A day in the life of a property PR

A day in the life of a property PR

One of the best things about working in property PR is the fact that there is no typical day. Opening up the laptop each morning brings with it a wealth of possibilities, where requests from journalists and new announcements from clients can instantly change the shape of the next several hours.

Of course, there are some standard things that have to be fitted in to each week. Press releases have to be written, to present clients’ information in an engaging fashion that will delight those who read it and entice journalists to find out more. Pitches have to be crafted perfectly for individual publications and requests from journalists need to be responded to quickly and expertly.

Client liaison is also an important part of the day. Property PRs need to have an intimate knowledge not just of their clients’ current projects, but also of future plans, new properties and any new sectors or markets that are being considered. Regular phone calls, meetings and site visits are essential for keeping up to date.

Staying up to date with current research, upcoming trends and relevant events is also an essential part of the day-to-day work of a property PR. Clients need to be positioned ready to share their expertise on the latest policy decisions, global financial developments and sector-specific news. Having up-to-the minute commentary is essential if clients’ voices are to be heard in relation to current affairs.

A day in the life of a property PR also means being highly organised with paperwork and files. The right images for each property need to be at hand, ready for use at a moment’s notice, along with a detailed factsheet providing all of the relevant data. You never know which angle of a property a journalist might focus on and so it’s important to have as much info as possible, just in case.

Finally, there are those weeks when as well as fitting in all of the regular tasks, a press trip, property show or series of meetings with journalists about a new project is in the diary. These weeks tend to be hard work and great fun all rolled into one – it’s all part of the wonderful variety of being a property PR!

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