The Madre Vino of all wines


Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas… sound familiar? Well if not, these names may well roll off the tongue in the near future as the research group Credoc has recently announced that Spain is set to overtake France as the worlds largest wine producer.  The wines named here are popular wines from the province of Murcia where traditional methods of wine making are still very much part of the areas culture and history.
Spanish for ‘mother of all wines’, Madre Vino is a method of wine making that has served both France and Spain well. Used for the improvement of young wines it is a popular process in many vineyards across both countries and as predictions are set for Spain to take over France as early as 2015 this well known winemaking term could take on a whole new meaning. Spain indeed will be the mother of all wine makers in a very competitive market.
Set in the hills of Murcia near the town of Lorca lies land that is enveloped by vineyards and almond groves. Protected by law the land is restricted to only one property for every five acres of land which the environmentally sympathetic property development agency Casas de Lorca is currently offering buyers with the ‘nose’ for true Spanish living.
 “You design your own villa to specifications that suit your needs, views are guaranteed and land is plentiful in more ways then one, who’s to say that producing your very own wine is out of the question?” says Mike Hamilton Director of Casas de Lorca. “Resident farmers have been known to deliver a couple of bottles made from local grapes to households on the land and we have one couple that is already using their land to cultivate and grow their own vegetables, it really is a great opportunity to get back to nature and the simple Spanish life.”
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