The Furnishing Touch to Your Overseas Purchase



At a time when buying a property abroad – be it as a holiday escape or an investment purchase – is becoming more and more appealing given the UK’s current housing crisis, it remains important to consider the purchase as a whole before committing. This means factoring in the other added expenses that it is easy to overlook when falling for your dream property, especially when the price is extremely appealing when coming from a UK market.
When buying abroad you need to make sure that your entire budget isn’t blown on the property itself but that sufficient amounts are put aside for legal fees and taxes for example. In this case, it is important to be led by both your head and your heart. If the property is to be used as a holiday home, the price of flights need to be looked into, for example, to make sure that you can afford the property that you are set on. The expense of furnishing the property is another factor that it is also easy to overlook, an often difficult task in a foreign country where it is hard to know where to buy and which are respectable retailers.
This particular problem, however, is one that Aristo Developers – specialists in properties in Cyprus and Greece – can take off your mind. They are offering customers who reserve a property between 1st August and 30th September 2008 a free €6,000 voucher to spend on furnishing their property in selected retailers. Not only does this mean that you will have more money to play with when it comes to the property and covering legal expenses, you also have the ease of knowing that respected retailers have been chosen for you. This combined with the fact that properties will also come with free air conditioning means that your budget really will stretch further.
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Editors Notes
Cyprus Market Comment
Martin Pearce, UK Sales Director for Aristo Developers, comments,
Cyprus seems to be one of the most stable destinations for real estate investments in Europe. Cyprus scored highly in the last few years in new property developments political and economical climate, and especially highly in internet hits and media coverage. Popular for its year round sun the island achieved a strong 2007 capital value growth. (Around 15%).
Strong infrastructure empowers the destination further:
Plans for the extension of the two international airports Laranca and Paphos were implemented and works are expected to be completed by the end of 2008. This will change the dimensions with regards to the capacities of these two airports, (The capacities will almost double) which creates new opportunities. New carriers from all over Europe showed serious interest of operating to the destination and some of those started already flying to Cyprus.
The new and modern road network creates new opportunities within the island of Cyprus making distances considerably shorter and comfortable.
Moreover the local town planning authorities gave their final approval for a new modern marina in Limassol (works already started), and a further licence for luxurious state of the art marina is given for the region of Paphos (tenders were submitted to the government and expecting final decision by the end of this year the latest)
Further championship designer golf courses shall establish the island as emerging golf destination and attract additional investor’s to the destination offering at the same time a very good alternative to the already established golf destination i.e. Portugal and Spain.
After the introduction of Cyprus in the Euro zone the interest rates became lower making borrowing cheaper.
All above facts compose the stability for investments in Cyprus securing at the same time capital value growth for the years to follow.
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Goodbye tension, hello pension!



Follow in the footsteps of the Gouldings as they relocate to Cyprus
Britain has just come in penultimate place in the European quality of life survey, and every day as one opens a newspaper or switches on the news one is bombarded with negativity about the state of the British economy which is part of the reason behind the Institute for Public Policy Research estimating that by 2050, 3.3 million British retirees will be living abroad.  
Their estimates are backed up by further research from The NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Report that earlier this year surveyed expatriates who already live overseas about their experiences.  The report identified the fact that 91% of expats are happier than they were when they lived in the UK, 90% are financially better off, 92% feel they have a better quality of life and an incredible 99% said they have no regrets about emigrating.
According to Sarah Woods, editor of the Retirement Property Guide, over 60,000 foreign retirees live in Cyprus, of whom a large percentage are Britons who strongly favour the island because of its enviable climate, its fantastic quality of life and because of the strong British influences that exist in Cyprus which was a British colony until 1960.  The fact that in Cyprus the legal system is based on the English, drivers drive on the left, English is spoken everywhere and one can even get British TV via satellite means that life for retiring Britons in Cyprus could not be easier!  Adding to the benefits of choosing Cyprus is the fact that pension income is taxed at the lowest rate in Cyprus of all other nations in Europe and the cost of living is a literal fraction of what it is in the UK.  All of these reasons and many more are luring increasing numbers of British retirees to the island annually, such as Malcolm and Jean Goulding who moved to the village of Argaka in Cyprus last year.

