More flights, more people and more second home sales mean higher prices on Mallorca

More flights, more people and more second home sales mean higher prices on Mallorca

Spain ,
  • Balearic Islands attract 18% of all Spanish holidaymakers (HomeAway)
  • Passenger numbers at Palma Airport up 2.9%in H1 2015
  • Five new weekly flights to Palma from the UK from spring 2016 (Jet2)

Spain’s Balearic Islands are one of Europe’s most attractive and loved summer sun destinations. Holidaymakers from mainland Spain, along with the UK, Germany and Italy flock to the islands every year, craving their perfect balance of sun, sea and sandy beaches. Amongst Spanish residents, the Balearics come second only to Andalusia in terms of popular tourism destinations, accounting for 18% of total bookings according to HomeAway figures.

The principle island of Mallorca saw 9.54 million visitors arrive through Palma Airport during H1 2015, an increase of 2.9% over the same period last year. Both April and May saw passenger numbers reach record levels. The figures are good news for the island’s property market, as Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, explains,

“More visitors arriving in Mallorca has had a positive impact on the island’s economy and has pushed up demand for second homes, with many of those who visit – myself included – falling in love with Mallorca almost on first sight.”

Marc was an early advocate of island life, moving to Mallorca back in 1989. Since then, the island has changed dramatically, yet has still retained its essential charm and stunning, unspoiled vistas, from pristine beaches to steep, rocky mountains.

Now, with more visitors and holiday home sales booming, Mallorca is enjoying property prices rises of up to 10-15% in some locations, according to one local estate agency. Apartments with outdoor space in good locations are the properties most in demand, advises Marc Pritchard,

“Buyers want to enjoy the sunshine at home, as well as at the beach, so homes with well appointed terraces that offer space for sunbathing or for outdoor dining sell particularly well.”

Two of Taylor Wimpey España’s most popular developments on the island are Cala Magrana III and Cala Anguila II. Both enjoy extensive grounds, with lush landscaping and large shared pools. Individual apartments all have generous terraces and well considered views, in addition to high spec interiors. Prices start from €220,000 at Cala Magrana III and from €230,000 at Cala Anguila II.

For second home owners from the UK, access to Mallorca is set to get even easier from 2016 onward, with British airline Jet2 opening a new line between Manchester and Palma from February 2016, with up to three flights per week, and between Edinburgh and Palma, with two flights per week from March. Jet2’s Steve Heapy has commented that the flights should help to combat tourism seasonality and holiday home owners will certainly want to take advantage of this, as part of the joy of owning a second home on Mallorca is the ability to enjoy the island not just during the peak of summer but also earlier and later in the year when the masses have headed home.

So, will the new flights contribute to further price increases on the island, as demand continues to soar?

“It’s certainly possible,” concludes Taylor Wimpey España’s Marc Pritchard. “Mallorca has proven itself to be an enduringly popular location over the years and demand for high quality properties here is high right now. If demand continues at this level I think we can look forward to prices continuing to rise over the months and years ahead.”

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Personalise that property perfectly with an off-plan purchase

Personalise that property perfectly with an off-plan purchase

  • Spanish house price rises in sharpest upturn since Q1 2008 (INE)
  • Economy could grow by as much as 3% during 2015 (Economy Minister)
  • Discerning buyers opt for off-plan properties (Taylor Wimpey España)

With the Spanish property market beginning to look healthy once more (home buyers spent 23% more in 2014 on Spanish property than they did in 2013, according to the Ministry of Development), buyers are becoming more choosy about what they buy and where.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, explains,

“There has been a rush of buyers, particularly from overseas, looking to pick up bargain properties in Spain while prices are low and the exchange rate is favourable. What we’re seeing now is purchasers honing their requests and seeking out properties that particularly suit their needs – while still enjoying bargain prices.”

