Leading provider launches new accommodation that offers ‘VIP student experience’

Leading provider launches new accommodation that offers ‘VIP student experience’

United Kingdom
  • Plummer House in Newcastle boasts drinks bar, 24-hour concierge, on-site cinema, private gym and games room (Collegiate AC)
  • A ‘cold room’ will take delivery of students’ online food shopping (Collegiate AC)
  • Range of accommodation that includes mezzanine apartments and a Presidential Suite (Collegiate AC)

A brand new student accommodation offering is launching in Newcastle, claiming to be the very best in the city and providing residents with a ‘VIP student experience’.

Setting a new standard for student accommodation, Plummer House forms part of the UK’s leading luxury student accommodation provider Collegiate AC’s new Fusion Students portfolio, and will boast facilities unlike any other. A chic in-house bar, with its very own ice machines, sound system and eye-catching décor, sets the tone for the property’s exciting and high-end living experience. This is set alongside luxurious facilities such as a private cinema, on-site gym and games room exclusively available for residents, enhancing the high-end student experience.

A 24-hour concierge team will attend to every whim and there is even a ‘cold room’ which will take delivery of students’ online food shopping if they are not home to receive it. Elegant and innovative, Plummer House will have high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi throughout, making both study and free-time for student residents easy and simple.

Secure electronic door entry adds, not only a sense of security and reassurance, but also to the 5-star feel that is central to Plummer House. The first-class facilities are accompanied by beautiful interiors that would not look out of place in the very best hotel which, whilst modern and design-led, also combine with ease with the stunning period features of the original Grade II listed building.

Famous for hosting Tilley’s tea dances in the ballroom, the original building was established in 1910, and key period features are set be central to the newly renovated and opened Plummer House. These include the beautiful original dance floor which will provide the foundations for the inspirational new common room, wooden panelling, elegant cornicing, and full-height sash windows.

Making the very most of the original high ceilings, many rooms will benefit from mezzanine levels and the wide variety of room types available range from individual studios to four-bedroom en-suites. Ensuring that there is something to suit each student and their individual circumstances, there is even a Presidential Suite for the truly discerning student!

Warren Rosenberg, Founder of Fusion Students, tells of the company’s excitement at launching Plummer House,

“Plummer House really is paving the way for a brand new level of living experience, not just in Newcastle, but for students in general. The lifestyle-led, exquisitely-designed apartments and social spaces are specially crafted with passion and attention to detail to encourage students to thrive in both their life and work.

“This is a truly bespoke project that marries seamlessly the unique and modern design with the original features of the early 20th century building at its core. We are extremely proud to be able to offer this accommodation option to today’s students and look forward to welcoming the first residents to Plummer House.”

Ideally situated just 10 minutes from the University of Newcastle on Market Street in the city centre, Plummer House forms part of luxury student operator Collegiate AC’s, Fusion Collection and provides convenient access to the shops, cultural attractions and quayside area of this cosmopolitan city.

Priced from £20 per day, Collegiate AC is now taking booking for Plummer House and the property will welcome its first student residents in September.

For more information, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or contact Collegiate AC on 01235 250 140.

Newly launched Quintessential to provide ‘prestige living’ management platform for PRS

Newly launched Quintessential to provide ‘prestige living’ management platform for PRS

United Kingdom ,

The team behind Collegiate AC, the leading providers of luxury student accommodation in the UK, have announced the launch of a brand new PRS offering – Quintessential Apartments.

Providing ‘prestige living’, this dynamic private rented sector brand and operating platform will deliver a range of superior apartments to the market, setting fresh industry standards and offering a completely new way of living to residents.

Aiming to be situated in some of the key business hubs of both the UK and mainland Europe, Quintessential will provide luxurious city centre living environments for residents to make their homes.

Aimed at graduates and professionals who demand the very best in life, properties will boast beautiful and unique design features, both architecturally and interior-focussed, combined with unrivalled facilities.

The stunning accommodation itself will be supported by exceptional on-site service to meet residents’ demands with ease. Concierge services will be available round the clock and residents’ needs will be central to the provision.

Bringing their decade of experience in providing the very best student properties throughout the UK to the wider residential market, Collegiate AC understands the needs of the modern renter. They recognise the huge benefits of creating high-end individual residences alongside shared, communal living spaces, making for the ideal, seamless living environment.

