Enjoy the Finer Things in Life in Cyprus


The sun-kissed Mediterranean island of Cyprus has always been a destination favoured by those who enjoy the finer things in life.  Because of its geographic position it is a nation blessed with one of the most favourable climates in the world making it a fertile land of great abundance.  The quality of life in Cyprus is enhanced by this very fact; and the standard of living enjoyed by locals and expatriates alike is exceptionally high thanks to the fine foods and fine wines produced locally on the island.
Famous for its sumptuous and extremely healthy traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Cyprus is also equally famed for its ancient and superior yet earthy wines.  As a wine producing nation Cyprus is also quite possibly unique as it has the dual status of being one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world, yet having some of the highest standards and most modern production policies in place to rival the best of the new world wine producing destinations.
Home to Commandaria, the world´s oldest named wine still in production, the most famous wine-producing region of Cyprus is located in and around the ancient yet vibrantly thriving port city of Limassol.  Winding along a trail of some 20 kilometres north of the city, the wine region of the Limassol municipality takes in breathtaking countryside and is centred on the five pretty and traditional villages of Kalo Chorio, Zopygi, Louvaras, Ayios Pavlos and Ayios Constantinos.
Commandaria is a beautifully rich, amber-coloured delicious dessert wine made from Xynisteri and Mavro grape varieties; production of the wine is believed to date back to Ancient Greek times with a reference made to Cypriot wine as early as 800BC – although the name Commandaria was not given to this sumptuous drink until around the time of the crusades in the 12th century.  Today the Commandaria wine is the most famous of all in Cyprus, but the island also produces a whole range of varieties from Cabernet to Shiraz and from Grenache Noir to Maratheftiko, an ancient grape variety that the wine producers of Cyprus are working hard to revive.  So important is the production of wine in Cyprus to both the economy and the lives of rural communities across the whole of the island that every year the municipality of Limassol celebrates the success of the season by holding a ten day wine festival in September.  Despite Limassol being home to a whole host of other festivals and festivities throughout the year, the annual wine festival is one of the most popular events in the city and it is also a time when the city can showcase the fact that it truly embodies, embraces and represents many of the finer things in life.
Commenting on the appeal of Limassol, Martin Pearce, UK Sales Director of Aristo Developers comments: “often described as the Saint Tropez of Cyprus, Limassol is a city with a perfect blend of lifestyle and real life amenities and opportunities.  It is a large employment centre whilst being a cultural, historic and artistic city where the shopping, the wining, dining and entertainment options are all five star.  Limassol is also an active Mediterranean seaport from which travellers can set sail to visit the likes of the Greek Islands and many other European, African and Middle East destinations and is also used as a stopover for many of the luxury cruise ships crossing the Mediterranean. It is a city that has received millions of euros in investment and regeneration funding in recent years to transform it from a working city with a certain faded chic into a cosmopolitan European city of lifestyle and culture.  Today the greater Limassol municipality is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for those moving to Cyprus, retiring to the nation or seeking investment property within reach of the fastest growing city in Cyprus.”
One development proving particularly popular with lifestyle home seekers who enjoy the finer things in life and who are therefore naturally attracted to Limassol is Monagroulli Hills.  This low density, high-grade development of two and three bedroom villas, each with their own private pool, are within easy reach of the cosmopolitan hub of Limassol whilst lying within the beautiful wine growing countryside that surrounds the city.  The homes are therefore private and luxurious, yet within reach of beaches, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. 
The homes within the development range in price from €299,000 plus VAT (£233,593) to €423,700 plus VAT (£329,727), and for more information please contact Aristo Developers on 0800 082 0601 or visit www.aristodevelopers.com.