Eef Meijer and Lydia Kosijungan are a great example. They purchased an off-plan apartment with Taylor Wimpey España at Los Arqueros Beach, San Pedro de Alcantara, a few kilometers from Marbella. The couple wanted a number of modifications to their holiday home, including a larger living room, a bathroom combined in an open plan format with the bedroom, changes to the kitchen and larger doors.

Eef and Lydia’s changes were easily incorporated into their apartment and the couple were delighted with the results, which were just as they had hoped. They are now enjoying their second home for frequent holidays, while planning their retirement move from their native Netherlands to the Costa del Sol.

At the stunning Camp de Mar Beach at Puerto Andratx, Taylor Wimpey España is able to offer second home buyers a wide range of customisation options for townhouses in Mallorca. The resort enjoys direct beach access in an area of outstanding natural beauty, as well as some of the best golfing facilities on the island. The two and three bedroom properties will enjoy spacious terraces, lush communal gardens and a generously sized swimming pool.

Properties at Camp de Mar Beach come with air conditioning, double glazing, security doors and designer fixtures and fittings as standard. Prices start at €359,500. As to the modifications, it’s really up to the buyer, as Marc Pritchard states,

“We are open to suggestions! From minor layout changes to more substantial alterations, everything can be considered. It is part of the beauty of buying off-plan – purchasers can shape their apartments to perfectly suit their needs and desires.”

The latest Economic Information White Papers from Funcas (the Spanish Savings Banks Foundation) has highlighted the role of developments such as Camp de Mar Beach in driving forward the Spanish economy over the years ahead. The “budding recovery” of Spain’s construction sector is expected to lead to property price rises from this year forward.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rajoy is confident that the overall economy will see growth of more than 2.4% during 2015. Economy Minister Luis de Guindos is even more confident, projecting growth of between 2.5% and 3% over the course of the year. Employment is set to grow by 2.7%, according to the Bank of Spain.

Naturally, Spain’s economy and its property market are intrinsically linked and it is encouraging to see both of these elements reporting positive news. The National Statistics Institute (INE) reported a rise of 1.8% in the housing price index for Q4 2014 compared to a year earlier. The figure is the sharpest rise since Q1 2008 and the Q1 2015 data is eagerly awaited, to see how well the figures support the positive predictions pouring out of Spain right now.

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Favourable FX rate sees Brits eyeing up luxury homes and yachts in Mallorca

Favourable FX rate sees Brits eyeing up luxury homes and yachts in Mallorca

  • GBP/EUR exchange rate reaches 7.5 year peak (Currency News)
  • Balearic property transactions up 29.2% in 2014 (Spanish government)
  • Luxury beach properties from €230,000 (Taylor Wimpey España)

With the sterling to euro exchange rate hovering around the 1.39/1.40 mark, having this month reached the best rate in more than 7.5 years, many Brits are seeing now as the perfect time to invest in luxuries across Europe and in Mallorca, luxury shopping is easy to do. The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca offers high end goods at high end prices from designer clothes to yachts.

With the favourable exchange rate, Mallorca’s temptations have become even more attractive to British buyers and many keen sailors are looking to do the double while the price is right and buy that holiday home and yacht that they have always dreamed of. The forthcoming pensions freedom day in the UK makes the proposition even more exciting.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España and resident of Mallorca comments,

“Mallorca is known for its idyllic climate, stunning beaches and fantastic sailing clubs. Porto Cristo is one of the most beautiful places on the island and a popular marina with those stopping off for a day or two of shopping and with those looking to spend longer periods of time on Mallorca.”

Mallorca is a favourite of the sailing community and the island frequently hosts world cups, regattas and other events. From serious competitions to regattas held purely as social events to celebrate a love of sailing, the calm waters and glorious sunshine of Mallorca position it perfectly as a host island.

Many of those who visit Mallorca are quickly drawn in by its unique charms and discover it is the perfect location for the second home they have always dreamed of. Property sales on the island are on the up. In fact, transactions across the Balearic Islands increased by 29.2% from 2013 to 2014, according to data from the Spanish government.

