From Automotives to Autobots: Detroit walks the red carpet of transformation

The Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, has long been used as a set for numerous Hollywood movies and television series primarily for its ability to transform its surroundings which was certainly one of the biggest attractions for Michael Bay’s latest and highly anticipated visual feast Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Released in British cinemas today, the landscape of Detroit provides an extraordinary location with abundant filming possibilities for Directors and movie Producers and has been the selected location not only for Bay’s third Autobot and Decepticon installment but for his very first Transformer movie back in 2007 with Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office stating,

“We were thrilled to have ´Transformers´ return to Michigan for ´Dark of the Moon´ and are looking forward to seeing the impact Michigan´s one-of-a-kind locations will have in the film.”

Indeed, Detroit chosen for its setting and variety of buildings and structures was also selected for its high number of acting extras ready and willing to take centre stage as well as its number 1 ranked Film and Television Production Incentive Program allowing productions to recoup 42% of their expenditure.

Of course, big bucks movies like ‘Dark of the Moon’ including the other 58 productions that were shot in the Motor City back in 2010, are helping Detroit get back on its feet after experiencing an automotive collapse from the economic downturn with the new Transformers film alone said to have hired 315 Michigan residents, a full time equivalent of 30 jobs according to The Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Places like Detroit and other parts of Michigan know the long-term economic benefits that filming locally can bring to the economy from job creation to increased tourist visits and as a result of Detroit’s new economic rising from film making, foreign investors have the city firmly in their sights as a lucrative destination in which to invest in property.

Alan Forsyth, Director of property investment experts, Property Secrets explains,

“Traditionally known as the automotive epicenter of America, Detroit has certainly shifted gears, seeking to steal the spotlight from Hollywood as a filmmaking hotspot.  It would seem that there is a lot of opportunity for the local community and indeed the economy to climb its way back to the top keeping spirits high and as Detroit continues to put itself on the map, investors will certainly be keen to get in on the action.

“Attracted by the incredible rental returns and low property prices which also allow Detroit residents to have the opportunity to live in safe, modernised, and affordable accommodation, we are offering 3 and 4 bedroom, fully refurbished houses to investors from just $40,500 with uniquely up to 50% finance available. These homes were selling 5-6 years ago for over $100,000 and it is just a matter of time before they fully recover, allowing our clients to gain substantially, through our relationship with the banks in USA.”

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