Millgate set to give new lease of life to Woolley Hall

Millgate set to give new lease of life to Woolley Hall

United Kingdom

Luxury homes builder Millgate has announced that it has acquired the magnificent Woolley Hall on the outskirts of Littlewick Green in Berkshire.

The house and land have a rich history that spans several centuries from their first mention dating back to the beginning of the 13th century. Over the years since then, Woolley Hall has passed from the hands of the Forester family through a fine selection of the British aristocracy.

The most recent notable to have resided in Woolley Hall was George Dunn, a bibliophile and keen student of palaeography and early printing. Dunn lived there from 1886 until his untimely death in 1912, aged just 47. Mr Dunn was an expert on no less than four different subjects: astronomy, arboriculture (the trees he planted are one of the hall’s fascinating and unique features), horology and antique books.

Throughout his life, Dunn built up an impressive library at Woolley Hall, collecting early English law books, medieval manuscripts, early printed editions and stamped bindings. He was one of the first British collectors to notice and preserve these artefacts, a tradition which Berkshire has proudly carried on since through its leading library service, which this month sees the popular LibraryFest 2014 event draw to a suitable close with World Book Night at West Berkshire’s Newbury and Theale Libraries.

No doubt Dunn would be proud to see his literary heritage carried on in such a way. After his death in 1912, Dunn’s library was broken up and sold off to collectors worldwide, realising over £30,000.

In his personal life, it was rumoured that poor George Dunn suffered from a broken heart; the story goes that on the morning before his wedding day, his bride-to-be ran off with his brother! The wedding breakfast, which was laid ready for the celebration, was left untouched for the remainder of his life in an eerie yet somehow fitting echo of that of Miss Havisham in Dickens’ Great Expectations.

But quite unlike the gloomy ending of Miss Havisham’s Satis House, Woolley Hall is having new life breathed into it.
Millgate’s plans for the Woolley Hall seek to quietly reflect and continue prolong the proud grandeur and tradition of the original buildings. The fabulous development will see Woolley Hall converted into luxury apartments, while the original stable block will be skilfully transformed into highly desirable mews houses. Within the grounds, a small selection of discreet, luxury country mansions will be added to complete the overall development.

Jonathan Cranley, Sales and Marketing Director for Millgate, comments,
“We are so excited here at Millgate to have been able to purchase this wonderful ancient estate. Turning this grand country seat and parkland into a selection of the finest homes will be one of the most exciting projects we have undertaken to date. The team is keen to get to work on such an energising project and to build some of the UK’s most stunning homes as part of the Woolley Estate legacy.”

For more details on the work to be undertaken at Woolley Hall contact Millgate on 0118 934 3344.

Luxury homes for green fingers: Celebrate RHS National Gardening Week with a Millgate mansion

United Kingdom

This week, 14th to 21st April is National Gardening Week. Launched three years ago by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this annual event has grown into the country’s biggest celebration of gardening.

  • 14th – 21st April 2014 is RHS National Gardening Week
  • 2014 marks 50th anniversary of RHS Britain in Bloom
  • Millgate spend £240,000 on the gardens for Wargrave project

2014 also sees the RHS celebrating the 50th anniversary of RHS Britain in Bloom, the UK’s largest volunteering project which encourages anyone from a complete novice to a green-fingered expert to get involved and breathe life back into green spaces, neighbourhoods and communities all over the UK.

One business that does not need any encouragement to get their gardens in bloom is Millgate, the multi award-winning Berkshire based luxury homes developer. 

When Millgate complete on the purchase of a new development plot, the first aspect they start work on is the garden. Whilst one might expect developers to turn their attention to demolition and ground breaking to tee off any project, this is not Millgate’s style at all. Breaking with normal construction tradition Millgate turn their initial attention to the natural surrounds and how to maximise their appeal.

Matthew BrazierSenior Sales Manager for Millgate, explains:
“Working on the landscaping at the early stage of a development pays enormous dividends later. As a priority we look at the established grounds of any development and then shape, tailor and update where necessary. This gives established plants the time they need to re-grow and shape as we want them prior to launch.

“Our award-winning garden contractor is Berkshire-based Treetop. We work with the experts to produce the landscape plans for planning submission with Treetop consulting closely with us at every stage, deciding together which existing mature trees, hedges and ornamental plants should be retained as well as where new flora will be introduced.

