Buying a beachside property can heal mind, body and soul

Buying a beachside property can heal mind, body and soul

  • “Lifelong relationship to water” benefits cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual health (Dr Wallace Nichols, PhD)
  • 4 in 5 people report being around water relaxes them (Wakefield Research)
  • Beachside homes provide respite for mind, body and soul (Taylor Wimpey España)


The benefits of spending time near water are becoming increasingly evident, as more research is undertaken. For leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España, access to water is an integral part of the company’s ethos. From homes with direct access to stunning beaches, like Cala Murada in Mallorca, to developments with multiple communal pools and water-based relaxation amenities, like Mijas’ Horizon Golf townhouses, at the La Cala Golf Resort, which come complete with hydrotherapy centre and spa.

 “Just the sight of the sea can evoke a neurological reaction, let alone the health benefits to be enjoyed as a result of having a dip. Owning your primary residence or second home within sight of the water can boost your mental and physical health, which is why we take such care with the locations that we choose and the views that our beachside homes offer.”

 Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España

According to marine biologist Dr Wallace Nichols, seeing water can promote wellness and relaxation by inducing a flood of neurochemicals that increase the flow of blood to the brain and heart. At the same time, the sound of waves can alter brain patterns, inducing a deeply relaxed state that is similar to meditation.

This finding is backed up by data from Wakefield Research, which found that four out of five people report that being around water relaxes them, while 72% of people feel healthier after they’ve spent time on the water.

“A lifelong relationship to water, facilitated through activities like boating and water sports, for example, brings vast cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual health benefits. These activities also tender the added positive rewards of exercise and social time with others in the context of the great outdoors.”

 Dr Wallace Nichols, PhD, Author and Marine Biologist

Sea air brings mental health benefits of its own. The negative ions that it contains enable the body to absorb oxygen more readily and balance serotonin levels. Meanwhile, exposure to the sun’s heat results in the endocrine system secreting endorphins. Add in a swim in the sea and the salty water will preserve the brain’s levels of melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin, all of which stave off depression.

The physical benefits of beachside living are also numerous. Walking on sand requires the body to repeatedly counter-balance, thus working the muscles harder than walking on a flat surface. Swimming in the sea is also a great way to get exercise, as are the countless watersports that popular holiday locations like the Costa del Sol offer in such abundance. Exposure to sea water can boost the immune system, thanks to the antibiotic and antibacterial effects of the vitamins and minerals within the water. It can also improve circulation and help to heal aches and pains. There’s even evidence that swimming in warm sea water can help the body to fight conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

We still have a long way to go before we fully appreciate all of the benefits that come with spending time at the beach and in the sea. However, we know enough to understand that there is immense value to be had from living in close proximity to the water.”

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España

Even the diet is healthier for those who eat local produce, with regular consumers of fish less likely to suffer from depression than those who abstain from eating it. With glossy, high spec kitchens and wide terraces or private gardens, Taylor Wimpey España’s properties are perfectly designed for those wishing to reap the full package of benefits of seaside living.


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