Try somewhere new: Albania answers demand for luxury travel without the expensive price tag

Try somewhere new: Albania answers demand for luxury travel without the expensive price tag

  • 35% of British holidaymakers want to visit a country they have never been to before (ABTA)
  • Luxury travel market forecast to increase in 2015 (Zicasso)
  • New deluxe beachfront villas launch on the Albanian Coast (Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa)

With the summer fast approaching, choosing the perfect holiday destination can be a meticulous task. A recent report by the UK’s largest travel association ABTA reveals that this year British holidaymakers are looking to explore brand new destinations, with 35% wanting to visit a country they have never been to before.

One such location proving increasingly attractive is Albania, emerging as a popular choice for those looking to explore the undiscovered beauty of Europe’s Balkan region. Described as the last secret of the Mediterranean, the country has become a top holiday location for 2015, with ‘Stylist’ ranking it third in their best destinations to spend the summer holidays this year and with increasing numbers looking to the country as THE destination to buy their very own holiday home.

Yet this is not all that is emerging as a key travel trend for 2015. The ABTA Travel Trends 2015 report also proposes that the luxury travel market is set to see a significant increase in enquiries and bookings, with holidaymakers looking to make the very most of their valuable time away.

American luxury travel planning agent, Zicasso, has similarly forecast this growth within the luxury market suggesting that there has been a definite rise in demand for more exclusive holiday property as well as unusual destinations.

This ever-increasing demand for luxury holiday properties, combined with the continuing desire within the market to find the most competitive prices, has created a sub category of holidaymakers seeking affordable luxury. Peter Walshe, Marketing Director of Albania’s first affordably luxurious resort, Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa, comments on this growing consumer group,

“We have definitely noticed a significant increase in enquiries, in keeping with this year’s rising interest in hidden gem destinations and luxury overseas property. Located on one of the last stretches of unspoilt shoreline in Europe, the Albanian coast still has a great deal of unseen views and untraveled landscapes yet to be explored, making it a prime destination for those in search of exclusive property without the excessive price tag. We pride ourselves on leading the market with regard to affordable luxury and our ability to construct quality beachfront properties that are still accessible financially.”

As part of their exclusive offering, Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa has announced the launch of a select number of 5/6 bedroom, beachfront villas with stunning, unobstructed Mediterranean views. With prices starting from just €437,000, these luxurious freehold villas are inspired by California’s modern beachfront houses, located on the beautiful sands of Lalzit Bay and the Adriatic coastline. Situated on a private gated resort, amongst landscaped gardens, each villa can be personalised helping create a sense of individuality, with the element of uniqueness key when investing in luxury travel.

To further increase the luxurious feel of the resort, Lalzit Bay Resort villa owners are also granted membership to both the Residents’ Club and the exclusive Adriatic Club, where additional services are available on request. These luxurious accompaniments can include a 24 hour concierge service, a private beach area and an airport pick up service, allowing complete relaxation throughout the stay.

The beachfront resort also has one and two bedroom apartments and three and four bedroom villas available. Apartments are well designed and generously proportioned, while the villas are the height of luxury, each benefitting from the option of a private pool, with prices ranging from €35,000 to €360,000.

Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa also boasts an array of 5-star amenities including a beach club, tennis courts and a range of shops and eating and drinking facilities, alongside a 24 hour on-call medical service onsite and 24/7 security presence.

For more information, contact Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa on +44 845 125 8600 or visit