“The Millgate philosophy is simple; if someone is looking to buy a beautiful home then it must be set within a beautiful plot. Focusing on the landscaping from day one allows us the maximum amount of time for the foliage to flourish as desired resulting in stunning grounds well before the Show Home launch takes place. Aware that we will be working on the site for up to a year or sometimes longer, 25 years of construction experience has taught us some brilliant tricks of the trade, of which investing time in the garden early on is definitely one.”

Closer to launch Millgate introduce final planting to give the grounds that wow factor. This phase is common in the construction industry butMatthew Brazier explains what it is that sets Millgate apart:

“I have worked in residential industry for 10 years and yet I have never seen the level of attention, detail and funds that goes into a Millgate garden. For instance we had a recent project in Wargrave of small mews homes.  The external garden costs came to almost £240,000.  Needless to say the houses sold quickly!”

Sales and Marketing Director for Millgate,Jonathan Cranley, adds:
“At Millgate we work in hand in hand with Treetop who, like us, have a desire to stand out from the crowd. They understand what we want and they deliver exactly that; it makes our job so much easier when we have like-minded partnerships of this nature. Treetop have created numerous medal-winning gardens and attended at all the major RHS shows like Chelsea, Hampton Court Palace and Tatton Park, so there is no denying they are at the top of their game.”

The latest project that Treetop assisted Millgate on was a luxury development Trevereux, just outside Oxted. Here the gardeners were challenged by the houses sitting on the edge of an escarpment, meaning steep slopes down to stunning infinity pools with views stretching dozens of miles out to the South Downs.

Fiona Bruce, an RHS Chelsea Flower Show medal winner from Treetop, comments:
“Everyone was in awe of the views at Chart Ridge, Trevereux, they are completely stupendous but it was very challenging to work on this project due to the original gradient. With some careful terracing and sculpting of the land, it is now much easier to get about on. For privacy we planted six metre high Thujas (evergreen conifers), which had to be guyed and staked in place because of the slopes – and that was during the wettest winter for years, which was certainly challenging! We also planted specially grown trailing evergreens into the retaining terrace walls so that they would be green very quickly.”

Fiona goes on to explain how Treetop select plants for each individual development:
“We generally focus on low maintenance plants, as everyone has such busy lives. We also try to ensure that nearly everything is evergreen, partly to help reduce maintenance (no leaves falling in autumn) and partly to provide year-round colour and interest. We import many large specimen trees and shrubs from European growers to create an ´instant´ maturity to complement Millgate´s properties. It´s very important to make each garden as flexible as possible, since you don´t know whose garden it is going to be or for what purposes they will be using it. Very often we are asked by purchasers, after they have bought their new homes, to further develop their new gardens with them, which is a wonderful opportunity to take the landscaping to the next level.

For more information on Millgate and their wonderful gardens contact 0118 934 3344 or visit To talk to Fiona at Treetop contact 0118 934 4132.

Celebrate National Bed Month and catch 40 winks in a magical Millgate master bedroom

United Kingdom

The Sleep Council, the consumer education arm funded by the National Bed Federation, the trade association for British bed manufacturers has designated the month of March National Bed Month.
The Sleep Council’s longest standing awareness campaign, started in 1990, promotes the importance of getting the very best from your night’s sleep and the role that a good bed plays in achieving this.

  • March is National Bed Month (The Sleep Council)
  •  The human brain needs sleep to survive (University of Rochester, USA, 2013)
  • Millgate work with Alexander James Interiors to create magical master bedrooms

Historically lack of sleep has been used as a form of torture and there is good reason for this as many new parents can relate to! Sleep is vital for mental and physical health and wellbeing; for without this precious commodity, an individual will eventually encounter long-term health problems.

At the end of 2013 scientists at the University of Rochester (US) found that the human brain actually NEEDS sleep to survive. It is during sleep that the brain cleans out the junk that we accumulate during our waking hours.

The scientists found that unlike the body which has waste cleared out by the lymphatic systems, the brain is disconnected from that and needs another way to remove waste. This essentially happens during our sleep, where space is cleared for a new day. And it transpires that ‘brain cleaning’ is 10 times more efficient during sleep than when we are awake so, yes sleep is a necessity.

