Bank on bamboo – An alternative investment you can believe in

Alternative and ethical investments have been very successful of late, due to the condition of the global markets. Banks are paying miserable returns, the property market has taken a hammering and the stock market is performing erratically. In times like this, people are seeing alternative investments as a far more mainstream option than perhaps 10 years ago. Of course, investors need to be informed, do their research, ask questions and find the best deals.

Bamboo is one such investment that has presented itself as one of the very best deals around. Indeed, while investors become more socially and environmentally aware, they are still on the lookout for tangible assets that they can actually see develop and bamboo investments offer just that.

EcoInvestments’ Sales and Marketing Manager Marcus Vassiliou recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua, where he visited the Rio Kama and Rio Siquia plantations and got to see for himself exactly the work which has been already undertaken on these plantations and the benefits the projects have brought to the local community.



Why not take a look at Marcus’ account of his trip to Nicaragua and find out more about an alternative investment you really can believe in – the world’s first asset backed bamboo bond!