Quintessential CEO, Heriberto Cuanalo, explains more,

“We are thrilled to be able to set a brand new standard of residential rental offering for discerning professionals throughout the UK through the launch of Quintessential. PRS is a hot topic right now as more and more people look to the sector for something different and more suited to the specific needs of those renting and therefore we are proud to be able to offer just that.

“Quintessential apartments provide the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, facilities and experience, individual living spaces and shared communal areas. It truly is prestige city living. We look forward to welcoming the first residents.”

For investors and developers, the operating platform will provide select access at the highest quality to this thriving new sector through partnership agreements with Quintessential.

For more information, visit www.quintessential-apartments.com or contact Quintessential on 01235 434391.

Budget 2016: Buy-to Let Reaction

Budget 2016: Buy-to Let Reaction

United Kingdom

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director of Surrenden Invest, the property consultancy that focuses on high-yielding buy-to-let investments, says,

“Today’s announcements by the Chancellor will have come as no real surprise to those looking to buy an investment property in coming months. George Osborne has maintained his earlier pledge on Stamp Duty, holding strong on the changes already announced, which in turn means that those investors with their fingers on the pulse will not have experienced any kind of real shock to the system today.

What it does mean, however, is that we are set to see an ever-increasing focus on the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ as the location of choice for investment properties. This Government focus on the North-West was highlighted further still today with the announcement of new road improvements in the region, along with a new tunnel linking Sheffield with Manchester. Giving the green light to the HS3 Manchester to Leeds line will also massively grow investment prospects in the Northern Powerhouse, improving transport links and high-speed travel. “I said we would build the Northern Powerhouse. We are making it a reality and rebalancing our country,” Osborne said and this can only be a good thing for those buying into the region.

This does mean that the focus is very much moving away from the capital. Having ‘London’ at the end of your address should be a license to print money but the current oversupply of new build property, combined with the turmoil in the overseas market, means that the London market overall is cooling – and fast. In fact, I predict that by Christmas new build stock in London will be down by 50%.  Yet this is London as a whole. There are still areas, like Ilford for example, that remain undervalued and therefore savvy investors still keen to buy in the city should look to such locations that offer low entry points and decent rental income, combined with positive future Crossrail-impacted price growth.

Overall, I would say that this budget has confirmed that there is no better time to look north, however, with the dream buy-to-let conditions created for the Northern Powerhouse.”

For more information, visit www.surrendeninvest.com or contact Surrenden Invest on 0203 3726 499.

Paul Smith appointed Group Managing Director at Collegiate AC

Paul Smith appointed Group Managing Director at Collegiate AC

United Kingdom

As part of its significant expansion the leading provider of luxury student accommodation in the UK, Collegiate AC, has announced the appointment of Paul Smith as Group Managing Director.

Paul’s background is in senior roles up to board level in UK private banking, with 21 years at HSBC, where he rose to be a Managing Director at HSBC Private Bank UK. He then went on to spend four years as a Managing Director for Coutts Private Bank ahead of his appointment at Collegiate AC.

Collegiate AC CEO, Heriberto Cuanalo, explains the timing of the new appointment,

“The appointment of Paul Smith as our Group Managing Director is a strategic move to ensure we continue to exceed market expectations and maintain the superior quality of service that our clients require. After five years of exceptional growth and setting new standards in the student accommodation market, Collegiate is now working on a development pipeline of 20,000 prestige beds with select joint-venture partners, such as Fusion Collegiate with Fusion Students, and also expanding into mainland Europe. To deliver this growth successfully we need a world-class team.

“I am proud that Paul will be joining us at a time when we have really confirmed our strength in the market and distinction from our competitors. At Collegiate we always strive to deliver the very best for our residents and I am sure that Paul’s unrivalled business experience will mean that he is not only a real asset to our team, but also a key strategic player in Collegiate AC’s continued success.”

Paul Smith, Collegiate AC’s new Group Managing Director says,

“I am delighted to be joining the team at Collegiate AC at such an exciting time. It is evident that there are many parallels to be drawn between the focus on client service in Private Banking and the approach that Collegiate have towards their clients and residents. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Already prevalent in many of the UK’s top university cities, Collegiate is opening over ten new prestige residences this year alone. Increasing the offering in some of the cities that they previously had sites whilst adding brand new locations to their already ample portfolio in over 20 UK cities.

