Albania broadens its horizons with new flight routes amidst tourism boom

Albania broadens its horizons with new flight routes amidst tourism boom

  • Albania witnesses 167% increase in foreign visitors arriving for holidays and day trips in Q3 2014 (INSTAT)
  • Host of new flight routes, linking Tirana with range of new European destinations
  • Albania 40.77% cheaper than Italy in Consumer Price Index (Numbeo ‘Cost of Living Index 2015’)

An eye-popping 167% increase in the number of foreign visitors arriving in Albania for holidays and day trips in Q3 2014 is yet another positive indictor of the bright future ahead for this Balkan nation. An impressive increase on figures from one year previous, according to the country’s national statistics office, INSTAT, visitor numbers from outside of the country now stand at 1,042,844, having been just 390,454 during the same period in 2013.

Alongside this, INSTAT’s ‘Quarterly Statistical Bulletin’ revealed more detail about where these tourists were coming from, with Western Europe seeing a 24.7% increase in visitors, and interestingly, East Asia and Pacific combined with the South Asian region seeing a mammoth 42.34% growth in the numbers visiting Albania in Q3 2014, compared to the third quarter of 2013.

Peter WalsheMarketing Director of Albania’s first high end resort, Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa, comments,

“As recent figures have shown, Albania is looking to be one of the stand-out destinations for travel this year and as the country begins to fully recognise the potential of its tourism market, this is sure to be just the beginning. In line with this, we are certainly seeing a growing number of enquiries from people interested in buying property in the beautiful coastal region of Lalzit Bay, for both their own use and having recognised its investment potential. Albania is proving a popular choice for buyers in a wide range of nations.”

Within this context, it is easy to see why summer 2015 will see the launch of a host of new flight routes, linking Albania’s capital, Tirana, with even more key cities in Europe and beyond. A code-share deal between Czech Airlines and Travel Service, for example, will see new flights start between Prague and Tirana, and there will also be charter flights launched from Košice airport in Slovakia into Albanian capital. Alongside this, Kuwait investors are in talks about the potential launch of the new ‘Albanian Airways’ plane which will marry-up Tirana with European countries that are home to Albanian diaspora.

With this expansion extending into autumn too, Italy’s Air Vallée is also set to start scheduled flights between the Italian destinations of Rimini, Salerno, Bari and Pescara, flying into Tirana, making the Balkan country even more accessible to its neighbouring nation.

Looking ahead, and in line with Walshe’s comments, the World Bank are working on preparing their next Country Strategy for Albania for the next five years, with a considerable part of the focus being on coordinating and maximising growth in the tourism sector. Yet, it is not simply ease of accessibility that is drawing a growing number of visitors to Albanian shores. The country is becoming renowned as an incredibly affordable destination to visit, which given current economic conditions making many people more budget aware, ensures it is becoming the top choice for a growing flank of holidaymakers and investors alike.

Numbeo’s Consumer Price Index, part of their ‘Cost of Living Index 2015’, showed that Albania is some 40.77% cheaper than Italy which, given that it is just 45 miles across the Adriatic and boasts similarly stunning beaches and wonderful climate, ensures it is clear why it is drawing attention.

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