Leading Cypriot developer gets on board as four marinas set sail for make-overs


The construction of a man-made island and the development of coastline that basks in sunshine nearly 365 days a year sounds like something you would associate with the United Arab Emirates but in a bid to enhance its future tourism appeal, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is doing just this.
The Cypriot government is hoping to lengthen its tourism season and also attract upmarket visitors by giving planning permission to a total of four new marinas located in the island´s main resorts, Limassol being the grandest of them all.
Construction of Limassol Marina will commence in early 2009 and is set to be completed, with its artificial island, by 2013. The marina will have 1000 births available, 400 connected to the mainland and 600 on the island which will also hold an array of properties, boating services and entertainment areas. The three other ports along the southern side of the island to receive make-over’s in the next few years are Larnaca, Paphos and Ayia Napa which will all have some large scale development carried out. No less than 900 spaces will be available for births at each port with the marina at Larnaca, set to start construction around the same time as Limassol, being able to accommodate the “super yacht” (yachts that are over 35 metres long) as well as hosting a cruise liner terminal.
“The size of these projects is quite amazing” says Martin Pearce, UK Sales Director of Aristo Developers a leading property developer on the island. “For example, currently Larnaca can host up to 200 vessels but this enhancement will mean that up to 1000 vessels can take advantage of the facilities at the port. Other popular towns such as Paphos and Ayia Napa will all have similar features and will provide better accessibility for skippers wanting to explore the island. As a company we are excited to see these projects get under way and the feeling in Cyprus is that it will not only create more jobs in the areas mentioned but will also appeal to a different kind of visitor.”
So what will these nautical enhancements mean for an island that has such a rich history and culture? Cyprus has seen a steady growth in tourism over recent years but figures now show that the popular island has reached a plateau of approximately 2.4 million arrivals and revenues of around €42.5 billion per year.
Antonis Paschalides, Minister of Commerce says, “Our vision is for maritime tourism to become a predominant source of revenue and the backbone of the island’s development effort”.
The government of Cyprus has been taking the development of its tourism industry very seriously with Paphos International Airport and its new terminal and facilities also recently opening. According to airport-technology.com the passenger growth in Cyprus is now expected to be between 3.5% and 4% a year and time will only tell what the impact of the planned marinas will do to increase these figures.  
Pearce says: “In addition to the boost this gives to the tourism industry in Cyprus, it is another sign of the commitment Cyprus has to the continued development of its first class infrastructure and the benefits this will bring to investors” Aristo Developers have a large number of properties around the planned new marinas some even offering private boat shelters. “For those looking for a property close to the water with more secluded and private boating facilities we have opportunities surrounding the bay at Latchi which has a well established yachting marina” says Pearce. “If on the other hand you want to be closer to some of the bigger marinas we have properties in and around the areas of Limassol and Paphos; there really are many options and with all main ports being regenerated you are never far away from the first class marine facilities that Cyprus offers.”
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