Living it up and down in Marbella

Clients´ demands on the exclusive Champneys Resort in Marbella have led to the developer combining apartments together, first and second floor apartments in suitable blocks, to create three bedroom duplex properties complete with terraces, gardens, pool and interior courtyards. Julia Norton, Sales Director Champneys Marbella comments “Because there are so many clients requesting prime properties on the resort, naturally we have adapted the construction in order to satisfy the demand for the larger properties”.

Although, this might appear excessive, possibly unbelievable, considering the current economic climate, one has to remember that Marbella has always been and still is the Mecca for the rich and famous. Regardless of what the rest of the world is doing with its´ finances, the very rich remain relatively unscathed by it all. In fact, despite the economic downturn in Spain, properties in the new Champneys Marbella development have been holding strong and all but 2 of the penthouses have been sold (22 of 24).

The statistics released by property experts show that the average property price in Marbella during the final quarter of last year was 654,000 Euros compared with just 247,000 Euros across the rest of Spain. Marbella´s house prices are on average 164.6% more expensive than the national average and this will come as no surprise to anybody who knows the resort. The stereotype of Marbella being home to the “jet set” is still very prevalent today and the members show no signs of leaving their spiritual home. There is nowhere else in Spain that holds that cosmopolitan feel, not unlike that of Monaco or Portofino, where its residents live an unrivalled lifestyle. For this reason celebs such as Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith continue to hold it in such high esteem because it offers them everything that they require in terms of leisure, shopping and relaxation.

And for those, who don´t live permanently in Spain, Marbella is still the hot holiday destination, in every sense of the word. In fact, last year according to the Office of National Statistics Spain received almost twice the number of visitors than France with 12,029,325 compared to just 7,581,688. A large proportion of the twelve thousand head loyally back to Marbella every year where they are guaranteed the essential holiday ingredients that they have come to expect over the years. Life carries on as normal in Marbella with those clients who can afford to opt for the ultimate in top end living and Champneys Resort in Marbella enables them to do just that. For more information contact Champneys Marbella on +44 (0)1442 291200 or visit

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About Champneys Marbella Spa Resort: Set within the hills of Marbella’s National park this exclusive development boasts an idyllic location overlooking the coast line of Marbella and Puerto Banus.
Duplex properties combining first and second floor apartments in suitable blocks (5, 7 and 12) with 3 bedrooms are available from 1.6 million Euros. Apartments and penthouses are also available in the exclusive luxury resort combining the Champneys spa lifestyle and stunning climate of the Mediterranean. Prices start from €696,358 for 2 bedroom apartments. There are just two 2 bedroom penthouses available at €971,729 and €1,026,705. For more information contact 01442 291200, email or visit