Leading global trading platform AxiTrader launches tighter spreads on cash CFDs

Leading global trading platform AxiTrader launches tighter spreads on cash CFDs

One of the world’s largest brokers, AxiTrader, has just announced extra tight spreads on cash CFDs, offering one of the most competitive pricing structures in the market.

Contracts for differences (CFDs) allow traders to follow an asset price both up and down, with cash payments used for the differences in settlement, rather than physical goods or securities.

AxiTrader’s UK customers can now take advantage of the low spreads and incredibly competitive financing, which are available for cash CFD trades on the S&P index.

“The S&P can be very volatile, as recent fluctuations have demonstrated. As such, there’s a huge advantage to being able to trade both long and short as a cash CFD – it allows traders to benefit from that volatility. That’s why we felt the time was right to launch our exceptionally competitive cash CFDs offering.”

Louis Cooper, Global Head of Retail Services, AxiTrader

AxiTrader is offering 15 markets with promotional spreads, including the DAX at just 0.6 pips and the UK100 at 0.8 pips. The launch marks one of the lowest spreads that the leading trading platform has ever offered, and one of the most competitive prices on the market.

MT4 Symbol Instrument Description Spread
GER30 Germany 30 cash 0.6
UK100 UK 100 cash 0.8
EU50 EU Stocks 50 cash 1
US30 US 30 cash 1.2
US500 US 500 cash 0.3
FRA40 France 40 cash 0.8
HK50 Hong Kong 50 cash 6
IND50 India 50 cash 5
JPN225 Japan 225 cash 8
SG30 Singapore 30 cash 0.25
USTECH US Tech 100 cash 0.8
UKOIL UK Crude Oil Cash CFD 2.5
USOIL US Crude Oil Cash CFD 2.5
SPI200 Australia 200 cash 0.8
CN50 China 50 cash 10


“Cash CFDs are particularly exciting for spread betting, as traders are at present exempt from paying taxes on their profits with these accounts. With some of the lowest financing fees available on the market today, traders are able to enjoy maximum returns from the cash CFDs.”

Louis Cooper, Global Head of Retail Services, AxiTrader

At present, the tighter spreads and ultra-low financing for cash CFD products are available to AxiTrader’s UK customers. The innovative offering means that traders can use CFDs with confidence to make the market work to their advantage, no matter whether prices fluctuate up or down.

For further information, visit www.axitrader.com.


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