Bamboo – the alternative investment that actually delivers as Founder Members receive returns

With neither stocks nor bonds still not attractive enough to tempt investors, ever increasing monies are being allocated, not only on an institutional but individual level, to alternative investments.

Viewed as an essential element of a diverse and thus robust investment portfolio, more and more high net worth individuals, such as the 48% of those surveyed by the US Institute for Private Investors, are intending to move away from stock markets and instead increase their allocation in alternative investments such as commodities.

Indeed in these uncertain economic times it is reassuring to invest in a physical commodity, one which, due to its unprecedented demand, actually delivers and this tangibility is the beauty of investing in bamboo.

Dubbed the ‘Timber of the 21st Century’, bamboo is one of the most robust materials on the planet, it even has a higher tensile strength than steel! With a multitude of diverse uses from scaffolding to plywood, flooring, decking, furniture, bicycles, planes and even clothes, bamboo is quite simply, as the BBC stated recently “the next super-material”.

But not only is bamboo set to become the sustainable timber source for the future, this wonder plant is also one alternative investment that actually delivers with Founder Members of EcoInvestments bamboo plantation investment receiving their first year’s returns on time.

Over 150 savvy clients who invested in the initial 400 hectare bamboo plantation in Nicaragua, Central America, are now enjoying a 7% NET return on their investment for the first year with much higher returns due to arrive in later years.

Commenting on the successful delivery of returns, Marcus Vassiliou, Sales Manager of EcoInvestments, said:

“With so many alternative and ethical investments available to investors from carbon credits to agricultural land, bio fuels and solar panels, it can be difficult to choose the right one but my advice is to check the track record. Is the investment delivering what it claims? Who are the team behind the project? Are returns being paid in full and on time? What do existing investors have to say?

“As both a shareholder in EcoInvestments and an investor in the Founder Members phase, I am delighted to report that our bamboo investment is delivering what we promised – on time and in full. Having been out to Nicaragua and seen the plantation, and indeed my hectare of bamboo in person, I have complete confidence in the owners and operators, EcoPlanet Bamboo and am looking forward to receiving higher returns as forecast in future years.”

Even though the hugely successful and proven Founder Members program is full, it is still possible to profit from bamboo. Investors can turn £22,084 into £54,116* uncapped through the new 8 year bamboo package from EcoInvestments, offering annualised forecast returns of over 18%.

For more information about making an alternative investment and the merits of bamboo contact Marcus Vassiliou today on +44 (0) 20 3012 0306 or visit