Moveable floors open up a new world in swimming pool design

Moveable floors open up a new world in swimming pool design

  • Moveable floors are the hottest new indoor pool trend (Aqua Platinum)
  • Aqua Platinum installs one of the fastest moveable floors at historic Wimbledon home
  • Hidden pools add ultimate luxury for home owners who want the very best

Swimming pool design and build experts Aqua Platinum have flagged up this year’s hottest new trend – hidden pools.

Using the latest in hydraulic technology and mechanical engineering, the advantages of moveable floors that conceal full size swimming pools beneath them are rapidly highly desirable.

“Moveable floors are opening up a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to indoor swimming pools. A moveable floor provides dual use rooms from dinner parties to ballrooms, they have become the hottest indoor swimming pool trend.”

Aqua Platinum spokesperson

Indoor swimming pools are a fantastic feature which can add up to 7% to a home’s value, according to House Logic. It is estimated that there are around 210,000 privately owned outdoor pools in Britain, but many of those enjoy only limited use due to the British climate.

An indoor pool can be used all year round and at any time of day or night, making it ideal for those who want to stay in shape without trekking to the gym to use shared facilities during limited opening hours.

Pools are also wonderful for entertaining and a moveable floor presents a wide range of options. For a more sophisticated touch for an evening soiree, a depth of six inches and a variety of floating tea lights can look absolutely stunning. And when the party ends, the pool can be concealed beneath the floor once more and the room used for other purposes.

“The flexibility that a moveable floor offers is one of the key reasons why this is such a growing trend. Advances in technology have ensured that not only does the floor function flawlessly, but that the temperature and moisture levels in the room can be carefully controlled at all times. Modern moveable floors make use of a range of technologies to ensure they are the perfect addition to the home, requiring very little maintenance.”

Aqua Platinum spokesperson

Moveable floor technology means that indoor pools can be sympathetically fitted into any age and style of property. At Hadley House in High Barnet, London for example, the swimming pool fits beautifully within this grade II listed exterior yet contemporary-designed interior.

Meanwhile, a new Aqua Platinum pool with moveable floor at the Old Rectory in Wimbledon will be tastefully fitted to suit the existing property, which dates back centuries and was once owned by Henry VIII.

The raising and lowering mechanism of the moveable floor at the Old Rectory is one of the fastest in the world in under 10 minutes and will be tiled to match the surround, giving the appearance of one floor when it is raised.

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