Summing up their reasons for choosing Cyprus, Jean Goulding comments that: “it is home from home and every day the sun shines, and with such a strong British presence in Cyprus it is very easy to be accepted here.  The people are extremely friendly and the island has a very low crime rate so we always feel safe walking the streets day and night.”  Malcolm and Jean also enjoy the fact that Cyprus has become more accessible in recent years thanks to budget airlines joining those which serve the island’s international airports at Paphos and Larnaca.  “We have 5 children and 6 grandchildren who come and visit and we actually see more of our family now that we live in a beautiful villa in the sun overlooking the Mediterranean than before when we lived in Macclesfield – it’s funny that isn’t it!”
As retirees they benefit from the excellent Cypriot national health system, they can comfortably live on their fixed pension income and they have plenty of spare time for all their hobbies such as enjoying the boat that they own a part share in – with Jean also being an active member of the local church group and Malcolm having taken up Greek and keyboard lessons.
Martin Pearce, UK Sales Manager of Aristo Developers is an expert when it comes to advising would-be British retirees on making the move to Cyprus, and he has some excellent advice for anyone now actively planning their relocation.  “The most important thing is to get active in the local community as soon as you arrive.  The sooner you make friends and establish helpful acquaintances, the quicker you will find the best restaurants, the best handyman and the shops and market stalls where the locals all shop for less for example.  You will find people who can help you get your residency permit, you will make friends who can introduce you to life on the island, and what’s more you will feel at home much quicker and wonder why you didn’t make the move years ago!  The other top tip I would give is learn the language.  Whilst all Cypriots speak English and are usually more than happy to do so, learning Greek will keep your mind active and show the Cypriots that you really are keen to integrate and make Cyprus home.”
Aristo Developers helped Malcolm and Jean Goulding purchase their lovely villa property in Argaka, and of the experience the Gouldings say that they didn’t have any problems with the buying process because everything was done for them.  They used reputable solicitors and Aristo even helped them set up bank accounts and furnish their property.  The Gouldings bought an Argaka Village villa and Aristo have 3 and 4 bedroom villas and bungalows for sale in another stage of this beautiful project which is just steps away from the Mediterranean Sea.  Properties with swimming pools are for sale from €378,900/£300,785 and for more information please contact Aristo Developers on 0800 082 0601 or visit

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life in Cyprus



The sun-kissed Mediterranean island of Cyprus has always been a destination favoured by those who enjoy the finer things in life.  Because of its geographic position it is a nation blessed with one of the most favourable climates in the world making it a fertile land of great abundance.  The quality of life in Cyprus is enhanced by this very fact; and the standard of living enjoyed by locals and expatriates alike is exceptionally high thanks to the fine foods and fine wines produced locally on the island.
Famous for its sumptuous and extremely healthy traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Cyprus is also equally famed for its ancient and superior yet earthy wines.  As a wine producing nation Cyprus is also quite possibly unique as it has the dual status of being one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world, yet having some of the highest standards and most modern production policies in place to rival the best of the new world wine producing destinations.
Home to Commandaria, the world´s oldest named wine still in production, the most famous wine-producing region of Cyprus is located in and around the ancient yet vibrantly thriving port city of Limassol.  Winding along a trail of some 20 kilometres north of the city, the wine region of the Limassol municipality takes in breathtaking countryside and is centred on the five pretty and traditional villages of Kalo Chorio, Zopygi, Louvaras, Ayios Pavlos and Ayios Constantinos.
Commandaria is a beautifully rich, amber-coloured delicious dessert wine made from Xynisteri and Mavro grape varieties; production of the wine is believed to date back to Ancient Greek times with a reference made to Cypriot wine as early as 800BC – although the name Commandaria was not given to this sumptuous drink until around the time of the crusades in the 12th century.  Today the Commandaria wine is the most famous of all in Cyprus, but the island also produces a whole range of varieties from Cabernet to Shiraz and from Grenache Noir to Maratheftiko, an ancient grape variety that the wine producers of Cyprus are working hard to revive.  So important is the production of wine in Cyprus to both the economy and the lives of rural communities across the whole of the island that every year the municipality of Limassol celebrates the success of the season by holding a ten day wine festival in September.  Despite Limassol being home to a whole host of other festivals and festivities throughout the year, the annual wine festival is one of the most popular events in the city and it is also a time when the city can showcase the fact that it truly embodies, embraces and represents many of the finer things in life.
Commenting on the appeal of Limassol, Martin Pearce, UK Sales Director of Aristo Developers comments: “often described as the Saint Tropez of Cyprus, Limassol is a city with a perfect blend of lifestyle and real life amenities and opportunities.  It is a large employment centre whilst being a cultural, historic and artistic city where the shopping, the wining, dining and entertainment options are all five star.  Limassol is also an active Mediterranean seaport from which travellers can set sail to visit the likes of the Greek Islands and many other European, African and Middle East destinations and is also used as a stopover for many of the luxury cruise ships crossing the Mediterranean. It is a city that has received millions of euros in investment and regeneration funding in recent years to transform it from a working city with a certain faded chic into a cosmopolitan European city of lifestyle and culture.  Today the greater Limassol municipality is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for those moving to Cyprus, retiring to the nation or seeking investment property within reach of the fastest growing city in Cyprus.”
One development proving particularly popular with lifestyle home seekers who enjoy the finer things in life and who are therefore naturally attracted to Limassol is Monagroulli Hills.  This low density, high-grade development of two and three bedroom villas, each with their own private pool, are within easy reach of the cosmopolitan hub of Limassol whilst lying within the beautiful wine growing countryside that surrounds the city.  The homes are therefore private and luxurious, yet within reach of beaches, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. 
The homes within the development range in price from €299,000 plus VAT (£233,593) to €423,700 plus VAT (£329,727), and for more information please contact Aristo Developers on 0800 082 0601 or visit

