The name’s James. Alexander James.

The name’s James. Alexander James.

When it comes to special agents, they don’t come more emphatically British than James Bond. After 24 films and seven actors, Bond continues to live on as one of the UK’s most instantly recognisable fictional characters.

Now, 007’s legacy continues to evolve – by serving as the inspiration behind an outstanding new penthouse in London dressed by Alexander James Interior Design.

Recognised as one of the World’s Top 100 Interior Designers by the Andrew Martin Design Awards 2016 and 2017, Alexander James Interior Design has dressed a range of iconic London residences in recent years, from The Chapel in Mill Hill to the former Pathé Films building in Soho. Now, The Townhouse at Westminster Bridge has become the latest London pad to enjoy the team’s attention.

Presented by award-winning property developer The Door, The Townhouse saw the conversion of an existing period building into four luxury apartments, including the addition of two floors in order to house the split-level, two-bedroom/two-bathroom terrace penthouse. It is this penthouse that has benefitted from the work of Alexander James Interior Design.

“The Townhouse has a beautiful Georgian façade, which was retained during the development work. The Door wanted an impressive interior that would really showcase the penthouse, so we opted for achingly contemporary furniture in order to create a living space that meets the demands of London life. The contrast with the Georgian exterior is delightful. Inside, we took inspiration from 1970s era James Bond in order to create a story throughout the property. The result is a truly magnificent London home.”

Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design

The glamour and panache associated with the 1970s Bond is apparent the moment you enter the luxurious penthouse. White and gold touches create an air of elegance, while retro-inspired furniture such as the Julian Chichester Deneuve Cabinet offer plenty of places to mix the perfect martini. Natural tones and crimson tinges complete the look, with the 1970s feel apparent in everything from the feature mirror in the living room to the metallic, padded easy chairs. Every element has been carefully chosen to complement the overall theme.

“The Townhouse is at once quirky and understated – we took a minimalistic approach and worked with our art consultant to provide a gallery feel. The result is an interior scheme that showcases the beauty of the apartment while provide a soulful warmth throughout. Achieving that look was all about balance. In the guest bedroom, for example, the exposed brick is softened by the use of stone-washed linen drapes and bronze poles. In the master bedroom, we’ve used layer upon layer of pinstripe textures, using the soft furnishings to create a really androgynous, tailored effect.”

Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design


The result is a superb, boutique feel to this SE1 home. The influence of the 70s is subtle yet pervasive, adding plentiful character to this contemporary residence. Vintage touches, such as the bedside units, pair beautifully with modern, designer feature lighting, creating a home that is perfect for trend-conscious modern Londoners who only settle for the very best. Much as Mr Bond himself was famed for doing.

The penthouse at The Townhouse is priced at £1,295,000 and available through Jackson-Stops.

For more information, visit Alexander James Interior Design at or call 020 7887 7604.