Property on Mallorca offers incredible value for money in light of the current exchange rate. Taylor Wimpey España’s stunning Cala Anguila II site, where prices start at €245,000 for a two bedroom apartment, is just 3 km from Porto Cristo. One of the last remaining developments with direct access to the beach on the island, it features high end apartments arranged in small clusters around generously proportioned communal pools. Designer fixtures and fittings, air conditioning, double glazing and security doors are all included as standard.

Also near Porto Cristo, Cala Magrana III, where two bedroom apartments cost from €230,000, is just 600m from the beautiful Cala Anguila beach. The apartments enjoy spacious terraces, gardens and/or roof terraces, with key ready properties that are perfect for those looking to make their Balearic dream come true.

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

Tantalise your taste buds with a timely trip to Mallorca

Tantalise your taste buds with a timely trip to Mallorca

  • Spanish supermarket sales expected to rise in 2015 (Kantar Worldpanel)
  • Spring fairs and Easter feasts held across Mallorca, including local produce markets and annual Pollensa Wine Fair in April
  • Test out your Balearic culinary skills in your own kitchen with a luxury second home from Taylor Wimpey España

The economic crisis affected countless areas of life in Spain and one of the hardest hit sectors was the food and services sector. Quite simply, a struggling economy meant families were eating out less and cutting down their weekly shopping bills. Restaurants failed as their clientele dwindled and Spain’s supermarkets saw sales drop by 2.9% in 2014.

However, a new report from Kantar Worldpanel has shone a beacon of hope onto the Spanish supermarket sector, predicting a modest recovery in sales volumes over the course of 2015 as shoppers relax their budgets slightly and begin adding treats to the trolley once more.

The quest for value has seen many shoppers turn away from the big stores to local food outlets and markets instead, where they can shop more often and spend a little at a time. It’s a habit that promotes economy and reduces waste. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, has observed the trend on his home island of Mallorca. He comments,

“There’s definitely a focus on buying local produce right now. For some shoppers, it makes sound economic sense. For others, it’s a matter of environmental concern, with buying local produce offering a way to reduce their carbon footprint. At this time of year, the spring fairs will soon be underway here on Mallorca, and many locals and visitors to the island will be keen to sample the tasty treats that the myriad local markets provide.”

Spring is also the time for Mallorca’s Pollensa Wine Fair, which allows visitors to try a range of wines from Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands in the atmospheric setting of the Claustre del Convent de Santo Domingo. Held in April each year, the event calls out to those who know their wines, from local connoisseurs to second home owners looking to stock up on refreshing local vintages.

Easter’s arrival is also an important time for the Spanish food industry. Rich, wine and honey-soaked torrijas, chocolate Monas de Pascua, sesame and honey pastries, Easter doughnuts and sweet, crunchy flores do Semana Santa provide a delicious gastronomic tour of this important event in the Spanish religious calendar.

One of the delights of owning a holiday home is the ability to experiment with cooking local produce, which those staying in hotels can only enjoy by eating out. Taylor Wimpey España’s homes have been designed with buyers’ stomachs firmly in mind, with high end kitchens encouraging families to enjoy the host of delicious produce on offer and outdoor terraces that are perfect for long, relaxing meals as day slowly melts into night.

At Cala Anguila II at Porto Cristo, where prices start at €245,000, the two bedroom apartments are part of one of the last remaining developments with direct beach access in Mallorca. This peaceful development is close to the bustling shops and supermarkets of Porto Cristo, ensuring that owners can enjoy shopping locally and stocking up their well-appointed kitchens. The coastal location means that locally caught seafood is in plentiful supply, though those who don’t fancy tackling a lobster in their own kitchen may prefer to opt for one of the area’s many excellent restaurants!