The Sleep Council has a plethora of useful and practical advice on how to maximise your sleep, from kitting out your bedroom with the right bedframe, mattress, lighting and temperature, introducing specific ‘wind-down’ procedures to combat stress and worry as well as diet and exercise tips.

Luxury house builder Millgate is equally passionate about creating a perfect night’s sleep for their home owners with the team drawing upon their 25 years building experience to create magical bedrooms.
The master bedroom in a Millgate home will, if possible, be located at the rear of the house away from any potential road noise. Famous for their softened feature walls which are often seen within a Millgate master bedroom suite, these beautiful curves create a flow through the room, eliminating any harsh corners. Many of their master bedroom suites will also afford an exterior terrace or balcony, wonderful for enjoying the morning sunrise but also useful for allowing fresh air into the room by throwing the doors open.

A dedicated seating area is always incorporated into a Millgate bedroom, somewhere to read or wind down before sleep catches up with you. The bathroom areas are set away from the bed and unlike many constructors Millgate do not install lights that automatically turn on as you enter the bathroom which could disrupt a light sleeper. The wardrobes in the dressing rooms have soft close doors to keep noise to a minimum and create a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

As with everything they do, Millgate takes things one step further working with Alexander James Interiors to dress their Show Homes. Creating bedrooms that are both functional and conducive to sleep is a crucial part of the work carried out prior to launch.

No ordinary beds will be found in a Millgate home. Indeed, each product is hand selected from a varied range of specialist suppliers. It is very important that each bedroom looks unique and in no way resembles anything that might be found in a conventional new home.

The furniture will have been hand-selected to mirror the ‘feel’ of the room and create something to capture the imagination of the prospective buyer. The bed itself will be a work of art. Almost every master bedroom will feature a super king sized bed with a handmade headboard which ties in seamlessly with the design theme. The finest Egyptian cottons and exotic silk throws dress the bed, with plump feather filled pillows and a plethora of designer’s guild style cushions to add the final touch of indulgence.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) did a study aptly named ‘Case for Space’. Their study looked at the room required for comfortable living within a home. The results found that the minimum size that a bedroom for two people could be is 11 square meters. A master bedroom in a Millgate luxury country mansion is likely to boast 25 square meters – all very conducive to a better night’s sleep.

The detail, care and attention which goes into every single magical Millgate bedroom should be seen to be believed. Visit and see for yourself luxury at the top of its game.

A winning combination from Millgate as Ascot penthouse with grandstand view is revealed

United Kingdom

Freshly dressed and key ready is the brand new luxury penthouse suite which tops Westbrook House in Ascot. With just a road between your terrace and the race track, this is surely a winning combination for someone with a passion for horse racing or looking for a home with a grandstand view.

  •  65% sold and all to downsizers in under 2 months

The desire to experience an affluent lifestyle has led to an increasing demand for such a classic high class homes. Owners have come to demand more from their properties and today’s premium penthouse is likely to be adorned with avant-garde modern luxuries that serve as a status symbol for well-heeled individuals. The penthouses in Westbrook House from premium house builder Millgate do exactly that, but there is nothing gauche within, here you will find traditional luxury features that are timeless and will not date.

These luxury apartments boast three en-suite bedrooms and are enhanced with well-designed touches. Hand-painted cabinets in the kitchen, top quality kitchen and bathroom wear, beautiful fitted wardrobes with soft close doors, air conditioning and pre-wiring for audio installation are just a few of the features. Other touches include under-floor heating, security systems, acoustic glazing to the front elevation windows and hardwood decking on the roof terrace. Each penthouse also boasts a hot-tub with views towards the racecourse – the perfect spot for relaxing, whatever the weather.

Matthew Brazier, Senior Sales Manager for Westbrook House comments:
“Since opening the penthouse apartment last week there have been a further two reservations at Westbrook House.  This means that we are almost 65% reserved since initial launch in late-January.  The reception that our luxury apartments have received has been extraordinary.  To date every purchaser is a downsizer which is incredible.  It is nice to know that Westbrook House will be full of like-minded people who will undoubtedly have a terrific time living here.”

