Following the Beckhams in search of La Dolce Vita as David signs for AC Milan


It has been announced that David Beckham is to move to Italy after signing an agreement to play for AC Milan. On loan from current team LA Galaxy, Beckham is to play for the seven times European champions during the US ‘off-season’, from January.
With rumours rife that the Beckham family could make a more permanent move to Italy, and David having reportedly bought a house in the country, he has been keen to set the record straight, stating on that “it´s more about me not having so much time off” and that it is simply a move to keep up fitness levels. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is hoping for a more permanent residence, however, with news of him reportedly wanting Victoria to front a documentary following the family’s move to Milan, a move that would make Victoria Beckham the highest paid television presenter in Italian history and one not dissimilar to the 2007 American programme ‘Victoria Beckham: Coming to America’ that followed the Beckham’s move to LA.
David’s move to AC Milan is certain to heighten the appeal of a nation that is not only the most successful footballing nation in Europe, but is also well known for its glamour, fashion designers and celebrities. With Cater Allen Private Bank (part of the Santander Group) finding that over a third of people in the UK travel to ‘celebrity hotspots’ for their holidays and 46% thinking that their choice of holiday destination reflects on them as individuals, Beckham’s move to Italy is sure to have many Brits clambering after a second home in the country.
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