Bexleyheath boasts a bountiful November with Aristo also making a visit


November sees Bexleyheath open its doors to various events in the run up to Christmas including the Bexley Heritage Trust, Peoples Question Time with the chance to meet London’s Mayor, and a world record attempt at having as many Santa’s all in one place at the same time. If all this isn’t enough Aristo Developers from Cyprus are also dropping in for a visit and hope you’ll join them as they open the door to a life of sand, sea and your very own stunning property on the eastern Mediterranean isle.
Cyprus is blessed with almost year round sunshine and a climate that has been described as the most perfect in the world – conducive for good physical and mental wellbeing. A holiday hotspot for all seasons, the island is also an affluent and successful addition to the European Union, a desirable location with those looking for a tax friendly place to retire, and a booming destination to invest in.
Cyprus is possibly the most exotic nation in the European Union as well, despite its strong British feel and the lasting English influences on the island such as the fact that the old currency was the Cyprus pound, Cypriots drive on the left and the legal system in Cyprus incorporates a number of elements from the British system. Since it joined the eurozone and adopted the euro as its currency in January 2008, the already booming economy in Cyprus has continued to go from strength to strength, and this makes it an even more attractive location whether you’re looking for somewhere to holiday, live or invest.
“It is great to be taking some time to stop and enjoy the area of Bexleyheath and to meet the people who as the ‘Bexleyheath diary’ shows this November are a community that love coming together and having fun” says Martin Pearce, UK Sales Manager for Aristo. “With Cyprus adopting the Euro at the beginning of the year and the UK topping the list of tourist visitors to Cyprus we can only see the relationship between both countries and its communities growing.”
For more information on buying in or relocating to Cyprus come and meet the team from Aristo Developers at the Bexleyheath Marriot on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November or contact them on 0800 082 0601 or visit
Editors notes
6th November
Delectable Sweet Treats, Bexley Heritage Trust – An evening of your favourite desserts. For more information contact 01322 621238
Peoples Question Time, The Main Hall, Bromley civic centre – Your chance to meet the Mayor of London and Assembly Members and find out what they are doing for London and you. For more information contact 020 7983 4762.
8th and 9th November
Aristo Developers, Bexleyheath Marriot Hotel – Direct from Cyprus on their UK tour Aristo brings you all that Cyprus has to offer. For more information contact 0800 082 0601 or visit
15th and 16th November
Christmas Craft Fair, Hall Place and Gardens, Bourne Road, Bexley – Christmas shopping is made easy at Hall Place craft fair where you can buy traditional craft and more modern gifts.
23rd November
Santa’s on Broadway, Broadway Bexleyheath – Largest gathering of Santa’s – Guinness World Record Attempt. For more information call 020 8319 9235