Buyers go Wild for luxury at Wildcrest by Hamill Homes

Buyers go Wild for luxury at Wildcrest by Hamill Homes


  • Hugely successful Hamill Homes Wildcrest launch event showcased work of Alexander James Interior Design
  • Lifestyle showcases featured the work of Beau Han Xu and McLaren
  • Visitors delighted with bespoke Lida Cucina kitchen

An exclusive new residential launch has shown just how creative it’s possible to be when building an atmospheric viewing experience. Guests invited to the bespoke private residence Wildcrest, in Sunningdale, were treated to fine wines and canapes as part of the viewing, which also encompassed a showcase of McLaren cars from the company’s new sport series, as part of the external dressing of the property.

Once through the impressive front door, visitors enjoyed the work of leading interiors firm Alexander James Interior Design, which has been recognised as one of the World’s Top 100 Interior Designers by the Andrew Martin Design Awards 2016 and 2017.

“Working with partners like AJI allows us to showcase our product. We believe the houses that we create are truly special, and AJI offers that wonderful finishing touch that transforms them from amazing houses to spectacular homes. We have been proud to work with AJI and look forward to more collaborations in the future.”

Kevin Hamill, Director Hamill Homes Ltd

The one-off house features a range of stunning pieces, such as the work of Beau Han Xu. Xu is a designer and gemologist known for his superb glassware collection, which includes breathtaking decanters and glasses with freefall Swarovski Beau Cut zirconias in their stems.

“Products like the Beau Han Xu collection perfectly encapsulate the lifestyle offering of Wildcrest. This unique property, created by Hamill Homes, is simply exquisite. It was essential that the interior design reflected the grace and elegance of the house itself. 

Robert Walker, Managing Director, Alexander James Interior Design

The hugely successful launch event, held on 12 October, also showcased the Lida Cucina kitchen, with guests able to experience live cooking stations as part of their experience.

“A property such as Wildcrest deserves an outstanding kitchen. We worked to create a bespoke space that is incredibly stylish, while also offering all of the practical touches required for contemporary family life. The result is a kitchen that even the most committed foodie would be delighted to call their own.” 

John Harvey, Managing Director, Lida Cucina

In keeping with the tone of the property, the launch event also featured a clay pigeon shooting simulator, as well as an exclusive Linn Lounge event. Linn is known for presenting iconic artists for intimate musical performances across the UK. The opulence of the overall offering was such that Luxury Marketing House spent the day on site, filming the successful launch. The event was run in conjuction with The Luxury Network, which is known for coordinating and connecting a wide range of ultra-luxurious brands.

“This was one of those unique property events that promised to deliver an outstanding, immersive viewing experience. It presented visitors with a true taste for the sumptuousness of the lifestyle being offered by Wildcrest. Interior design plays a key role in that, with the subtle interplay of colours and textures creating an overarching feeling of welcome, elegance and indulgence.” 

Robert Walker, Managing Director, Alexander James Interior Design


For more information, visit Alexander James Interior Design at or call 020 7887 7604.