for yourself. If you plan to live off takeaways, then kitchen facilities probably won’t matter too much, but if greasy meals day after day aren’t your style then make sure you opt for an apartment that includes a decent kitchen area, along with a breakfast bar or table where you can eat in comfort.


Then there’s the cleaning. Mum and Dad won’t be around to vacuum your floor or scrub your toilet, so if you don’t fancy taking on those tasks yourself, it’s best to find out what kind of cleaning services are available at your chosen accommodation. Many providers offer this as another of their lifestyle services. Find out in advance what’s available so you know how many dusters you need to pack.

“Starting university is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter, so make sure you organise your accommodation well in advance and have all of the features that you need. That way, you can arrive to the perfect home and focus on meeting new people and getting stuck into your studies, feeling happy and secure in your fabulous new accommodation.”


Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO, Collegiate AC


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