London’s ‘Film Row’ given new lease of life

London’s ‘Film Row’ given new lease of life

  • Soho’s Wardour Street was once the cornerstone of the capital’s film industry
  • Stunning Pathé building has been dressed to impress by Alexander James Interior Design
  • ‘Film Row’ now offering one of most sought-after London residential locations

Just over a century ago, Pathé Films set up shop in Soho. While the film industry has long since abandoned London’s West End, its legacy lives on, with one company – Alexander James Interior Design – breathing new life into the ghost of cinema past.

Almost a year ago, the company made headlines with its stunning dressing of one of the luxury apartments in the former Pathé building. Now, in honour of the Oscars fast approaching once again, the Alexander James team has been invited to dress a further historic London apartment.

 The Pathé building has such a rich history that it’s a privilege to be asked to dress another apartment there. The homes have such an incredible atmosphere and being able to honour the building’s heritage through contemporary interiors is a truly unique experience.

Robert Walker, Managing Director, Alexander James Interior Design


Wardour Street, where Pathé is based and which was once famed as London’s ‘Film Row’ due to the plethora of film companies in residence, has become one of the capital’s hippest addresses.

Soho is famed for its quirky bars, outstanding restaurants and independent shops, as well as its media and cinematic heritage. A thriving creative hub, the area has drawn in trendy young things from across the UK and beyond. Having emerged from a rather seedy and run-down past reputation, modern day Soho is one of the most sought-after places to live, work and enjoy leisure time in London.

One of the challenges for the Alexander James Interior Design team was to blend the area’s more industrial, gritty past with its unique modern feel when dressing the Pathé building. Of course, it was also important to reflect the role that cinema has played in the building’s fascinating history.

“Our vision was to create a scheme that reflects the buzzing, creative hub that is modern-day Soho, while also creating an aspirational space packed with eye-catching features worthy of the famous Wardour Street. An industrial finish with refined, luxurious pieces captured this perfectly.”

Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design


To dress the apartment to perfection, the Alexander James team sourced a range of unique pieces. They also specified bespoke complementary items. To honour the building’s film heritage, the company’s in-house art consultant worked with the designers to create a private gallery by the stairwell, with hand-picked eclectic prints in bespoke frames delivering the intended style beautifully.

Throughout the apartment, colours are vibrant and textures are used creatively to provide personality and character. For the home’s outdoor terrace, plants and bespoke furniture were used to generate a casual, botanical feel for the ultimate sense of relaxation.

While the film companies may have set sail for pastures new, Wardour Street remains a key part of London’s cinematic heritage. Now, those looking to live on Film Row can honour the area’s past at the same time as being part of its future.

Apartment 1 is on the market with CBRE for £1.5m and covers 1,074 sq ft with one bedroom and two bathrooms.

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