My first year in PR with AB Property Marketing

My first year in PR with AB Property Marketing

If asked to describe my first year in PR in just three words it would be enlightening, challenging and rewarding. With no real preconceived expectations, other than the offering of a more creative work environment, I started my role at AB Property Marketing eager to experience all that was involved in the world of property PR.

As someone who has always loved to learn new things, this year has definitely allowed me to absorb a wealth of industry knowledge and a much greater understanding of exactly what a role in PR entails.

Contrary to popular belief it is not all lovely long lunches and business days out, although we have been lucky enough to enjoy a few as a team, but long days of research, writing, client relations, rewriting, communicating with journalists and everything in between. The team of ABPM ladies work diligently to develop professional relationships, create the best opportunities and achieve the results that our clients have come to expect from us.

I’m first to admit how much I love having a calendar in front of me with the month’s schedule outlined, but the first lesson I learnt in PR is that although a to-do list is wonderful, it’s better to expect the unexpected. Between breaking news, newly released data, urgent requests and client needs, daily tasks are always subject to change. Adaptability and flexibility are key to a successful PR team. Being able to reshuffle your own personal workload, as well as aiding your colleagues, in order to meet deadlines is a much needed skill and one to master sooner rather than later.

The second lesson learnt during my introduction to the PR world is the importance of keeping up to date with the news, both general and industry specific in relation to your company’s specialist subject. Property is an essential commodity for everyone and is subsequently a topic that is discussed frequently in the media by all, from industry experts to government officials. The better informed you are about the latest market news, the more relevant and interesting your press releases and pitches will be. Those with their fingers on the pulse are often the people that can provide reaction and comment quickly and efficiently which will give your clients a significant advantage in a busy arena.

My third, and probably most valuable, lesson from my first year within PR is that in order to be effective in your role and achieve results, you must think outside the box. At AB Property Marketing we have taken this one step further, there is no box. With no boundaries or restrictions and no thought too eccentric to discuss, we have the freedom to form innovative ideas and create unique and original material for our clients.

Recently, whilst trying to join the dots from a Shakespearean inspired butterfly farm in Istanbul, to Shakespeare’s upcoming birthday anniversary, to a new residential property development launching in the city, I realised that my first year in PR has made quite an impact. Having felt like one of the team from the very beginning, I now feel confident and comfortable in my abilities and look forward to the future challenges and lessons learnt over this next year. After all, the world of PR is evolving and every day brings something new to discover.

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