Ascot itself possesses a unique atmosphere, where well-to-do suburbia meets relaxed, rural life.  For many it is important to be seen hob-knobbing in the highly sought after Royal Enclosure at Ascot week, mixing with the great and the good at the polo and being seen at the Wentworth PGA golf championship. But the gentler side of Ascot is more about donning your wellies to explore open Berkshire farmland, crossing fish-filled rivers and streams, discovering hidden woodland areas and getting in touch with nature.

For those looking for a lifestyle that offers such fantastic diversity, Ascot has it all. The town also features a boutique High Street, which bustles with local amenities, offering trendy bars, elegant restaurants and chic clothing stores. And as a backdrop to this stage, local residents can enjoy the 5,000 acres of deer park which makes up Windsor Great Park, while Virginia Water and Chobham Common are just a stone’s throw away. The area is awash with essential ‘things to do and see’ such as Savill Gardens, the Discovery Centre at Bracknell, Legoland, Thorpe Park and Alice Holt.

Guide price £1,650,000.  For more details on these beautiful penthouses, contact the appointed selling agent Edwards & Elliott on 01344 87 6363 or

Sunninghill’s very own Ideal Home to launch in March

United Kingdom

For many homeowners the Ideal Home Show, which returns once again to the iconic Earls Court London this March, is the highlight of their year and 2014’s Spring Ideal Home is promising an event that is bigger than ever, with more surprises, celebrity guests and inspiration.

But this year perhaps you could save your time, energy and inevitable sore feet and just book a viewing at the new show stopping ideal Show Home in Sunninghill on edge of Royal Berkshire?

Millgate are opening the doors of their latest creation on Saturday 29th March and this spectacular house, simply named ‘Oakwood’, is set to be as lavish and majestic as their masterpiece Highview Manor in Boars Hill, close to the spires of Oxford, which won numerous awards and accolades last year.

Oakwood is a magnificent new English country home set within its own exquisite mature grounds and is the ultimate expression of quality, distinction and style. Accessed via a private driveway to offer total seclusion, Oakwood is a six bedroom home that has been created to exceed modern day needs and aspirations. Sensitively designed it blends perfectly with its surroundings and offers the ultimate in modern luxury accommodation.

Sunninghill, where Oakwood is situated, is nestled between the prestigious racecourse at Ascot and the world-renowned Wentworth golf course. It is surrounded by affluent estates, Arcadian villas and an ambrosial patchwork of open farmland and dense forest. The village offers a life of privilege in one of the most desirable parts of the country.

Just under an hour into central London and yet still maintaining its own unique charm, Sunninghill is bustling with bijou boutiques, elegant beauty salons, inspiring interiors emporia and decadent eateries. The short but well-heeled High Street is a microcosm of archetypal English village life.

Jonathan Cranley, Sales & Marketing Manager of award-winning house builder, Millgate says:
“Much as the Ideal Home Show is bristling with great notions for home improvements, this year why not save the fuss and just buy the ideal Show Home instead? We have exceeded even our own expectations in Oakwood using all the talent available to us to build an ‘Englishman’s castle’ complete with delightful grounds and the most beautiful pool.”

Jonathan and his expert team at Millgate have spent over 25 years perfecting the ideal Show Home, working with established interior designers such as Alexander James Interiors to create not only properties dressed to impress but also those that function as warm, family homes.

Oakwood is being sold by Hamptons International and Regional director, Julian de la Poer Beresford, comments on this new country mansion that will be opening its doors this March:

“Millgate really are ‘best in class’ for new build country homes – and they are up against some very stiff competition in Surrey and Berkshire. Their passion to be “the best in British house building” is evident from the quality of work that they consistently produce. Hamptons International has sold several developments for Millgate and they always receive a highly positive response from our clients.

“Oakwood Place will provide a wonderful opportunity for one discerning buyer to acquire a beautiful home, set in a semi-rural location, with a garden that is rarely seen with surrounding new build property.”

“The average house price in England and Wales rose by 4.4 per cent in 2013. That is perhaps a bit lower than the impression many people have got from the press, so while prices are 11 per cent up on the trough of spring 2009, they are still 8 per cent below 2007 peak! With the stock of homes to sell having fallen by 9 per cent, as the market has picked up, demand by buyers, especially in the country, has risen by 28%, so this is an ideal time to be considering a move to Oakwood Place, South Ascot, before house prices start their increase in this sector.”