As part of the company’s ethos to provide ‘Student living. Just better’, all properties provide Collegiate AC’s signature blend of excellent facilities and stunning interiors, from on-site gyms to private cinemas, luxury lounges to work rooms, private dining rooms to concierge services. Collegiate AC is also adding an array of new facilities to their offering, including VIP Bars and Sky Lounges as well as 24-hour on-site concierge services.

Collegiate AC is now focused on developing larger scale prestige residences, of up to 900 beds each, in which the company can deliver their superior designs and amenities together with unrivalled levels of service and create a truly exceptional experience for tenants.

With demand for the company’s particular style of student accommodation never higher, this latest business announcement will allow Collegiate AC to better facilitate their growth strategy throughout the UK in coming years.

For more information, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or contact Collegiate AC on 01235 250 140.

Top 10 press release writing tips – keep your copy at the top of its game

Top 10 press release writing tips – keep your copy at the top of its game

United Kingdom World

Part of a successful PR campaign is the production of well-crafted, engaging press releases that present your brand and product to the world. Writing a press release can be an immensely rewarding task when it generates column inches and sales enquiries.

The experts at leading property PR agency, AB Property Marketing, share their top 10 tips on how to write a successful press release.

  1. Know your message

When faced with a new service or product, ask questions. Ask questions until you run out of air and can’t think of anything else to ask. It’s how you gain a full understanding of the service / product and the message you want to convey to the world about it. Without clarity on this, your press release is doomed from the start.

  1. Know your audience

Equally important is understanding for whom you are writing. If you have visions of featuring in luxury publications but you’re emphasising their product’s affordability and lack of exclusivity, your message won’t be getting across to the right people. Target your writing to the audience likely to buy the service/ product, as well as to the journalists who have the power to reach that audience.

  1. Love your product

It’s not enough to just know your product; you have to feel it. In fact, you have to love it. Your passion (or lack thereof) for your subject matter will show in your writing. If you want your readers to love your service or product, then you have to convey to them why they should, so let your passion flow into your copy to truly inspire those who read your work.

  1. Do your homework

You’ll want to link your press release to relevant statistics and research, to back up and give weight to the information that you are presenting. Credibility is king, so get stuck in online and find original, just-published reports and datasets that you can use to present new and exciting information in your client’s press release. Don’t regurgitate old figures and always track down and check the source report.

  1. Banish waffle

The internet has done miraculous things in terms of sharing knowledge around the world and connecting people with information. It has also reduced our attention spans dramatically. If a headline and first sentence doesn’t grab a reader, they will be on to the next link in a flash. So banish waffle from your copy. Keep it simple, clear and on point. If you want to witter on, write a novel!

  1. Think human

People love to read about people. It’s why so many celebrity magazines exist. We are fascinated by the lives of others and social media has made these lives accessible in a way that has never previously been possible. When it comes to your service or product, think about the human element. Include a case study of someone who has benefitted from it and give the reader someone to relate to.

  1. Be bold

Be bold. Be exciting. Be innovative. Use fresh data, new ideas and interesting concepts. Whatever you do, don’t let your content feel boring or stale. There’s a huge world of content out there. If you want readers to notice yours, it needs to be a cut above the rest.

  1. Don’t proofread your own work

The human brain has a well-documented ability to read what it thinks should be in a word or sentence, rather than what actually is. This is particularly true when you are rereading something that you have written yourself – the brain can skip over errors as it knows what the sentence should say and not what it does say. The moral? Always opt for a fresh pair of eyes and get someone else to proofread your work.

  1. Know when to write

Get to know your circadian rhythms and find the best time of day to let the muse take you. If you’re at your best in the mornings, write then, or if you’re a night owl then adjust your schedule accordingly. Don’t force the words if they don’t come easily – step back and let your subconscious work out the knots and you’ll find your writing flows more freely as a result. Unless, of course, you’re on a tight deadline in which case grab a double shot latte and knuckle down!

  1. Never be complacent

No matter how good the press release that you’ve just written is, the next one can always be better. Writing is a craft that can be improved over time, just like any other skill. So seek to make each press release you write the best one yet.

For all your property marketing and public relations needs, contact AB Property Marketing on +44 845 054 7524 or visit www.abpropertymarketing.co.uk

Redefining renting: Tipi launches ‘The best way to live in London’

United Kingdom

A new living experience is coming to Wembley Park, brand new apartments with iconic views and rent inclusive of heating, electricity, and superfast broadband, aiming to be ‘The best way to live in London’.

