Adventure before Dementia: The future of retirement

Adventure before Dementia: The future of retirement

Have you in inadvertently been putting the cornflakes in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard lately? This may be an inkling that life is getting a little mundane, consisting of boring routines, lack of stimulation and predictability.

According to research by the World Alzheimer’s Reports, 44 million people are now thought to be living with dementia with sufferers predicted to reach 76 million in 2030 and a staggering 135 million by 2050.

Are you thinking it’s time to make a change to your everyday living? Is it just possible, (and recommended!), that a change to an “active” lifestyle in retirement will stimulate the grey matter and give you that new lease of life you have been searching for!

Danny Silver, Managing Founder of The Villages Group Rainbow, Europe’s first active retirement village for the LGBT community nestled in the heart of south west France comments,

“In the next decade we can expect dramatic changes in the world around us as baby boomers emerge as seniors and active living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be top of their wish list. In fact these 21st century seniors are already creating their own ‘age’ between retirement and dotage, the era of adventure before dementia!”

Danny and his team at The Villages Group Rainbow have fully embraced the “adventure before dementia” ethos by creating active living Villages in France for the over 50’s that provide services and amenities to encourage an active, happy and healthy lifestyle focussed around a strong community of like-minded individuals.

Indeed, The Villages Group Rainbow, now under construction, will provide a lifestyle that will be highly attractive to active 50+ LGBT individuals who want to live their lives to the full in one of the top ten expat countries in the world, one that is home to the world´s largest single wine-producing region, over 300 days of sunshine per annum and a coastline that stretches all the way from the Camargue down to the Spanish border, the southern Languedoc-Roussillon region has got plenty going for it.

For more information on how you can embrace ‘adventure before dementia’ with a home at The Villages Rainbow contact Danny today on + 33 1 4007 8625, email or visit