Swapping British stresses for Spanish Spas

With over half a million Britons each year saying their work-related stress makes them feel ill, it is no wonder an increasing number are exchanging the costs of British life with the Costa del Sol. After Australia, the most popular destination for Britons is the peaceful, sunny Spain with its fresh food, pleasant seas and relaxing spas. With an estimated two million people suffering from what is recognised by doctors as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or ‘winter blues’, it is no surprise 750,000 people left Britain last year to experience the more tranquil Spanish lifestyle.

One of the best documented ways to counteract stress is the use of modern day spas and their prevalence in Spanish tourist areas and coastal resorts is seen as a major factor responsible for their attractiveness to outsiders. Spas, water treatments and hydrotherapy were once considered the preserve of the rich, but an increasing number of northern Europeans are now enjoying the sorts of relaxing health benefits they bring. Champneys, who are developing a spa apartment and penthouse resort in southern Spain, have made water treatment and hydrotherapy a major feature of their project. Tony Roberts, Sales Director of Champneys Marbella said:
“Spas are a great way of relaxing people and alleviating stress as well as providing proven treatments to those with arthritis and muscle pains. That’s why the focus of the Champneys Marbella site is the main Spa Building and Plaza. Studies of rival treatments for muscle and joint pain have concluded spa and hydrotherapy treatments were most effective, physically as well as emotionally.”
Such treatments soothe muscle pains and increase blood circulation, sending much needed nutrients to specific parts of the body. The muscle relaxation properties of hot water also cure dull muscle pain and helps keep the body free of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. Hot water also helps the body move toxins into the lymph system and helps supply more oxygen to parts of the body. People with diseases like arthritis or multiple sclerosis, or who suffer from paralysis will appreciate the benefits of a hot spa. The warm water helps ease aches and pains and loosens the joints.
The weather also makes a difference. Studies also show lethargy, anxiety and depression can all be reduced by warmer climates. However this, the emotional well being and the general relaxation associated with the coastal Spanish lifestyle are not the only advantages. Simple things like healthier dietary habits, the cost of living, less pollution and a slower pace of life also have an effect. In addition, mention must be made of the financial benefits and security to be reaped by investing in Spanish property. The high level of immigration and tourism from northern Europe and elsewhere ensures demand for short and long term accommodation remains strong. This is particularly the case in coastal areas where the Spanish Ministry of Tourism predicts more than one million foreigners will move in the next six years.
The Costa del Sol or ‘Costa del Golf’ as it is known by enthusiasts for the number of courses around Marbella has long been a popular destination for British people. As well as the numerous shops, restaurants, bars and clubs there are also many cinemas and casinos. Relaxing parks and beautiful beaches litter the area, as do opportunities to take part in pursuits like water sports, hiking and horse riding. With already 2.8 million legal foreign residents in Spain and falling house and share prices in Britain, investors are already looking towards the Mediterranean. In some areas, Spanish property has appreciated by up to 30 per cent in the last three years. Tony Roberts, Sales Director of Champneys Marbella said:
“Marbella, right in the heart of the Costa del Sol, has something for everyone. Not only can it be vibrant and sporty, it can also be a relaxing, bright and sunny place with a calm atmosphere. In this time of stress and strain, a lot of Britons would appreciate the worth of such a lifestyle and the effects it would have on what is broadly described as ‘wellness’. This, when added to the financial benefits of investment makes migration to the area and its purpose built spa apartment and penthouse resorts easily understood. We wanted our development to epitomise this type of de-stressed lifestyle, hence our investment in luxurious accommodation, elegant surroundings, water therapies, delicious cuisine and the latest fitness trends.”
For more information contact 01442 291200, email sales@champneysmarbella.com or visit www.champneysmarbella.com.
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Champneys Marbella Spa Resort
Set within the hills of Marbella’s National park this exclusive development boasts an idyllic location over looking the coast line of Marbella and Puerto Banus. Apartments and penthouses are available in the exclusive luxury resort combining the Champneys spa lifestyle and stunning climate of the Mediterranean. Prices start from €696,358 / £552,492 for 2 bedroom apartments. There are just two 2 bedroom penthouses available at €971,729 / £770,966 and €1,026,705 / £814,622. Also available are 3 bedroom 3 bathroom vast duplex suites with private pool, two parking spaces and two store rooms at €1,700,000 / £1,348,836. For more information contact 01442 291200, email sales@champneysmarbella.com or visit www.champneysmarbella.com.