Tipi is the latest launch from Quintain, the London-focussed property developer and combines brand new, high quality apartments with exceptional service. Reversing years of frustration for Londoners, the focus of the new management company is to take the hassle out of renting by including all utility bills in the rent and to provide an offering that is flexible, with no agent or end of tenancy fees to pay.

Recognising that London life is busy, seeing people juggling home and work responsibilities whilst managing a family and social life, the Tipi goal is simply to make the whole living experience easier. Providing a hotel-inspired service that helps residents break free from day-to-day life admin, Tipi enables them to spend more time doing the things they really value by offering additional services such as laundry, dry cleaning and domestic cleaning.

Aiming to change the way Londoners view rental accommodation, Tipi offers a flexible range of lease terms, with security deposits set at under a month’s rent, no agency fees, no inventory fees and no end of tenancy cleaning costs, Tipi handles this.

Michael Allen, Head of PRS at Tipi who recently joined the team from America explains more,

“We know that people want to live in a place where they can connect with neighbours, relax in great surroundings and socialise with family and friends, a place that they can call home, and this is exactly what we are proud to be providing at Tipi.

“Tipi has flexibility, ease and customer service engrained in every aspect and it is the attention to detail, in both design and delivery, that means we can help give Londoners the kind of lifestyle they have always wanted. It is really exciting to be launching this brand new kind of rental experience in the iconic location of Wembley Park and we can’t wait to welcome the first residents this weekend.”

The range of high specification apartments are ideally located at the heart of Wembley Park, just two stops to Baker Street and next door to the world famous Wembley Stadium, SSE Arena and  London Designer Outlet, with its 50 shops, 20 restaurants and coffee shops, and nine-screen cinema. Super-connected, Tipi is just a five minute walk from Jubilee, Metropolitan and overground lines, with London Marylebone just nine minutes away and the West End just 19 minutes away.

The two debut Tipi buildings, Montana and Dakota, boast brand new 1, 2 and 3 bedroom modern apartments, with most offering their own private balcony or terrace, available furnished or unfurnished.

With the hotel-inspired service at its core, Tipi tenants are supported by a 24-hour concierge and night security, secure underground parking and bicycle storage, and also benefit from the friendly on-site Tipi Team, on hand to ensure that Tipi living is always simple, smart and exceptional.

Two social spaces, or lounges, provide an extension to the private apartments, each offering differing options for work or relaxation. The “Deckhouse” benefits from a pool table, HD TV with Sky Sports, kitchenette and outside terrace, whilst the quieter space of the “Nest” has 100Mb/s broadband for home working, soft seating and an HD TV. A well-equipped gym and screening room, available for all residents, will open in autumn 2016 and outside there is an acre of private landscaped gardens, perfect for relaxation and catching up with friends.

Following two successful open days last month, Tipi is now open for viewings, with the first residents moving in on 5th March.

Apartments are priced from £1,600 pcm with no agency fees and include all utility bills and superfast broadband.

For more information or to book a viewing with the Tipi leasing team, visit www.tipi.london or call 020 3151 1927.

Notes to Editors

About Tipi @TipiLondon

Tipi is a subsidiary of Quintain, the London focussed property development specialist and the team behind Wembley Park. Tipi is a ‘Build to Rent’ or Private Rental Sector (PRS) management company which builds, manages and leases contemporary apartments to customers without charging agents’ fees. Unique to Tipi is that Quintain owns and operates the wider Wembley Park estate which ensures the environment surrounding the apartments is safe, controlled, clean and well connected.

Tipi’s first PRS buildings, Montana & Dakota offer brand new 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments with rents inclusive of all utility bills and superfast broadband. Most apartments boast a balcony and all benefit from access to an acre of private gardens. 24 hour concierge and night security meet customers’ everyday needs and additional services can be added to tenancy agreements such as secure underground parking, cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning services.

Two lounges are available for Montana & Dakota residents to use and include superfast 100 Mb/s broadband, Sky TV and Sky Sports and later this year a gym and cinema room will open within the building.

About Wembley Park @WembleyPark

Wembley Park is the development by Quintain which is transforming the 85-acre area around Wembley Stadium and The SSE Arena, bringing together new shopping at London Designer Outlet, leisure facilities, new homes and beautiful public spaces to create a major new destination and residential neighbourhood for London.