Buying back home in Canada



One family’s decision to own a home back where they grew up; it is an investment into their lifestyle and family across the pond…
Eileen and Phil Church along with their four children have recently returned from their winter break in Canada. They have, however, come back with more than just goggle eyes and photos for the family album… The Church’s have purchased a five bedroom lodge just north of Montreal, at Fiddler Lake, St.Sauveur, a location steeped in history for Eileen, with her family tree showing over three generations in the region including her close relations today. Living and working in Canada has a great appeal so it is easy to see why statistics are showing that the country as a place to visit, relocate and invest are growing steadily.
Eileen explains how she was bought up in Canada and how her family all ended up back on UK soil where they originally started; “When I was born my grandfather encouraged my father to take the family to the UK”, says Eileen. “At the time things in the Canadian teaching system were not as good as they are now, so when I was nine years old my father made the decision to relocate us all to Sheffield, England.” 
It was a giant leap for the family but despite the move Eileen still vividly recalls her early years growing up in Canada; “My memories of Canada centre on all the outdoor activities we were involved in. I had my first pair of skis when I was three years old.  In winter I remember skating on the outdoor ice rink at the City Hall in Toronto and in the Spring and Summer playing in the pool with my cousins and having fantastic family BBQ’s. One of my favourite memories is of waterskiing and fishing up at our cottage. It really was an amazing place to spend the beginning of my life.”
With a growing family of their own, aged from 6 to 19 years, Phil and Eileen have seized the opportunity to not only visit Canada to maintain their strong family ties with cousins still based out there but to also own their own property.  “Phil spends much of his working week in London away from home so having a house in Canada is proving to be a great bolt-hole for him and the rest of us to get away from the UK way of life and have some quality family time” says Eileen who is very much a homemaker.
Eileen and Phil have always been taught the importance of family and that is why as a couple they new it was important to maintain their relationships with their extended family across the pond and in turn discover more about their family routes.
Canada is one of the most diverse nations on the planet with well over 20% of the population in Ontario alone being foreign born. The UK takes the place as the largest visiting market with 2% increase in UK visitors in 2007. The ongoing efforts of CTC (Canadian Tourism Commission) are also adding to Canada’s worldwide appeal
It is not just young families that are looking to Canada though. In a recent survey Canada came first in the ex-pats Natwest Quality of Life Index with a score of 63%, with this high ranking due to its housing, the natural environment and the availability of consumer goods it is not surprising that a standard is being set for all generations to enjoy.
The Church’s hope to visit Canada at least 3 times per year and with the completion of there custom made property due this Summer, their home-from-home dream will become a reality.  “Buying this property has meant that we can marry both our UK and Canadian lives. With family in both we have a great opportunity and privilege to be able to show our children a different culture”, says Eileen. “We did think of relocating but due to the kids school commitments and Phil’s work we thought that this purchase would work the best for the family as a whole.”
Eileen and Phil have spent £375,000 on their property and are having an outdoor sauna and Jacuzzi built as well. “These features are pretty standard with this style of lodge and we are looking into the possibility of having a pool built as well. The kids really love it there and play with my cousins children. They get very spoilt and love getting involved with outdoor living much like what I experienced as a child.”
In a recent interview the Honourable Charles Lapointe, president of the CTC, who finished his 5 year term in office on the 1st December 2007, said “The government has injected funds into the general image of Canada over my term and this is now continuing with the promotion of Quebec’s 400th anniversary and the 2010 winter Olympics which will be taking part in Vancouver.”  Lapointe goes onto say: “The CTC and Canada’s tourism industry joined forces bringing the whole country together and ‘Canada. Keep Exploring’ is a slogan that permeates the CTC’s whole strategic approach to supporting the industry, and increasingly all the other parties getting involved as well” and ‘keep exploring’ is certainly what the Church family will continue to do too as the family grows and inspired by the country as a whole.
The Church’s bought their property through Undiscovered Properties and have been very pleased with every element of the process. Phil and Eileen go on to say “We did a lot of research when looking for the best deal and to be honest we couldn’t find one better. It was almost too good to be true and it really is rare to find a business that works with so much integrity.”
“The management services at the resort will be organizing rental management as well and will be looking after the maintenance of our property when we are not there. We have been given reassurances that when it comes to rental they have strict guidelines for the people they let use our property and we very much trust them with this side of things.”
The director of Undiscovered Properties, John Prior goes onto say, “Fiddler Lake is virtually sold out now but the same developer has started on Eagles Ridge Golf & Country Club, close to Mont Tremblant, Eastern Canada’s ski capital. This time a slightly more ambitious scheme is being started, with 400 properties in nearly 2000 acres of pristine rolling woodlands surrounding 5 freshwater lakes.”
The facilities in this project are also very impressive, with a Graham Cooke designed golf course and clubhouse, sailing club, equestrian centre, tennis courts and swimming pool, making this Canada’s premier destination for all the family. Properties each have either their own 1.5 acre direct lake frontage or large 3 acre woodland plots, with a choice of the same log style lodges as at Fiddler Lake or frame-build houses. Prices start from £249,000 for property and plot.
For your chance to walk in the steps of families like the Church’s and own you very own Canadian property contact Undiscovered Properties direct on 0870 7347968 or visit