Surrey’s property market is no Monkey business for Chinese buyers

Surrey’s property market is no Monkey business for Chinese buyers

  • February 8th marks the start of the new Chinese Year – The Year of the Monkey
  • Prime Surrey estate agent looks to the East as new buyers are attracted to Wentworth
  • New Chinese school coming to North Surrey

February is an important month for the Chinese. February 8th sees the start of the new Chinese Year – this year the naughty Monkey takes over from the staid Sheep.  The Chinese New Year also heralds the start of Golden Week in which many Chinese nationals take a week off, often overseas, to celebrate the start of their New Year.

Down in the affluent county of Surrey, Chinese property buyers have been taking a peek at what the quintessentially English village of Virginia Water and the exclusive Wentworth Estate has to offer this New Year. Increasingly attracted to the area since the purchase of The Wentworth Club in 2014 by Chinese business, the Reignwood Group who own drinks company, Red Bull.

James Wyatt, partner of prime Virginia Water estate agency Barton Wyatt, has been showing Chinese buyers around homes in the area during Golden Week for the past few years. He comments,

“It’s been interesting to see who has been enticed to look at homes in the area off the back of the Chinese company buying The Wentworth Club last year. So far they are not buyers but observers and it is apparent from the viewings that the Chinese are not looking to buy the showiest homes on Wentworth, these tend to attract the Russian and Middle Eastern buyers. Chinese interest seems to be focused on new build properties with compact beauty.

“Houses that have proven popular are packed with high tech gadgets and gizmos – but to be fair all new homes on Wentworth are very highly specced – and those with the correct feng shui. Chinese investors have also been keen on hearing about our Private Office – our concierge service which allows owners complete peace of mind.”

A new Chinese school is in the offing for North Surrey according to Barton Wyatt.  James Wyatt goes on to say:

“We are working with a client to secure premises for a new Chinese school in the area and this will definitely be the crucial decider for many looking to relocate to the area and no doubt drive further sales.”

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