Wembley Park will be home to thousands of high-quality homes and a vibrant new community who will enjoy everything Wembley Park has to offer including tree-lined boulevards, regular outdoor market programmes and more.

The SSE Arena and Wembley Stadium continue to attract the best names in sport, music and entertainment.

Wembley Park is extremely well connected with two overland train stations (nine minutes to Marylebone), two tube stations (19 minutes to the West End), over 3000 parking spaces and excellent road links to motorways including the M1, M40 and M25.

Collegiate AC breathes new life into Derby’s student accommodation offering

Collegiate AC breathes new life into Derby’s student accommodation offering

United Kingdom

A former Derby council office block is being transformed into a residential development that will become the city’s most luxurious student accommodation as part of an exciting new regeneration scheme.

Roman House, situated on Friar Gate in the heart of Derby, has previously been home to the city council but will soon become home to a new generation of students studying at the University of Derby.

Fitting into a wider regeneration programme of the Cathedral Quarter, the change of use of the property has been granted following an alteration in the Permitted Development Rights (PDR) that allows former office buildings to be turned into residential dwellings.

Roman House will be managed by the leading provider of luxury student accommodation in the UK, Collegiate AC, and is part of a much-anticipated expansion by the company that sees them launch 11 new projects this year.

Whilst Collegiate AC are prevalent in many of the top university cities throughout the UK, this will be the first Collegiate AC site in Derby. The scheme, exclusively available for 126 residents, will provide a new standard of student accommodation in the city, offering a wide range of luxurious facilities. These will include an on-site cinema, private gym, social hub and seminar rooms, alongside high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi to ease every aspect of student life.

The newly developed Roman House will also place student security as a key priority, with features that include electronic door entry, an out-of-hours service, an on-site manager and CCTV to provide peace of mind round the clock. All of these features are central to the Collegiate AC ethos of providing ‘Student living. Just better’.

Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate AC, explains how much they are looking forward to launching in Derby,

“We are proud to be able to now offer students at the University of Derby the option of a luxurious student living experience, and see Roman House transformed into a desirable and sought-after city centre residential scheme. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the first residents to Roman House and hope they will love their new surroundings as much as we do.”

A range of accommodation will be available at the newly launched Roman House, with 72 studios and 54 twodios to suit individual preferences, with double beds, en-suite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens offered as standard.

Currently under refurbishment, with new windows being installed to add a sleek finish to the red brick façade and interiors redesigned to create the feeling of space and luxury synonymous with the Collegiate AC brand, Roman House is breathing new life into the city centre and is set to welcome its first student residents in September.

For more information, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or contact Collegiate AC on 01235 250 140.

50% boost in enquiries announced as buy-to-let stampede takes hold

50% boost in enquiries announced as buy-to-let stampede takes hold

United Kingdom
  • Buy-to-let consultancy reveals 50% increase in enquiries following stamp duty hike announcement (Surrenden Invest)
  • “Residential property will remain the UK’s most profitable asset class long after 2016” (Jonathan Stephens)
  • Royal Victoria Residence, London, witnessing increased demand

One of the UK’s most prominent property investment consultancies has revealed the huge impact of the stamp duty hike, announced by the Chancellor late last year and due to come into force as of 1st April, on the buy-to-let market.

Surrenden Invest, based in the capital, has released new figures which show that in the past 3 months, since the Autumn Statement, new enquiries into their current investment projects have grown an impressive 50%.

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director of Surrenden Invest, explains more,

“As soon as the news broke from the Autumn Statement our consultants received a greater volume of enquiries, the phones were literally ringing off the hook! Since then, there has been a significantly heightened level of demand from clients looking to push their purchase through by 1st April or commit to purchasing good quality stock before the revised stamp duty rates kick in.”

The new legislation introduced by Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, in November is set to come into play from 1st April this year and will see an additional 3% added to the amount of stamp duty those buying a second property will have to pay. There have been murmurings in the industry that the impact of the changes will long-term be a negative one and that despite a potential boom-time now, the number of people purchasing for buy-to-let reasons from April onwards will drop off dramatically from pre-announcement levels.