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

Rapidly expanding market drives up property employment in Spain

Rapidly expanding market drives up property employment in Spain

  • Property employment in Spain expected to rise from 7% to 10% by 2020 (KPMG)
  • Leading developer Taylor Wimpey España takes on new recruits on Mallorca and beyond
  • Mallorca sees 1 in 3 properties bought by foreign buyers (Association of Property Registrars)

Spain’s property market is expanding rapidly once more, with the latest figures from the Spanish notaries showing a 19% year on year jump in the number of properties sold there during 2014. Prices are on the up too, with the Ministry of Public Works reporting a rise of 0.5% in Q4 2014, the first uptick in the market since 2008.

The positive movement in the market looks set to continue, with KPMG predicting that the number of jobs in the Spanish property sector will rise from the current level of 7% to reach 10% or workers by 2020. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, certainly believes that will be the case. He comments,

“We’re seeing property employment rise across Spain right now. Taylor Wimpey España has taken on six new employees in the last few weeks alone and the expanding property market should see additional increases in jobs over the course of 2015 and beyond. Right now, foreign demand for Spanish property is soaring and employment in hotspots like Mallorca is increasingly rapidly as a result.”

Property in Mallorca is so popular with overseas buyers that the Association of Property Registrars in the Balearics has reported a tripling in the number of foreign-bought homes, with 30.7% of homes sold in the islands picked up by non-Spanish buyers. And it is the luxury end of the market that is attracting keen interest, with 15% of purchases topping €500,000 (compared with a Spanish average of just 5%). Wealthy foreigners have taken such an interest in the island that the president of Mallorca’s marketing board has proclaimed the airport didn’t have room for any more private jets last year!

Figures from Taylor Wimpey España show that it is German buyers who are taking a keen interest in Mallorca, with a cumulative increase of 200% so far in 2015. The exclusive Camp de Mar Beach development at Puerto Andratx, where two and three bedroom townhouses are set in lush communal gardens with a large modern swimming pool, is one of the island’s most exciting developments, with buyers able to personalize their purchase in order to create their dream home. Prices start from €377,000.

Dutch buyers are also a key market for Mallorca over the months and years ahead, having grown significantly in number over the last two years, so much so in fact that Taylor Wimpey España has just launched a Dutch language version of its website.

Of course Mallorca also remains popular with British buyers and the forthcoming Pensions Freedom Day is expected to make it even more so, as Marc Pritchard concludes,

“Mallorca has long been a popular location for British buyers wanting second homes due to the island’s fantastic climate, stunning scenery and the wide range of sailing and water based activities available here. With Pensions Freedom Day on the horizon, we expect that even more Brits will look to use their pension monies early to purchase their dream holiday home in this island paradise.”

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

New coastal train set to open up Costa Blanca, bringing joy to property owners across the region

New coastal train set to open up Costa Blanca, bringing joy to property owners across the region

  • New rail route being considered for Alicante region
  • Tren de la Costa will cost €955 million
  • Townhouses on the Costa Blanca available from €145,000 (Taylor Wimpey España)

It is common knowledge that when the crisis struck, builders across Spain downed tools, leaving the country with a swathe of unfinished housing. But it wasn’t just developers who paused in their endeavours – infrastructure projects also suffered.

Now, with more positive economic times on the horizon, one such project is being revisited by the Spanish government. The ‘Tren de la Costa’ investment program would see rail network expansion throughout the Costa Blanca, enhancing the area’s accessibility even further. Though the plans were paused during the crisis, work was still going on in the background, with the total cost of the project being reduced significantly from €1.3 billion to €955 million.

The four phases of the Tren de la Costa would revolutionise the Costa Blanca’s rail network and make transportation from Alicante-Elche airport across the province easier and faster. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of one of the homebuilders who did carry on successfully building throughout Spain’s recession, Taylor Wimpey España, comments,

“At the moment we see a lot of travellers who fly into Alicante using hire cars to explore the region. While that is a great way to see this beautiful area, not all holidaymakers want the expense and hassle of hiring a vehicle as part of their time away, so the proposed railway plans are excellent news for the Alicante region.”

