Coast versus mountains – which is the best location for a second home?

Coast versus mountains – which is the best location for a second home?


  • Second home buyer Bart Embrechts extolls the virtues of mountain living
  • Taylor Wimpey España’s Botanic homes balance sustainability, ecology and bioclimatic architecture
  • Health benefits associated with both coastal and mountain living

Everyone’s vision of the perfect second home is different. However, there are many factors that crop up time and again: sunshine and swimming pools top many buyers’ lists, according to leading Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España. Many buyers also have strong views on the ideal location, with opinion often divided between coastal properties and those in more mountainous areas.

For Belgian Bart Embrechts, the decision was an easy one – he wanted a coastal property in southern Spain. His mind was made up. At least, until he saw a home in the mountains!

“My family and I love Andalusia. The climate, the gastronomy, the whole quality of life. It was the obvious choice for our second home and we though that somewhere right on the beach would be perfect – until we saw Botanic! The serenity up in the mountains is just incredible. As soon as I saw those views, it just felt right. We still have easy access to the coast, just with the peace that comes with the more mountainous environment.”

Bart Embrechts, second home buyer, Taylor Wimpey España

The Embrecht family’s home at Botanic was created to achieve a balance of sustainability, ecology and bioclimatic architecture. The natural slope of the mountain allowed for split-level design, with buildings constructed at different heights in order to optimise the panoramic views out to the Mediterranean, some 7 km away. Indigenous trees, flowers and shrubs fill the garden areas, with vertical gardens and green corridors creating a uniquely natural development. Several properties from the second phase of development at Botanic are currently available for purchase, with prices starting from €387,000 plus VAT for a three-bedroom apartment.

Proximity to nature is a key draw for many second home buyers, according to the Taylor Wimpey España team, who this year celebrate 60 years of successfully building homes in Spain.

“Spain has some wonderfully peaceful mountainous areas that are well located for access to all the sights and sounds of the Costa del Sol, but that also provide the opportunity to retreat from the busyness and enjoy the tranquillity of mountain living. It’s the perfect balance and something that buyers don’t consciously realise they are looking for until they find it.”

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España

That was certainly the case for Bart Embrechts, who was captivated by the views at Botanic, despite previously having his heart set on a coastal property.

Both coastal and mountainous areas are known for their healing and relaxing attributes. The combination of fresh, salty sea air and the sound of waves reduces stress levels, boosts the immune system and increases your white blood cell count. Living near green space, meanwhile, results in better sleep patterns, lower stress levels and good overall health, according to a new research report from the University of East Anglia.


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