Family fun in the sun: longer life expectancy leads to increase in multi-generational holidays

Family fun in the sun: longer life expectancy leads to increase in multi-generational holidays

It looks like 2014 is going to be all about family. As the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family, holiday destinations across the globe are emphasising their family-friendly features.

According to the TravelSupermarket Travel Trends Tracker 2013, 70% of respondents aimed to go on holiday with their partner last year, while 30% had planned to holiday with their children, 7% with their parents and 5% with their grandchildren. The reasons behind this multi-generational approach to holidays are particularly interesting.

Dr Ian Yeoman’s study, The Future of the UK Family Holiday: Social and Demography Trends, shows like expectancy in the UK as having achieved a ten year increase for both men and women since 1950, with men now at 78.4 years and women at 82.6 years. Simply translated, this means that grandparents have more time with their children and grandchildren than previously, leading to a rise in multigenerational family holidays.

It is a concept that resonates with Gil Summers, Co-founder of Sun Park Living, Lanzarote’s exclusive short and long-stay resort for the over 50s, where apartments can be booked for just €625 per four weeks. He comments,

“Here at Sun Park Living we’ve found that many of our guests enjoy having their children and grandchildren come out to spend time with them. As active retirees, our guests certainly enjoy spending time on their own in the resort, but they also look forward to quality time with the younger generations. As families generally have less time to relax and play together, quality time has become more of a luxury and we’ve noticed family tourism increase as a result.”

The observation regarding quality family time is backed by research from the Future Foundation, which found that half of the UK’s population claims to get all or most of their satisfaction as a result of family life. This satisfaction increases with age, as new generations are added to family life.

One consistently family-friendly holiday destination is Spain. In the recent survey of travel editors and writers by 101 Holidays, Spain came third in the list of countries with the best beaches. The finding is unsurprising, given the mass migration of families that flock to the Iberian country’s shores for a few days or weeks of glorious sunshine every year.

Award-winning developer Taylor Wimpey España has found that is Spanish properties are consistently popular with families, and the Costa Blanca’s Calpesol resort particularly so. The combination of the peaceful town of Calpe, the beautiful beach five minutes from the resort, landscaped gardens and communal swimming pool has proven a winning combination. With spacious houses available from just €168,000 + VAT, it is perhaps unsurprising that Spain is seen as the go-to option for many families looking to own a dream holiday home in the sun.

Italy also remains a firm favourite with family holiday home buyers, having been voted one of Lonely Planet’s best family travel destinations for 2014. According to the National Agency of Tourism (ENIT), 62% of international operators globally confirmed an increase in travel toward Italy over the festive season. It is a trend which looks set to continue, with Italian life proving a strong draw to British families looking to enjoy culture, food and wonderful scenery, as well as beach life, as part of their holidays.

At Appassionata, which refurbishes and manages luxury fractional ownership holiday homes in Italy’s Le Marche region, family is a key driver behind many of their owners’ decisions to purchase. Company founder and established interior designer Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs explains,

“Our fractional ownership properties not only provide an incredible standard of Italian holiday home for their owners, but also an inheritance that can be handed down through the generations. Many of our owners love to bring several generations of their family out to Italy with them and our two new properties in the delightful town of Petritoli will allow families to truly immerse themselves in day-to-day Italian living.”

The Petritoli properties – a three bedroom townhouse with fractions available from £55,000 and a five bedroom palazzo with fractions from £100,000 – were selected with family living in mind. Unusually, both feature outside areas large enough for family dining, which Dawn confirms was an essential part of her decision to renovate the two homes.

On the opposite side of the Adriatic, Albania is also emerging as one Europe’s leading family holiday destinations, with sun-drenched beach holidays attracting a growing number of visitors. Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa has been designed with a family focus firmly in mind. Recreational areas, sporting zones, boutique shops and extensive dining options provide enjoyment and convenience for the whole family. A stunning beach and purpose-built beach club further enhance the resort’s family feel.

Even the investment opportunities offered by Lalzit Bay are family-friendly – the resort’s apartments, villas and hotel rooms can be reserved for just €500, while lifestyle buyers can also choose to benefit from a free Fiat Punto when they complete on their purchase.

With so many family-focused options available, and pressure on families to make the most of their quality time together, holiday home developers and resorts will no doubt continue to celebrate their myriad family features, creating abundant choice for those looking to celebrate family life in the sunshine during 2014.

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