Taylor Wimpey España has a number of extremely popular developments in the Costa Blanca. All but three of its luxurious townhouses at Montesol have sold, while only two remain available at nearby Calpesol. Prices are from €249,000 and €179,500 respectively.

Those looking for key ready properties will be delighted with the stunning, south facing townhouses at Brisas de Alenda Golf, where prices start at €145,000. As well as boasting frontline golf properties, the site features private gardens, a generously proportioned communal swimming pool and is only 15 minutes from the golden sands for which Alicante is famous. The townhouses are spread across two floors and include generous terraces and gardens perfect for outdoor living. Stunning views over the golf course and the Sierra de las Aguilas Mountains complete the idyllic atmosphere.

The presence of the proposed rail route is tipped to impact positively on property prices in the Alicante region and those looking to buy there are keeping a close eye on the local news for further developments. The work will also see parts of the tram network modernised, as well as improvements to existing single line rail routes.

While approval of the scheme is still some way off, the fact that it is being considered is a positive step forward for Spain as it continues down the road of economic recovery.

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

Another record breaker! Spanish tourism levels hit new heights

Another record breaker! Spanish tourism levels hit new heights

  • Tourist spending up 6.5% to €63 billion in 2014 (PM Rajoy)
  • Booming tourism benefits construction, particularly on the Costa Blanca (Taylor Wimpey España)
  • Tourism now accounts for 10.9% of Spain’s GDP (PM Rajoy)

Spain is celebrating a record year of tourism, having welcomed nearly 65 million foreign visitors in 2014. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has confirmed that between them visitors spent an impressive €63 billion, up 6.5% on the previous year.

Tourism accounts for 10.9% of Spain’s GDP, according to the PM, generating 1 in every 9 jobs. Prime Minister Rajoy has stressed the area’s importance, saying it is, “a strategic sector for both the present and the future of our economy.”

The impact of the record-breaking year has been felt far and wide across Spain, with the country’s tourism minister recognising it as, “one of the key sectors in Spain’s economic recovery.”

Executive Vice president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, comments,

“Tourism is leading the generation of net employment, closing 2014 with 53,213 enrolled in Social Security, 4.1% more than in 2013.”

He adds that tourism has given a boost to several related sectors, including commerce and construction. It is something that Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director for leading homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, has observed as well. He comments,

“Rising visitor numbers are great news for Spain’s construction sector. Certainly here at Taylor Wimpey España we have noticed strong demand for luxury holiday properties from buyers hailing from a wide range of countries. Spain has such an enchanting effect on so many people that they want to come back again and again, so buying a second home here is the perfect solution.”

The Costa Blanca is one of the areas to have benefited from Spain’s booming tourism trade. The Mayor of Calpe, César Sánchez, has highlighted the area’s cuisine and beaches as two of the leading reasons for its success and Taylor Wimpey España’s Marc Pritchard is certainly in agreement.

“We selected Calpe as one of the most beautiful and desirable areas of the Costa Blanca and our influx of buyers have shown that it was the right choice. Our charming Calpesol development, where three bedroom houses are for sale from €179,500, has only two properties left available. Our other Calpe site, Montesol, has proven equally popular, with just three townhouses left, priced from €249,000. The area’s blend of excellent food, good wine, stunning scenery and family friendly beach is a truly winning combination.”

Though it is early in 2015 to be predicting another record year for Spanish tourism, indications are that the figures should once more be good. Ryanair has reflected its confidence in the Spanish market by confirming that it will offer a total of 26 routes into and out of Valencia this summer, totalling 121 flights per week from that airport alone.

With its winning combination of sun, sand and sangria, Spain is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, but it seems that the powers that be are not taking anything for granted and are working hard to ensure that the Spanish experience is one that delights visitors from across the world.