This is not, however, a view shared by Jonathan Stephens who says,

“It is certainly all about buying at the moment, although I don’t think people should worry about any suspected negative impact of the new legislation on the market, post-April. Compared to the majority of international real estate markets, closing costs in the UK will still remain comparatively low – some overseas buyers are used to paying up to 15% to close a deal back home. UK buy-to-let looks likely to continue to be an attractive asset for those seeking a savvy investment and we believe that residential property will remain the UK’s most profitable asset class long after April 2016.”

Surrenden Invest focuses on high yielding buy-to-let properties, considering the very best investment opportunities in the UK, and currently offering projects in London, Manchester and Liverpool. One such project that is currently gaining increased attention from buyers is Royal Victoria Residence.

Located just minutes from the planned Custom House Crossrail station, the superior one, two and three bedroom apartments, due for completion Q4 2017, will benefit from premium amenities, including a 24-hour concierge service.

Curved balconies, views of the Thames and Canary Wharf and sleek interiors are bound to prove popular with the demands of modern tenants and, this combined with the projected 40% growth in the area by 2020 due to the Crossrail effect, makes Royal Victoria Residence one of London’s key riverside investment opportunities. Prices range from £390,186 to £854,459.

For more information, visit www.surrendeninvest.com or contact Surrenden Invest on 0203 3726 499.

2016/17 Uni Applications Increase: UK applicants fall, EU applicants rise

2016/17 Uni Applications Increase: UK applicants fall, EU applicants rise

United Kingdom
  • Number of EU students applying to study in the UK increases 6%; non-EU student figures increase 1% (UCAS)
  • Overseas students’ demands supported by growing luxury student accommodation market (Collegiate AC)
  • Chinese students largest non-UK demographic at UK universities (UCAS)
  • Greatest increase in number of students from Ecuador, increasing 130% (UCAS)

With the passing of the annual January deadline for university applications, UCAS has released statistics that not only reveal the numbers of students applying for the 2016/17 academic year but also, interestingly, where they are coming from. The new figures show that once again, for the fourth year in a row, the number of students looking to study in the UK have risen, this year by 0.2%, taking 2016/17 figures to 593,720.

However, whilst the numbers of UK students applying to study at a higher education institution in their home country has decreased slightly year-on-year (down by 0.3%), the number of EU applicants (excluding UK) has risen by 6% on 2015/16 figures to today’s 45,220. Alongside this, non-EU applicant levels have risen by 1%, taking figures to 52,560.

Such students have their own particular demands when it comes to studying in the UK, many of which extend into the type of accommodation that they are searching for. Heriberto Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate AC, the leading provider of luxury student accommodation in the UK, explains more,

“Making the move to study in the UK can be daunting for international students and this is where accommodation that provides additional facilities comes in to ease the transition. The shared social spaces of on-site cinemas, luxury lounges or private gyms encourages the making of new friends from the off. The support of an on-site concierge and electronic door entry systems, for example, can also be just what is needed to provide a sense of security and reassurance for those students arriving in the UK and their families at home.”

As current UCAS figures reveal, Chinese students make up the largest non-UK demographic studying at higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, with 9,000 students from China applying for the 2016/17 academic year. This is followed by students from Hong Kong (5,180) in second place, students from Ireland in third (4,750), and those from France and Italy making up the remainder of the top five, with 4,650 and 4,270 students applying respectively.

Yet this is not all the new figures show. They also unveil which nations have seen the largest growth in the numbers of students applying to study in the UK. Within Europe, Croatia takes the lead, with an impressive 45% increase year-on-year in students submitting an application to study at a UK university. This is followed by Slovakia (with a 39% increase) and the Czech Republic (with a 34% increase).

Lebanon is the Asian country with the largest year-on-year growth in students looking to study in the UK, with 41% more applying for 2016/17 compared to 2015/16. Turkish students take second place in terms of percentage growth in Asia, with 25%, and students from Qatar in third, with a 17% increase. Uganda and Egypt share the top spot for African nations applying through UCAS to study on UK soil, both nations having witnessed a 14% increase from last year’s figures. Second place is taken by South Africa with 11% and third place by Zimbabwe with 7% growth.

In North America, the Cayman Islands take the lead, with 20% more of its students applying to UK universities for the coming year, according to UCAS, with Mexico (at an 18% increase) and Bermuda (seeing a 17% increase) following close behind. The only growth in Oceania is seen from New Zealand, wherein 12% more students are applying to study in UK universities this September. South America’s top spot is taken by Ecuador from where a huge 130% more students have put in applications for UK study in the 2016/17 academic year.