The house offers 7,638 sq ft of accommodation set over three storeys. You are greeted with a magnificent light-filled central galleried staircase on entering. Three large reception rooms are ideal for entertaining and the expansive kitchen/family room is the relaxed heart of the home.

Staff can be accommodated within the annexe which is located over the separate quadruple car garage. To the rear of the house is a luxurious pool lodge which complements the azure outdoor swimming pool.
For more information about Oakwood contact Millgate on 01344 622 688 or visit

Charting new territory – Millgate’s latest country mansion does it with artistic flair

United Kingdom

Luxury house builder Millgate is taking bold new steps with its latest stunning creation in Oxted, Surrey. This incredible contemporary home has been bedecked with art from around the world to create an even more striking expression than usual.

  • “Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisee
  • Luxury house builder Millgate breaks Show Home boundaries with Trevereux
  • “The view at Trevereux is all the art you need.” says local buyer

With the newly completed Chart Ridge – a contemporary home perched on the edge of an escarpment on the Surrey/Kent border – Millgate have taken the concept of the Show Home to the next level by showcasing a variety of art and sculpture.

This 5 bedroom detached house appears to almost float in mid-air as the ground falls away below it, leaving one with an idyllic view across open farmland towards the south coast.  Indeed one purchaser was heard to say: “You don’t need to fill a house with lovely things, the view at Trevereux is all the art you need.”

As soon as you step through the front door of Chart Ridge, light floods into the double height entrance hall from every direction, with floor to ceiling windows giving the house an incredibly airy and impressive feel.

This concept of light and space is echoed throughout the house and formed part of Millgate’s choice to team up with artist Ian Humphries and the contemporary Third Sector Gallery to showcase two genres of art.

Ian Humphries is based in Ireland and describes his work as having its roots in abstract expressionism but he paints with a personal approach which responds to beauty of the coast of West Cork where he lives.  The Third Sector Gallery is displaying a collection of some exceptional modernist art.  Both displays bring a number of key rooms at Chart Ridge even more to life.

In Chart Ridge, the Millgate team has created a home that is truly unique. The fabulous interior is complemented by the unadulterated view, delightful terraced garden and 12 x 6 metre infinity pool with breath-taking views of the Surrey countryside.

As an added point of interest, Millgate have on loan a mint condition American Ironhorse motorbike, which stands in pride of place in the vast open plan living area.

Jonathan Cranley, Sales and Marketing Director for Millgate, provides a glimpse of how this interior splendour is achieved,

“Millgate boasts 25 years of experience in creating sublime Show Homes and the fact that 80% of our properties sell with these interiors in place is testament to their high buyer appeal.

“Our in-house design teams work closely with Alexander James, the fellow Berkshire-based interiors company we employ to dress our houses, often working with them from initial conception. Starting the process early allows us sufficient time to find fabrics and furnishings that will catch the eye of a buyer and keep them entranced as they journey through the rooms. We want potential buyers to experience an entire lifestyle when they walk into our houses – not just a sterile shell with a few token pieces of furniture.

“Bringing contemporary prints and oils into Chart Ridge is taking things one step further. We usually hang prints that are in keeping with each house, but the works of art that have been loaned to us by artist Ian Humphries and the Third Sector Gallery are really thrilling to see. They have helped to create a wonderfully unique, market-leading Show Home, the likes of which has certainly not been seen before in Oxted.”

In addition to the interior art, showcased in front of the main building at Trevereux is the work ofJames Doran-Webb – an artist with an invigorating twist. His incredibly life-like animal sculptures are created from driftwood gathered from the shores of the Philippines, where he resides. Gracing the luxury development at Trevereux is “Bay Stag”, which has been strategically placed in front of the luxury apartments that were converted from a convalescence home that was built by British journalist, newspaper owner and philanthropist, John Passmore Edwards for the Charing Cross Hospital.

Doran-Webb comments,
“The level of quality and the attention to detail in Millgate homes are a perfect match for my sculpture, and the fine, clean lines of this contemporary development is a great backdrop to the organic, rutted look of the age old wood.”

For more information on this state of the art Show Home, contact Millgate on 01883 716404 or visit Alternatively talk to the Knight Frank sales team on 01483 564 660.