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

Turn SAD to HAPPY: beat the winter blues with a beachfront second home in the Costa Blanca

Turn SAD to HAPPY: beat the winter blues with a beachfront second home in the Costa Blanca

  • Light therapy provides relief to 50-80% of SAD sufferers (Online Psychology Degree)
  • Costa Blanca enjoys 325 sunny days per year (Holiday Weather)
  • Properties in the Spanish sunshine available from just €142,000 (Taylor Wimpey España)

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) touches upon many people over the winter months, manifesting as moodiness, lack of energy, social withdrawal, carb cravings, weigh gain or full blown depression. Research shared by the Online Psychology Degree website has shown that some 50% of sufferers find antidepressants to be effective in combatting SAD, but that light therapy is significantly more effective, providing relief to between 50-80% of sufferers.

Taking advantage of daylight is a key driver in the fight to combat SAD. A study by scientist Mirjam Muench showed that even just a few extra hours of natural daylight can help the brain’s cortisol levels to be naturally balanced, increasing levels of alertness and reducing stress. This is true of people suffering from SAD and of those who are not – in a nutshell, more daylight means more happiness.

Many of those who buy second homes overseas highlight the weather as one of their main motivators and it is something that leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España takes into account when selecting the sites for its properties. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director, explains,

“Spain is the perfect place for banishing those winter blues and the Costa Blanca, enjoying some 325 sunny days per year according to Holiday Weather, is the ideal location for maximising exposure to natural light and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.”

Taylor Wimpey España’s stunning new front line properties there, with direct access to the beach, are packed with features like full length, sliding glass doors and well appointed terraces to ensure that outdoor living is fully embraced. At La Recoleta III in Punta Prima, Torrevieja, the Mediterranean style buildings enjoy outstanding views of the sea and owners can stand on their terraces and let the sunlight dancing on the water fill them with relaxation. Prices start at €142,000 for a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment.

La Vila Paradis at Villajoyosa also enjoys direct beach access, with prices starting at €239,000. The apartments and townhouses feature gardens at ground level and terraces on the upper levels, providing ample space for sunbathing, dining outside or simply relaxing in the sun with a book. Both La Vila Paradis and La Recoleta III benefit from Taylor Wimpey España’s signature combination of communal pools, high spec finishes and great location in terms of local facilities.

It is not only adults who are susceptible to the winter blues, as any parent whose children have become restless and mischievous cooped up in the house over the course of a rainy weekend can testify, so a second home in the Spanish sunshine can be of benefit to the whole family. The UN General Assembly has decreed 2015 to be the Year of Light – now that’s something that every family can get on board with!

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

Viva España: What can expats really expect from their new life under the Spanish sun?

Viva España: What can expats really expect from their new life under the Spanish sun?

  • Spain ranks 11th for work/life balance while UK comes in 33rd (HSBC)
  • Beautiful Alicante townhouses perfect for expats available from €145,000 (Taylor Wimpey España)
  • Spain takes 4th place for diet and 5th for local markets (HSBC)

The attractions of a move overseas may seem obvious at first glance – better weather and a lower cost of living are sure to head up the list for many people. But moving to a new country is a bold undertaking and many expats find that despite their best laid plans there are things that they didn’t expect about their new country.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director for leading homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, who himself moved from Germany to the Spanish island of Mallorca more than two decades ago, explains,

“Going on holiday somewhere and moving there are two extremely different undertakings. On holiday you only tend to notice the positive points, but when you live there things like bureaucracy and pace of life can show you a very different side to your chosen country of residence.”

The HSBC Expat Explorer tool provides some fascinating insights into what Brits who choose to move to Spain can expect as a result of their migration. At a top level, the country comparison tool ranks Spain 24th out of 34 countries based on 2014 results. The UK scrapes in at 33rd position.

Some of the positives about moving to Spain are those one might expect to see. The country ranks 4th out of all those considered for its cuisine, which is both delicious and healthy. It ranks 5th for local shops and markets. For work/life balance, Spain ranks 11th against the UK’s 33rd position.

But there are also unexpected benefits. Despite the wonders of the NHS, Spain ranks 12th for healthcare and the UK 19th. Spain comes 11th for social life and the UK 26th. Spain is also 9th for environment, while the UK is 27th.