As Cuanalo has indicated, these increasing figures of overseas students looking to study in the UK from later this year, is set to have a knock-on effect on the student property market, with a growing interest in luxurious student properties that offer the extra touches that make studying in a foreign country easier and hassle-free. He says,

“In line with the new UCAS figures, we have also noticed the same growing demand from overseas students, with over half of our properties for 2016/17 being taken by non-EU students and 0.4% more EU students signing up for our luxury student accommodation this year compared to last. In line with this, we are launching eleven new properties to fulfil the growing need and are already seeing great interest from overseas students, both from the EU and beyond.”

Collegiate AC properties are situated throughout the UK in some of the very best university cities, from Edinburgh to Exeter, Southampton to Birmingham, Newcastle to Reading, and many more. Properties boast beautifully-designed interiors alongside excellent additional facilities that include games rooms, on-site gyms, dinner party rooms, in-house cinemas, study rooms and luxury lounges, as well as inclusive billing, free Wi-Fi and high-speed broadband.

For more information, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or contact Collegiate AC on 01235 250 140.

Unlocking Manchester’s property potential – Trend towards conversions for city living

Unlocking Manchester’s property potential – Trend towards conversions for city living

United Kingdom

The undeniable centre of the Northern Powerhouse effect, Manchester is witnessing a huge influx of businesses moving into the city from southern climes, creating an evolving marketplace. The recent Savills ‘Spotlight: The Future of Manchester’ report has revealed that the city has seen the creation of 57,000 jobs in the city centre since 2011, a figure that is greater than twice the growth seen across the UK as an entirety.

And this is just the beginning for Manchester’s business growth. The report also predicts that the city will need to house an additional 36,000 office workers in the next ten years which, given the current average annual property shortfall of around 5,100 homes and the expanding population as a whole, will be quite some feat.

With brand new developments appearing both in the city centre and edging further towards the outskirts to fulfil this blossoming need, there is a growing demand for a different type of property emerging.

Jonathan Stephens, Managing Director of Surrenden Invest, explains,

“A growing number of large corporations have moved – or are planning to move – their operations to northern centres of business, with Manchester leading the way as a far cheaper alternative to London in many ways. Savills has predicted that this will result in the need for nearly 100,000 new properties in the next ten years and therefore the question has been posed to Manchester as to how they will meet this explosive demand.

“Though a large part of this demand is being answered by the myriad of new builds under construction, since the extension of the Permitted Development Rights (PDR) there has been an emerging trend within Manchester of conversions of former industrial or office spaces, unlocking previously hidden potential in the market – and providing exciting new properties in turn.”

Appealing to the growing professional population themselves and investors alike, such developments boast all the benefits of centre city living and modern amenities, alongside character features and the high quality of an original, traditional building.

One such project that is gaining attention is Surrenden Invest’s One Cross Street. Situated in the very centre of the city, just five minutes’ walk from Manchester’s prime business and exclusive leisure district, Spinningfields, as well as from the luxury shopping district of New Cathedral Street, One Cross Street is ideally located for the new growing professional sector.

Redeveloped from the stunning structure of a former cotton mill, the original building of One Cross Street was built circa 1907 and is one of the last properties of its kind to be developed. The property is formed of 34 luxury apartments within a high-quality conversion of the original building, featuring elements of the existing structure left exposed, such as exposed brick and beams, as well as a creation of a modern new-build extension which will include two new penthouse floors featuring floor to ceiling glass walls.

Modern low-carbon technology means that the building will be one of the city’s most energy efficient, making this a future-proof investment. The passive heating environment that is created, where the building’s ambient temperature is maintained through air source heat pumps and heat recovery systems, means that running costs are incredibly low.

As part of the sense of community that is central to the project, One Cross Street boasts laundry rooms and a beautiful roof terrace, available to all residents. Properties also come fully furnished, with high quality furniture packs, as well as high end fixtures and fittings.

Studios are priced from £130,323, two-beds from £224,355, and a three and four duplex from £286,613.

Offering an unrivalled 6.2% net rental guarantee for 4 years, there is a projected 5 year return on investment of 45%.

For more information, visit www.surrendeninvest.com or contact Surrenden Invest on 0203 3726 499.