Editor’s Notes:
Chart Ridge, Trevereux Hill, Oxted
Chart Ridge is a striking contemporary house with breath-taking views. To optimise the uninterrupted scenery, sliding glass doors seamlessly blend the outdoors with the living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. The doors open onto the large, south-facing terrace and reveal a perfect space for outdoor entertaining in the warm summer months.

Every last detail has been considered, including an infinity pool, creative landscaping and an innovative wind sensor system that opens or closes the exterior awnings depending on the weather.

The flexible accommodation includes a living area that can be used as one vast room or divided with sliding doors to create a number of more intimate areas. Five bedroom suites and a spacious study offer great family living, as well as providing room for swarms of guests.  The first and second bedrooms benefit from the amazing views and both open on to the spacious terrace.

Guide price for Chart Ridge is £3,600,000.

White tea and fig is the secret scent to house selling success

United Kingdom

For years estate agents have been telling vendors that the secret to selling their homes is to fill the air with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and delicious baked bread. But it is in fact the scent of white tea and fig that makes a successful sale according to award-winning house builder, Millgate.

It’s a well-known fact that smells sell; from the “new car smell” now bottled and available to buy through to leading US retailer Bloomingdales using scent marketing in their stores to boost sales and even the new “wake up and smell the bacon” iPhone app and device that wafts the appealing smell of cured meat in time with the alarm clock.

The way something smells has a big impact on the way we value products which is why scent marketing is rapidly growing in popularity not only with retailers but also forward thinking house builders such as Millgate.

Millgate’s Sales & Marketing Director, Johnathan Cranley, comments,
“Here at Millgate we pride ourselves on being cutting edge and embracing new technologies. An extraordinary amount of care and attention goes into each and every one of our Show Homes, from the interior design through to the soft furnishings, the brand of hand wash in the bathrooms and what is stocked in the wine cellar or pantry.

“This obsession with detail led us to consider not only what our homes look like but also how they smell to potential buyers which is why we now use the perfect scent of white tea and fig from global scent innovators, ScentAir, in our Show Homes. We do believe that scent is a powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with our customers, forging a greater assocation when a buyer first walks into a Millgate home.”

And it seems that scents really do make sense as over half of the luxury apartments at Westbrook House in Ascot, where the ScentAir of white tea and fig is gently infused, are now sold.  Eight apartments have been snapped up within just a few weeks of launching and visitor feedback on Holland Place, the stunning collection of 6 bedroom detached homes in Sunninghill which also carry the evocative scent are extremely positive.

Jonathan goes on to comment,
“After extensive testing and consideration, we selected the white tea and fig scent for our homes as the blend creates a soothing, luxurious environment. From its roots in China, white tea is renowned for its health benefits whilst fig exudes a sophisticated yet subtle scent which appeals to our buyers.

“The response to the scent from visitors has been so positive in fact that we are now introducing ScentAir to all our developments, once again raising the bar when it comes to Show Home design and innovation.  Using more or our buyer’s senses to form a bond with a home could play a vital role in the buying process.”

For more information on the luxury 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at Westbrook House in Ascot, available from £795,000 or the 6 bedroom detached country mansions of Holland Place, Sunninghill on the market from £4,250,000, both of which feature the white tea and fig scent, please contact Millgate today on 0118 934 3344 or

Editors Notes:
Westbrook House Westbrook House, Ascot                              

Fourteen luxury apartments are underway to create a fabulous gated development opposite Ascot racecourse.

The apartments consist of two and three bedrooms from 1,380 sq ft to over 3000.  Designed with large terraces and balconies owners will enjoy great views towards the racecourse.  Bespoke luxury kitchens and bathrooms creating the very best in indulgent living.

Kitchens feature Siemens appliances, granite worktops and hand-painted cabinets.  A larder style fridge, freezer and dishwasher in the kitchen with washer/driers in the utility rooms.  Bathrooms are equipped with white Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware and chrome furnishings.

The development has secure underground parking with spaces for 2 cars.

For further information please contact Millgate on 01189 348085 or visit or contact the local estate agent Edwards & Elliott on 01344 876 363 or email

  • Ashworth House, Holland Place, Sunninghill

A six bedroom residence located in the heart of the Home Counties just 2 miles from Ascot racecourse.