The Iberian nation scores highly when it comes to expats finding their feet as well, thanks to the welcoming attitude of the locals in many areas and to the large community of expats already settled there ranking 4th for integrating into the community, 8th for adjusting to the new culture/lifestyle and 3rd for learning the local language.

But when it comes to the working world and the economy, expats can expect a rather different picture. Spain ranks 32nd for making people feel welcome at work and 33rd for household income (the UK ranks 24th and 21st respectively in these two categories). Interestingly, though, the lower cost of living means that those in Spain actually have more personal disposable income, with Spain taking 29th position and the UK taking 33rd.

Of course, the only way to really tell what a country is like is to live there for an extended period of time. Taylor Wimpey España find that many who purchase their holiday homes do so with a view to using them in the future as retirement properties. This enables them to spend holidays there with family and friends, but also to stay for longer periods before committing to a full move. It’s an ideal solution for those considering becoming expats but uncertain as to what they can really expect.

The beautiful townhouses at Brisas de Alenda Golf in Alicante are the perfect properties for those considering a new life in Spain, as well as for second homes. The last remaining townhouses, which are available for €145,000, enjoy a superb location in this exclusive and tranquil area and their spacious terraces, communal pool and pretty communal gardens have been designed with outdoor living in mind. As well as the idyllic golf course, the area boasts a clubhouse, bilingual Spanish/English school and nearby supermarket, all just 15 minutes from Alicante airport.

For more information, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.

Dispense with hotels and stay in style when doing business overseas

Dispense with hotels and stay in style when doing business overseas

  • Business travel set to increase 6.6% during 2015 (GBTA Foundation)
  • Spanish company optimism well above EU average (Markit)
  • Perfect business base available for just €179,000 (Taylor Wimpey España)

“Business travelers often bring spouses, discover new interests abroad and in general, prime the pumps for all manners of travel.”

So speaks TravelPulse Europe senior editor James Ruggia, in light of the GBTA Foundation’s prediction that business travel in five European markets (Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK) will increase by a healthy 6.6% during 2015, to a total value of €156.8 billion. The projection was based on the impressive H1 2014 business travel figures for the five markets, with spending growing by 4.3% – the biggest gain since 2010.

Interestingly, even Spain’s struggling economy saw business spending grow comfortably during the period, while companies within the Iberian country are feeling positive that the increase is part of a wider picture of positivity. Markit’s Business Outlook Survey found that optimism among Spanish firms was well above the EU average, with growth expected thanks to efficient business practices, new product launches and activity in new markets.

The increased business spending and positive outlook, along with the current strength of the pound against the euro, have created an optimum situation for regular business travellers looking to dispense with the hassle of hotels and instead opt for an apartment that can be used as a base while they are overseas.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director for leading homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, explains,

“We’ve all been there – watching the minutes pass and worrying about being late while waiting for the hotel staff to locate an ironing board and deliver it to your room so that you can look presentable for the big meeting, or going down to breakfast only to find a sizeable queue and having to skip it in order to get away on time. For the discerning business traveller, a second home overseas provides a much more attractive alternative and it has the added benefit that it can also be used for leisure purposes.”

Calpesol in the bustling Costa Blanca is an excellent example of the kind of property that is perfect for a regular business traveller. The high spec, three bedroom/two bathroom townhouses are available from just €179,000, which is incredible value given the current exchange rate. All have well appointed terraces for relaxing after a hard day’s work and superior kitchens to banish those memories of questionable hotel food forever.

Certainly such a property would benefit the business traveller’s family as well, with Spain regularly making top 5 lists of global holiday destinations based on everything from its popularity to its value for money. Most recently, research from On The Beach saw Spain take 3 of the top 5 spots in the best value 4* holiday destination category.

For more information about purchasing the ultimate business base and second home, please contact Taylor Wimpey España today on 08000 121 020 or visit Those residing outside of the UK should call 0034 971 70 69 72.