Pets are for everyone, welcome home!

Pets are for everyone, welcome home!

  • British shoppers will spend over £750m on pets this Christmas (
  • UK pet ownership is now down to 56% (Minitel)
  • Dog owners are 15% less likely to die from heart disease than people without pets (Scientific Reports)
  • Pets are a welcome part of the community at Be:here Hayes, West London.

Christmas brings lots of presents, festive ceremonies and plenty time spent with family, friends and off course pets. According to a new survey conducted by online marketplace, Britons are expected to lavish some £750 million  on their pets this season. 76% of UK pet owners will even give their pets a Christmas dinner!

And yet many pet lovers are deprived of this pleasure to spoil their furry friends during the festive period. Analysts Mintel revealed that fewer households own a pet with just over half (56%) now owning one, down from 63% in 2012.

Among other motives, another explanation for the fall in pet ownership is due to more people renting rather than owning their home.

Many pet-owning tenants have a tough time finding a suitable rental home as private landlords mostly don’t embrace the idea of an animal in their property. And since the trend of renting is set to rise even further, delivering more pet-friendly homes is a priority.

“One of the most common questions that we receive from dog owners is where can they find private landlords who will allow dogs? I know from personal experience that having a dog, or as in my case “dogs”, the choice of properties available to my family was severely restricted. 

Accommodation suppliers who welcome dogs tell us that dog owners usually take more care of their rooms and their properties than non-dog owners – so it really is time for landlords to recognise that one in three households own a dog – which is a massive potential market too many landlords are still ignoring”.

Steve Bennett, CEO of DogFriendly

However, all is not lost. In their quest to offer homes that meet tenants’ needs, build-to-rent developer Be strives to accommodate Fluffy, Fido and other animal friends by offering pet-friendly tenancies at their new be:here Hayes development in West London.

The scheme is part of the wider regeneration of the Old Vinyl Factory and delivers units priced from £1,200 pcm for 1-beds and £1,450 for 2-beds all with either a garden, terrace or balcony.

The development’s feline residents can indulge in the cat nip especially planted in the podium gardens!

“Some of our pet-friendly apartments have large, private and secure gardens perfect for furry friends to run around – that’s pretty unique in apartment living, especially in London. We try to help our four-legged residents adjust to their new homes by giving them special attention (and even some tasty treats) on move-in day.”

Akash Sharma, Assistant Property Manager– be:here Hayes

Indeed, by making more room for furry pals, Be might influence tenants’ health for the better as recent research has proved that pets boost healthier lifestyles. Not only does dog ownership slow down the ageing process but also it cuts the risk of death from heart disease by 36%, a Sweden research has shown in the journal Scientific Reports. Ultimately, it adds that in households with many people under the same roof such as flatshare, deaths from heart attack are lowered by 15%.


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