Ashworth House sits within substantial landscaped grounds and reflects meticulous attention to detail in design, specification and architectural integrity – again setting the benchmark for building excellence.

The property offers exceptional accommodation, arranged over three storeys, boasting a magnificent central galleried staircase with spectacular chandelier, three large reception rooms ideal for entertaining, while the kitchen/family room with an orangery opening out into the garden is the informal heart of the home. Upstairs there are en-suite bathrooms to all six of the bedrooms plus a bonus bedroom/games room.  Staff can also easily be accommodated within the annexe which is found over the triple garage.

For more details on this opulent private development contact Millgate on 0118 934 3344 or Hamptons International on 01372 469279 or alternatively visit

Due to sales success, Millgate to open further stunning house in Sunninghill this Sunday

Due to sales success, Millgate to open further stunning house in Sunninghill this Sunday

United Kingdom

With an enviable reputation for vision, design and craftsmanship premium new homebuilder Millgate, is proud to present a further luxury home at Holland Place, Sunninghill.  The beautifully presented property will be opening its doors on Sunday 2nd February. 

25 years of creating sublime luxury homes in the South East have earned Millgate a pole position in the new homes market. Local Berkshire residents, Londoners and overseas house buyers never fail to be awed by the spectacle of a remarkable new house built by the incredibly gifted team at Millgate.

Highbourne is a rare discovery: a unique classical style home set within landscaped grounds and surrounded by mature woodland.  Step through the impressive front door and the difference is immediately apparent, with a magnificent sweeping stone staircase set within a grand central hallway.

There are three large reception rooms, while the supersized family and breakfast room offers almost endless open plan space to relax. The property offers unprecedented accommodation arranged over three storeys, with six bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities. The impressive bonus media/games room offers an alternative space to relax, while the annexe over the quadruple garage is a perfect location for staff or grandparents.

And the fun does not stop there as Highbourne also includes a spectacular swimming pool with pavilion and veranda, just perfect for summer entertaining.

Sunninghill itself is a quiet, residential English village.  It is a highly sought after area, just moments from the elegant boutique adorned High Street of Ascot. This area boasts over 1,000 acres of stunning landscape for recreation – including Windsor Great Park, Savill Gardens and Virginia Water.  Some of the country’s leading golf clubs butt up to Sunninghill including the Wentworth Estate, Sunningdale and Ascot courses.


Another great draw for people moving to the area is the array of outstanding schools that are on the doorstep – Eton, Papplewick, Gordons School, St Marys Ascot and Licensed Victuallers to name but a few are all easy access to Holland Place.


Jack Simpson, Millgate Sales Manager for Holland Place, comments,


“The first home at Holland Place was secured for sale just days after opening.  The high level of interest that we have seen here in Sunninghill has been all the encouragement we needed to open the last house on the development.”


Hamptons International is the appointed agent for this boutique development and Julian de la Poer Beresford, Regional Director in Sunninghill comments,


“It is always a pleasure and never a chore to sell a Millgate home.  Their attention to detail is beyond anything I have seen in other new homes.  The parity between Millgate and Alexander James who ‘dress’ their homes is astounding.  I think with the summer coming and a very lovely swimming pool this house should sell very quickly.”


Holland Place is open from 10 am on Sunday 2nd February 2014 with a guide price of £4,750,000. For more information contact Millgate on 0118 934 3344 or visit  

Oaktree acquires Millgate Developments to merge it with Countryside Properties

Oaktree acquires Millgate Developments to merge it with Countryside Properties

United Kingdom

Funds managed and advised by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (Oaktree) announce the acquisition of Millgate Developments Limited (Millgate), a leading premium house builder in the South East of England.

Millgate´s product range will be offered in new and existing Countryside sites under the Millgate brand. The merger of the two house builders will expand the geographic reach and product offering of both groups increasing the overall value of the combined entity while achieving important synergies.

The acquisition is consistent with Countryside´s growth strategy and will allow the Millgate brand to maximise its full potential. David Simpson, Managing Director of Millgate, will also join the Countryside board.

David Simpson said: “The board and staff at Millgate are very excited about the outstanding strategic fit of the businesses. We have found an excellent partner and look forward to working with the Countryside team to expand the Millgate brand into new areas.”

Ian Sutcliffe, Executive Chairman of Countryside, commented: “The compatibility of product, geography and culture of the two companies make this an outstanding strategic fit and a great opportunity to broaden our offering. I look forward to David joining the Countryside board and welcoming the Millgate team.”

Oaktree is a global investment management firm focused on alternative markets, with $83.6 billion of AUM as of December 31, 2013. The firm emphasizes a value-oriented and risk-controlled approach to investments in distressed debt, corporate debt (including high yield debt and senior loans), control investing, convertible securities, real estate and listed equities. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the firm has over 800 employees and offices in 16 cities worldwide.

Millgate is a quality-driven, premium house builder reputed for its excellence in design and for the exacting standards it applies to each of its exclusive developments. Millgate is focused on seeking out the most desirable sites, optimising planning, designing with passion and creating value through premium products.

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7 sales in 7 days: Why Ascot is fast becoming the downsizers dream

7 sales in 7 days: Why Ascot is fast becoming the downsizers dream

United Kingdom

Whilst the UK Property market is receiving more column inches than ever, it is clear to see that market sentiment is on the up but the latest sales success from award-winning house builder, Millgate, reveals just how active the market is.

Westbrook House, the brand new collection of 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments in the centre of Ascot, Berkshire, was officially launched by Millgate on Saturday 25th January 2014 and within 7 days the developer had sold 7 of the units, 50% of the entire development!

It may have been Westbrook House’s rich history (the site was the former home of Hollywood siren Rita Hayworth) which appealed to buyers, the roof terraces complete with hot tubs and direct views over the prestigious Ascot Racecourse which ensured that the apartments were snapped up quicklyor the stunning communal entrance hall complete with marble flooring and antique furniture offering a warm welcome to every visitor which sealed the deal. The wide ranging appeals of this exceptional development are hard to resist.

Interestingly for all 7 buyers it has been Westbrook House’s careful and considered design as the ideal downsizer’s property which ensured the sale. Data released late last year by Lloyds Bank revealed downsizing to be a strong driver of property sales with almost half (45%) of homeowners planning to sell their property in the next 3 years saying they´d like to downsize.

Indeed with an ever growing older population, the appeal of downsizing to a smaller property in order to cut household bills and boost retirement income is one trend which Jonathan Cranley, Sales & Marketing Director at Millgate, has seen before in Ascot:

“Back in 2012 Millgate launched Brockenhurst House, a collection of well-appointed apartments close to the popular market town of Ascot. Due to their intelligently-designed, individual layout which included spacious bedrooms, bespoke fitted kitchens and sublime bathrooms, not to mention private patios, terraces and roof gardens on the penthouses, the Brockenhurst House apartments sold very quickly.  They were snapped up by those looking to downsize as the apartments met all of their current and future needs.

“Due to client demand we have once again, at Westbrook House, redeveloped a prime site within Ascot into a downsizer’s dream. Some may think that downsizing means compromise but I can assure you that owning an apartment at Westbrook House is no compromise!”

As a location, Ascot has a long history of attracting the great and the good. Not only home to the late actress Rita Hayworth, Ascot is home to some 300 millionaires (WealthInsight) and celebrities have included John Lennon and Ringo Starr who once resided in Tittenhurst Park.  The Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding was born in Ascot, as was Grey´s Anatomy actress Camilla Luddington and Marti Pellow, singer of Wet Wet Wet still resides here.  Other neighbours are said to include a number of wealthy Russians, Queen Noor of Jordan (the widow of the late King Hussein) and wealthy Saudis with their own Ghurkha security staff living within the grounds.

A delightfully English market town only 7 miles from Heathrow airport with a High Street featuring rows of small exclusive retailers, a host of eateries and a farmers´ market held on the third Sunday of the month, it’s easy to see why Ascot has been named one of the top places to live in the UK and a firm favourite with downsizers.

For sporting enthusiasts Ascot offers championship golf courses at the nearby Wentworth Estate, world class horse racing meets and polo at Smiths Lawn in the Great Park, not to mention an array of boating and water sports on the Thames.

So if you are looking for a downsizer’s dream home then why not consider Westbrook House in Ascot? Apartments are priced from £795,000 and the stunning Show Home is open to visit from 10am – 4pm daily. For more information or to arrange a viewing please contact the appointed selling agent Edwards & Elliott on 01344 87 6363 or visit